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“We are here. Our new home” Mr James announced with a big grin as he halted the car before an enormous gate. Felicia stared out the window silently with tears in her large eyes. She wished in her mind her mum could just appear from no where and get her back but it seemed it was impossible. Her mum was already far away from her. There was no way they could reach out to each other.

“What an enormous building Lawrence” Emerald complemented greedily. “It is just as we had seen in your laptop. Exactly the same beauty, size, everything! Thanks honey”

“Don’t thank me dear. I just want to make my family comfortable”

“We are more than comfortable my dear

What more will a child and mother need? Right children? ” She asked the twins who ignored her rudely.

“Dad, why did you bring us here? ” Felix asked in annoyance.

“You dare question your dad Felix? This is our new home. We will live here”

“I don’t want to live here dad. Mum promised to fetch us with her lawyer. She told us yesterday”

“And you naively agreed. Actually idiot, the truth about this is that it was your mum who instructed me to move. She told me she didn’t love you guys anymore and convinced me in moving with your new mother. She doesn’t love you both as much as Emerald do. Do you still love such a woman who never loved you a bit? She purposely left me to get married to someone else” He lied with his sharp tongue trying to brainwash the poor boy.

“What? “Felix exclaimed in shock. “Mum did that? ”

“Yes! ” He agreed nodding. “Unfortunately your mum abandoned you both. There is no way you are seeing her”

“Dad is lying to us Felix. Mum never abandoned us. It’s dad who purposely took us from our former house so that she won’t get us. Felix do not believe him. He is lying” Felicia disagreed with her father hoping Felix is smart enough not to believe.

“I knew mum never loved us. Didn’t I tell you Felicia? Didn’t I tell you mum was deceiving us all this while? ” He asked his sister with a deep frown. “Stop defending her Felicia. You are on your own now. Mum is never to be trusted. I don’t like her anymore” Felicia gazed at her brother with an unbelievable look. Her heart shattered completely. She couldn’t believe he actually said that. Tears filled her eyes now. She never realize this would get this worse.


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you too Felix. You are my only support”

“I stand by my father. He is the only one we have. Accept that” He told her with a scornful look. She gave up in convincing him and stared back out of the window recalling her memories with her mum. She’d let the tears trapped in her eyes flow down now.

“Sorry mother”


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“Seems a neighbor is here to see us ” Emerald alerted her husband who was about alighting anyway. He smiles realizing he knew her.

“I think she is the one I spoke to yesterday. I have forgotten her name. Come on honey let’s get down and speak with her”. Emerald agreed and got down the car. They both approached the pretty looking woman who brought out her hand for an handshake.

“Hi! I am Laura. Your new neighbor. We spoke yesterday night about your new apartment ” She reminded him. He nodded.

“I still recall Laura. You did good finding this apartment for us. We really owe you”

“No need to say that Mr James” She stared toward his left and caught sight of Emerald.

“She must be your wife Emerald ”

“Yes she is. I told her so much about you in the car. I am sure there is no need for introduction” Emerald nodded in agreement.

“There certainly is no need for introduction. I am not interested in being friends with her anyway” She told her husband rolling her eyes like a clown. Laura gave her a disdain look. She tried so much not to let her attitude get in her way but she seemed to can’t hide her I’ll feeling towards her.

“Where are you twins? You told me about them right? “. Mr James agreed and ordered the twins out of the car. They both stepped out with dull expressions on their faces.

“They are Felix and Felicia. Twins meet Mrs Laura, our new neighbor ” Mr James introduced briefly. The twins greeted her dryly. She smiled at them with love.

“I love them a lot. They are wonderful kids. I am sure they will make good friends to my four children. Gerald, Harold, Benedicta, Beatrice. My children are very fond of making new friends. Our kids can get along” Mr James frowned at what she had said while Emerald murmured insults under her breath.


children don’t make friends ” He corrected her.

“What? Why? They will feel lonely without friends ”

“That’s how I train them. That don’t make friends and that’s it. They stay at home all day studying and that’s how I like it. They make no friends ”

“Well, if you say so but I will be bringing them over to your house warming party tonight. Let them just meet”

“You can bring them. I am not stopping you buy don’t get my innocent kids involved in this. They don’t party ”

“Well…. ”

“Look Honey let’s go inside. This conversation is getting dry” Emerald nagged getting into the car. Mr James bid Laura goodbye. She nodded silently staring at the twins with pity. She gazed on until their gate was shut right before her. She trod slowly back towards her house.

“Family and rules ”



Lisa opened her eyes slowly looking round her to see where she exactly was. There beside her was her friend Becky and her Lawyer Jackson who was watching her from a corner feeling pity for her.

“You shouldn’t have let this taken control of your emotions. How do you think you can ever get your children when you fall I’ll? ” Becky asked showing concern.

“It’s too late now Becky. I will never see my children again. My husband finally separated them from me just as he had always wanted”

“Calm down. Please Lisa. He wasn’t worth it anyway. He cheated on you with that Emerald. What more do we expect from such a cheat? He has no heart. We only have to pray for the well being of your children. I an sure they will be fine” Becky comforted her smiling.

“I am very sure they will be fine. Even though their father is a cheat, he is still their father. He will never let any harm come unto them anyway. I know so well” She said with certainty. She knew her husband very well. He loved his twins mire than any other person in this world. Even if he was just so obsessed over his stupid concubine, she very well knew he could kill anyone just for their safety. She calmed herself down at the thought of this.

“I can try talking to the judge about this. There us still a chance we will get your twins back” The lawyer finally confessed knowing there was still hope for her. She declined his help.

“No need for that. I have changed my mind. My kids will be better off with their father”

“Are you sure? Will that even make you feel better? ”

“Yes. I will feel much better knowing my children will be safe with my husband. They won’t be happy with me anyway. I have made the right decision” Becky looked disturbed by her decision.

” I don’t like this decision you are making. Don’t you even realize what you are doing? You are leaving your children in the hands of a stranger. That Emerald!”

“Their father is there with them. I have nothing to worry about. I just hope to see them soon healthy and fine”

” You hope? ” Becky asked. ” That means you aren’t sure… ”

“Sorry for interrupting but I have good news” The doctor interrupted walking in.

“Yes? ” Lisa waited.

“You are now discharged Mrs Lisa” he announced



Mr James walked into the kids room. Felicia caught sight of him and went on unpacking her bags as if she hadn’t seen anyone. He noticed this but ignored.

“Dad, I love this room. It’s nice ” Felix told his dad admiring the glamorous room.

“I am happy you do. Your mum would have never provided you with this” He responded with his stare fixed at Felicia. Felicia noticed her dad’s stare. Fear shook her really bad. She got nervous and wondered what he wanted of her. “How about you Felicia? Do you love this room or not? ” She wanted to reply she didn’t but feared her dad’s reaction. Her dad had been somewhat soft toward them lately, if she annoys him in any way he might get really furious and get back to his normal self. That was definitely what she had to avoid.

“I love the room dad. It’s nice” She lied feigning to be happy with their new environment.

“Huh? Are you serious Felicia? You love the house now? I thought you wanted mummy? ” Felix asked with a scornful tone. Felicia threw him a disappointed stare.

“I love this room and that’s it” She answered not ready to discuss more on the issue.

“Anyway, there will be a party downstairs in two hours. None of you is to come downstairs. I repeat I don’t want to see the both of you downstairs ” He instructed them.

“Okay dad” they both agreed still unpacking their bags.

“If you need anything, get it now” He was out of the room after this. Felicia completed her unpacking and shut her luggage box.

“I know you lied to dad. You don’t like this place ”

“Yes I don’t. You know where I want to be already” They were both silent for a while. Felix realized their silence wasn’t getting them any better and brought out his video game.

“Why don’t we play a game? It’s break time anyway”

“There will be a party in two hours. Let’s get what we want downstairs. We can try moving around the house for the mean time” She suggested another not liking the idea of video game.

“Are you sure? Dad will get angry. Remember he permitted us to only get something ” He reminded her. She realized he was right and nodded.

“There is nothing we need. He never let’s us attend his party’s anyway. Let’s forget this”

“I don’t need a party. I have a video game here” He boasted bringing out his game pad. She smiled and brought forth her diary. It had been a while she thought of writing. Actually it was since her mum had left. Life had been so unfair to her that she just had no heart to sit down and write her diary anymore. What was there to write aside her bad days lately? There was just nothing more meaningful.


The party began in two hours. The twins heard the clicking glasses and loud music coming from the first floor. Felix got bored of his video game and wished he could go downstairs but his dad strict behavior stopped him.

“I need water Felicia” He finally brought forth an excuse ” I will go and get it”

“What? Why? Daddy will pounce on you if you dare. No need for that. Let’s wait till after the party”

“No Felicia. I am really thirsty. I want to get it”

“Two hours ago you weren’t thirsty. I am already scared now Felix. You will get us in trouble ”

“Please Felicia. I will be careful” He promised jumping down his bed.

“Hold on. Let me go for you. I don’t trust you”

“Don’t worry. I will… ”

“I don’t want us to get into trouble with dad. Let me go” Felix finally gave in. She got relieved and hopped down her bed. Peeked her eye through the keyhole to be sure the coast was clear before making her way out. Well all seem to be fine before she reached half way and realize she had forgotten the way to the kitchen. Only then she knew she was screwed.


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