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Joshua the security officer episode 11


Episode 11
“Shilla, can you describe to me? I mean what happened there between you, the so called Alvin and his wife” he said as he laughed.
Shilla realised Arnold had started his jokes again.
Doctor Arnold saw Shilla’s look and run out of the office while laughing.
Shilla laughed too.
Shilla remembered something, the kind of drama she can’t imagine and jumped up from the wheel chair.
She walked out of her office and located Doctor Arnold.
The male doctor tried to run from her but Shilla told him not to worry because she doesn’t have his time.
Doctor Arnold kept a broad smile across his cheeks.
“Arnold seriously I need a driver. If I don’t get one, I will one day kill myself with stress and anxiety while driving” Shilla disclosed.
“Hahahaaa Shillaaaaa ! So finally, Alvin’s wife has made you see sense in what I always tell you right?” doctor Arnold.
“Aaaah Arnold ! Must you make fun of everything that i tell you?, you are laughing but you don’t understand, it was a matter of life and death? Slow down for me please Arnold” Shilla held her head, displaying her distress.
“I’m not making fun out of you. I am making fun of your stubbornness. You hardly listen to advise. I have been advising you to get a driver and also change that mentality of dating only people with good profession, Dr Shilla we advice patients and they take our advice but assuming, they refuse to take our advice, won’t they fall in problems? Think about it and relate to yourself” doctor Arnold said still laughing.
“are you going to get me a driver or you will keep making fun of me?” Shilla asked still holding her head but on a serious note.
“don’t worry. I will get you a responsible driver. There is this driver called Moses Opolot, I know who keeps disturbing me to get him a company car to drive. He’s my neighbor and might be even your tribe mate and I will talk to him about it and see if he is interested in driving a stubborn lady and Doctor” doctor Arnold said.
“how responsible is he. I don’t want any rough rider and by the way should be some one who loves smartness, not again old person of my mzees age to drive me” Shilla inquired.
“well, this guy is married with 3 kids, a set of twins and one other girl, i have known him for about two years now and I haven’t heard anything bad about him or seen him in any bad way” Arnold disclosed.
“please talk to him for me, this is too much” Shilla pleaded to Doctor Arnold.
Shilla received a call from one of her friends named Norah.
” Hi…Doctor Shilla, watzap? guess what, there is this hot Doctor Who is single and was looking for a wife.” Norah said.
” please Norah I think its enough now, I converted to a Reverend sister, I mean am now a nun! so am no longer interested” Shilla said.
” whatever, but wait Doctor, the young doctor is serious and would marry you if you agree to go out with him, this could be your last opportunity by the way” Norah said.
” what I have been through all in the name of finding a perfect partner to be with, is enough” Shilla said on serious note.
” I know what you are talking about Shilla, but that can’t stop you from searching a man of your preference , the fact that you were flooded by the rain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink water, You will end up dying of thirst. I understand why you are saying you are not interested but I’m pleading that you give this one a try. The young man is very serious” Norah advised.
Shilla gave out a loud sign of worry.
She was tired of going out with untruthful kind of men.
Shilla decided to give the doctor a try. She asked Norah a few questions about the young man and she answered them without stress.
” Shilla can we meet after work so that we can talk more about this doctor guy” Norah requested.
It was now lunch time, so Shilla decided to go for lunch with doctor Arnold that afternoon.
During their lunch, they both enjoyed the nice meal.
” But Arnold, the call that interrupted our driver jazz was from one of my funny friends, she has proposed i go and meet some guy who is a doctor and give it a try this time around, so i ask for advise.” Dr Shilla said.
” Shilla before I say anything to you, do you feel its right? ” Arnold asked.
” I don’t know, but Dr Arnold all you know is I also need someone to call me all the sweet names, to always be by my side, to show me love, to be waking up with me, to cuddle me, someone who will do those small things that put a smile on my face and to give me love and respect, just like any woman outside there would wish, I leave a life of pressure, loneliness sucks, Arnold am not always myself, I fight long dark lonely nights, but at day time I smile like I don’t go through hard times, I feel am a strong woman ” Shilla said as tears roll down.
” OK Shilla.. No need to let roll, don’t allow emotions over power you, I get you and I understand the challenge you are going through, but its becoming a very risky search of try and error, i don’t if you are also seeing that, I want you to follow your heart but never leave your brain behind , I really don’t want to fall in trouble for life, you may contact a serious STD which is not my wish anyway, but all in all I wish you well and I will always stand with you at all times. ” Dr Arnold said.
Doctor Arnold had analyzed what Shilla said, and discouraging her would mean something else, as usual he advised her to be careful.
Dr Arnold decided not to raise the issue of love and profession because he knew her stand and it looked like nothing would change her mind.
Shilla called Norah on phone to ask her where to meet her when she closed work.
Norah gave her the name of the location and Shilla drove to the restaurant later.
She spotted Shilla and a fine looking gentleman sitting at a table having fun.
Shilla wondered if her friend Norah had started cheating on her husband. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy, Shilla went outside and called her friend on phone to inform her she was at the entrance of the restaurant.
Norah went out of the restaurant to meet Shilla.
Shilla pretended not to have seen her with anyone.
Norah took her to the table the gentleman was sitting. They both sat down without a word.
Shilla greeted the young man and he responded calmly with a smile.
” Doctor Shilla meet my friend…Doctor Aaron…” Norah introduced the young man.
The young man stared at Norah in a way that told Shilla he was not happy with the kind of introduction her friend did.
The gentleman interrupted her thoughts
” Norah must you always add doctor to my name? I am Aaron Rugunda in the outside world. You can call me doctor Aaron when you visit me at the office” he said with a cool smile and in a humble manner.
“whether I meet you in the office or in the outside world, you are Doctor Aaron ” Norah tried to defend herself.
The gentleman badly because he felt challenged by a woman, he got annoyed and he lifted the bottled water and tried to pour it on Norah.
Shilla cleared her throat and the young man looked away shyly.
Norah laughed because she realised she had defeated the gentleman and something which didn’t please him.
“if non of you will acknowledge my presence, what is the essence of being here? You guys have ignored me totally and are doing your own thing of struggling to win, or showing who is who? I think it’s time for me to leave” Shilla disclosed but Norah knowing her friend very well knew she was just kidding and played along.
“Shilla the door is very huge. It can assist you in exiting” said Norah pointing at the main exit and knowing Shilla wouldn’t go away.
“oh dear Shilla please don’t mind Norah. She is doing her usual things” Aaron said and turned swiftly to face Shilla very well.
“if you don’t know this crazy friend of mine, you will think she is serious. Don’t worry doctor Aaron. I am cool here” Shilla replied.
“Shilla, please try not to be like Norah. Just call me Aaron, not Doctor Aaron, my profession has nothing to deal with relationship” the young man said.
” what is your field of specialisation as a medical doctor?” Shilla asked.
The young man disclosed that he was an eye doctor. That is an optician.
He as well asked her what she also specialized in.
Norah without wasting time disclosed that her friend was a pediatrician.
“wow! You are a doctor too? That is beautiful. A lady with a strong heart” Aaron said to Shilla who was not too happy with her friend for telling Aaron she was a doctor.
Norah just ignored her and laughed off……

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