On My Master's Bed

On my Master’s bed episode 24 – 25




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 24

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Matilda stares at him with a surprised expression, she didn’t expect she’d see him so soon again.

He clears his throat and speaks.

“According to your CV, you’re still an undergraduate.. correct?” He asked.

Matilda is lost, she didn’t hear him because she’s busy staring at his handsome face.. with dreamy eyes.

“Miss Spears, be focused if you’re here for a job interview!”

She still doesn’t gears him, he taps the table and finally wakes her up from her lala land.

“Oh! You were talking to me?” She asked.

He look behind her and shakes his head with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t see anyone behind you” he replies her question.

Matilda looks down in embarrassment, she cheeks turns a shade of pink.

“You’re an undergraduate, I suppose?”

“Yes, sir!”

Marcus flips through pages and stops at a particular page, he stares at it a second longer.

He closes the file, he puts his hands on his table and leans forward.

“My law firm is the biggest around here, what gave you the boldness to come here for an interview…”

He looks down and raises her credentials like it’s nothing special.

“… with these incomplete results?”

Matilda’s expression changes at once, she’s being fangirling over him without knowing he’s an egotistic b*stard!

“Sir, I know I’m still an undergraduate and my results are incomplete…”

She quickly searches for something on her phone and shows it to Marcus.

“… but last time I checked, I came here for an internship interview!”

Marcus listens to her as she speak with an amused expression.

“… I didn’t come as a permanent staff, so I believe my incomplete results shouldn’t be an issue!” She concludes.

Marcus narrows his eyes at her, he leans back on his chair and rests his chin on his palm.

Matilda sits confidently, waiting for whatever his response will be.

After much staring contest between them… Which Marcus lost, he sighs and speaks.


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can go back, Miss Spears, we’ll get back to you soon!”

Matilda gets you with a smile, she carries her bag which she has kept beside her hand.

“Thank you, Mr Aurelius!” She said and walks out the door.

When she’s a few meters away from the firm, she couldn’t help but jump in delight.


can’t believe my crush is gonna be my boss!”

That’s if you get the job… Her subconscious mind reminds her.

Her shoulders sways down as she suddenly lost all hope, I just hope they call me back.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

We’ve been staring at each other for the past 15minutes, I think.

He doesn’t look like he’s joking, he look so serious.. I can even feel his eyes warning me.

Telling me I can’t bear the consequences if I don’t do what he told me.

“M-master.. I was.. I just…. ”

I don’t even know what I wanna say, but I really can’t do a lap dance for him.


dance always leads to something dirty, what are we gonna do if it’s leading to something dirty?

And besides, I can’t give him a lap dance because I’m not a call girl… neither are we that close!

What should I do now?!

In a flashing speed, I find myself on his laps.. he pulled me onto his laps.


His husky voice whispers in my ear, his hot breath tickles my neck.. magically making my n!poles hard.

Hold it.. why is his breath making my n!poles hard?

“I’m waiting!” He reminds me.

I bite my lower lip, thinking of where to start. He grips my waist tightly, he leans closer to my ear again.

“You’ve offended me and I’m about to withdraw my donation…”

I tensed at that statement, I almost forgot I came here because I want his forgiveness.

“… If you still want my money for your brother’s treatment, I’d advise you start now!”

I swear the hotness of his breath on my skin is sending shivers down my spine.

“B-but.. I can’t use this song to lap dance!”

I feel him smirk. He reaches for another remote control and presses a button, the song change.

Now it’s Beyonce’s song ♪dance for you♪ playing.

I frown and stare at him, I thought he’s a good boy and doesn’t know about these stuffs.

“I do watch movies.. I also accompany Marcus to club sometimes, I’ve watched other people!” He said.

Now I understand, he wants to know how it feels like getting a lap dance… Well, then let’s show him.

Thankfully, I wore a two piece bikini under my gown, I didn’t know it will come in handy.

But isn’t this like selling myself? Humph! I don’t care, all I want is for him not to withdraw his donation.

I get off his lap and stand in front of him, slowly sliding down my gown.


eyes trailing, I see a smile on his face.. excitement twinkling in them.. you can clearly see that he’s anticipating this lap dance.

My eyes locked in his as I hook my thumb in my bikini panties…and slo-o-owly slides it down like I wanna take it off… while gyrating my hips in the process.

He squirms on the sofa and I smirk mentally, don’t be horny yet, baby… we’re just getting started!

I walk around him slowly, while brushing his hair and shoulders.

I stop in front of him again, I lean down in a way that he will get the full view of my cleavage… I bring out my tongue and plays with it seductively.

Then I run my hand all the way down to his thigh, my fingers brushing his d**k through his pants.

He hisses in pleasure and throws his head back with his eyes shut slightly.

“Master… I wanna start fully, where do you permits me to touch?” I asked.

He lifts his head up and stares at my eyes.

“Feel free to touch anywhere… I’m all yours!” He replies.

That’s all it takes, I let the music take control of me.. my body and soul are fully possessed by the music.

I grab both his hands and throw them on the armrest, I climb onto his lap, with my knees at both sides.. I begin straddling him.

My hands are all over him, soon, I started twerking on his lap.. before I knew it, I feel something hard in his pants.

I look down and see a mountain, I laugh lightly and continue twerking… even faster than before.

He grab my hand and place it on his mountain d**k, I know what he wants but I still stare at him with a pretentious confuse look.

“Stop twerking and stroke it!” He said.

“Yes, master!”

I start stroking him, he throws his head back and groans in satisfaction.

I continue stroking him, his d**k getting hard and bigger..I can feel it even though his pants is still on.

After a few minutes, he grabs my ass and starts moving his hips.

His hard d**k hitting my entrance, even though we’re both not [email protected] well, he’s not nake, I’m half [email protected] already.

I can feel adrenaline rush through my veins, making me wish we’d just take off our clothes and feel each other.. raw!

His hands moves from my ass to cup and grope my [email protected], making me feel like he’s not moving his hips fast enough.

To support him, I begin to twerk on him again…I shiver and bite my lower lip when he pinches my n!poles.

Though not my n!poles directly, since I’m still wearing my bikini bra.

I think I’m not in my right senses anymore, cause the next thing I know is… we’re shoving our tongues down each other’s throats.

Our breaths even.. we’re both lost at this moment… all we want is to quench this unreasonable desire we’re both feeling!

A m0an leaves my mouth, when his d**k hits me hard… His mouth leaves mine and he trails kisses down my neck to my chest.

His teeth pinches my n!poles, bitting it softly.. making me feel a sudden surge of emotion.

He grabs my bikini bra and just when he’s about to tear it, my phone starts ringing.

That’s when I come back to my right senses, I quickly push myself off him… He stares at me with a frown.

But seems like he suddenly realizes what we just did too.. he gets us and looks at my body.

My hands quickly wrap my body, as if it would cover anything!

He clears his throat.

“I’ll.. I’ll b-be in my room, I’ll come back later for dinner!” He stutters and rushed upstairs.

I stomp on my feet and slumps onto a nearby sofa… I was told to lap dance.. how did it end up turning into a make out session?!

I looked down at my half [email protected] body and facepalm myself.. I’m so ashamed of myself.

How can I be so free with someone that is not romantically attached to me?!

My phone starts ringing again and I remember why our make out session was interrupted.

I reach for my phone, it’s Matilda calling.. I quickly answers it.

“H-hey, Tilda?” I stutter shortly.

“Heyy!” She replies in a sad tone.

I can imagine her shaking her head sideways now.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get a job!” She whines.

I sigh. If only she knows I’m in a bigger trouble.

“Tasia, I wanna go to the club tonight.. are you coming?”

Hmm… Club, maybe I should go it’ll take my away from how easily I almost had s£x.

“I’ll think about it and give you feedback!” I said.

“Ok, I should go.. I need to pick out my clothes for tonight… Talk to you later!” Then she hangs up.

I frown, just that? That was the reason she called me… Why am I feeling sad that we didn’t finish our make out?

Maybe I should go freshen up in one of the guests rooms, I gather my gown in my arms and rush upstairs.

I’ll ask Klaus for if I can use one of his guest rooms.

I stopped by the door when I heard Klaus m0aning a name so loudly.

I decided to listen.

“… Yes, Nina… Right there Nina.. fvck, I’m gonna cvm!”

Immediately he said that, he released a very loud, satisfied groan.

What is he doing? I peeked but didn’t see him, where could he be?

I step into the room and look around, then I hear the water from his bathroom running..

I walk towards it and I grab the handle and open the door.

My eyes grows wide when I saw Klaus holding an erotic magazine in one hand.. his other hand stroking him.

He is jerking off!

“What. The. Hell?!” Klaus growls loudly.

He looks between him and me, my eyes follows his and I realized I’m actually staring at his [email protected] body.

My hands quickly finds their way to my eyes, my mouth falls open and….

“Arghhhh!” I run out.

Chapter 25

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

LA city hospital… 6:12pm…

“What do you have in your hand?” Aunt Bell asked Denzel for the second time.

Denzel shakes his head and hides his hands behind him, he’s staring at his aunt like a deer catch in a daylight.

“Show me your hand!” She said.

He refuses, Aunt Bell sighs and sits besides him on the bed..takes unconscious steps back.

“Denzel, I told you, if you want us to go back home early..be a good boy and stop eating candies for now!”

Denzel stares at her with his big round eyes, his eyes are a replica of Anastasia’s.

“Come on, ’em over!” She said opening her hands before him.

“I’m not hiding nothing!” Denzel lied.

Aunt Bell eyes him, thinking of how to get those candies from him… because she knows clearly that’s what he’s hiding behind him.

She sighs and reaches for Denzel’s medicines in the drawer.

“I guess I’ll just have to give you your medicine then…go on, finish your candies quickly and take your medicine!”

Denzel’s eyes grows wide, he quickly brings his hands forward and submits all the candies he’s hiding.

“What are these, Denzel…these candies are enough to set up a candy bar!” Aunt Bell exclaims at the amount of candies.

She stares at him in shock, while he simply blinks his eyes innocently.

“I’m gonna keep them very safe for you, you’ll get them back after we leave the hospital…ok?”

He doesn’t reply, he stares as his aunt packs them into an empty jar…he stares longingly.

“Aunt, can I at least have one?” He asked softly.

“No…candies are not good for kids!”

“But I saw other kids buying them too, they all said candies are sweet…I..I just wanna taste it”

Aunt Bell smiles.

“Denzel, you’re different from those kids…..”

“I’m a freak?” He cuts his aunt off.

She frowns at him, wondering how he got to know that word…she knows Denzel isn’t one to give up easily.

He, calling himself a freak is so not him… unless someone called him that. She thought.

“Who taught you that?”

He didn’t reply, he stares down at his fingers as he plays with them.

“Denzel, who taught you that? Did someone called you a freak?”

He nods but still doesn’t raise his head.

“Who called you a freak?”

“A girl at the candy shop..I..I..just wanted to be her friend but…she said I’m a freak and don’t want to be friends with a freak…”

Aunt Bell nods, her frown not leaving her face.

“Why did she called you a freak? Did you have a fight with someone?”

“No…she said I’m a freak because I didn’t wanna buy candy like other kids…she said all I know is water and mangoes!”

Aunt Bell sighs deeply, she turns Denzel to face him. She puts her finger under his chin and raises his head up..making him stare at her face.

“Don’t listen to her, she doesn’t know the consequences for eating candies yet… should I tell you?”

He nods.

“One, a kid who always eats candy tends to suffer from decay cavity…”

“Decay cavity?”

Aunt Bell nods.

“What’s that?”

“It means, they’ll suffer from toothache later or sooner!”

He nods in understanding.

“Two, they also suffer from stoma….”

Aunt Bell was cut off as the door opens and doctor Hemsworth walks in… Denzel quickly hides behind his aunt.

Hemsworth sees him and laughs lightly.

“Ok…I see Denzel is hiding from me?” He said.

He pretends as if he’s looking for Denzel, like he can’t see him behind his aunt…

Doctor Hemsworth looks under the bed, in the drawers and glance around.

“Ms Bell, have you seen Denzel today?”

Aunt Bell shakes her head.

“No, doctor. I wonder where he is, I have been looking for him since morning!”

Denzel peeps through his aunt’s shoulder, he sees doctor Hemsworth scratching his head.

Deeply in thought with his back facing Denzel… Denzel move away from his aunt and jumps on Hemsworth’s back.

“Boo!” He yells in Hemsworth’s ear.

Although, Hemsworth is already used to this, he still pretend like he’s surprised..to make Denzel happy.

“Hoo hoo hoo! Denzel has been here all along!” He said.

He turns Denzel around a few times before sitting him back on the bed.. he takes Denzel’s hand and feels his pulse.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked Denzel.

“Good!” Denzel replies.

Hemsworth nods with a smile.

“I can see that…well, you’re leaving the hospital next week!”

“Really?!” Denzel asked.

Hemsworth nods and before he knows it, he’s engulfed in a tight hug… Denzel’s arms wrapped around his neck.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you… you’re so cool, doctor Hemsworth!” Denzel said happily.

Hemsworth simply smiles, he couldn’t help but share the boy’s joy.

“Alright, Denzel, I wanna speak with your Aunt!”

Denzel nods and lets go of him, doctor Hemsworth walks out with aunt Bell..they shut the door to prevent Denzel from hearing their conversation.

“Doctor, tell me the truth. Is Denzel really leaving the hospital next week?”

“Yes, we have found a kidney..though it’s healthy but we still have a series of test to be done on it..hence, Denzel’s operation commence next tomorrow!”

Aunt Bell stares at him as if she’s waiting for him to say he’s just joking…but he didn’t.


“Yes, Ms Bell”

Aunt Bell just opens and closes her mouth, she’s rendered speechless…her joy is so great that she couldn’t.

Lately, things have been going well for them.

“Em.. I’ll take my leave, excuse me!” He said and walks away.

She reaches for her phone to inform Anastasia about this..she dials Anastasia’s number but it doesn’t connect.

“I’ll just call her later!” She decides.


Nicklaus’s mansion… 6:59pm….

Nicklaus reaches for his phone that has been ringing, since he was taking his bath.

Marcus’s name flashing on the screen, he rolls his eyes but answers the call anyway.


“Yo, buddy! I wanna hit the club..are you coming with me?”

“No!” Nicklaus answer without hesitation.

His reply was too fast that Marcus frowns in suspicion.

“Do you have a female companion with you?” He asked.

Nicklaus stays silent.

“Is that female companion a short, slim, brunette girl?” Marcus asked.

Nicklaus keeps his dental floss, he steps on the bath mat.

“It’s none of your business!”

Marcus laughs at him.

“Fine, I won’t bother you…I just have a little advise for you!”

Nicklaus remain silent but Marcus knows he’s listening, so he continues.

“Don’t always keep a straight face with Anna, she’s the woman you love…you should be free with her, stop making her feel like should be scared of you… it’s not gonna improve your relationship with her!”

Nicklaus frowns.

“She’s scared of me?”


“She told you that?”

“No, but it’s obvious… you’re always threatening her with her brother’s hospital bills… you’re making act cautiously around you..which will make it hard for her to fall in love with you!”

Nicklaus thinks about Marcus words, he finds some sense in them.

“What should I do to make her fall in love with me?”

“Let her be herself around you..be free with her!”

Nicklaus nods, though he knows Marcus can’t see him.

“So… should I hear a thank you from Mr Statham?”

“Get lost, Mr Aurelius!” Nicklaus growls in the phone and hangs up.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

I tilt my neck and stares at Klaus’ room, his door is still shut.

I wonder what’s taking him so long…well, that’s a good thing cause I can’t face him right now.

I’m done taking my bath, I later locate one of the guest rooms and freshen up there…

I better eat up now before he comes down, i grab a plate and serve some chips in.

Just when I was about to start eating, my phone starts ringing… I glance at it and sees Matilda’s name on the screen.

“Hey, Tilda!”

Cut a small piece of fish and puts it in my mouth.. I smile, it’s sweet!

“Tasia, have you made up your mind yet? Are you coming to the club?” She asked.

I have think about it thoroughly, I don’t think I can go with her because Klaus won’t let me… I still have to sleep on his bed tonight.

“Is Tasia still alive there?” She asked.

I cough lightly.

“Well, I’d love to come with you to the club….”

“Club?!” Klaus’ voice interrupts me.

His voice sounds angry, yeah, I guess he’s angry because I barged into his bathroom.

I tensed and didn’t bother to look back, I don’t even wanna know what his expression is.

“Tasia, who’s that? Is that your boss?”

Before I could answer her, my phone was snatched away from me… I quickly get up and tries to reach for the phone.


He glares at me and moves the phone away from my reach.. damn tall people!

He stares at the screen a few seconds, then takes it to his ear.. a scowl on his face.

“My girlfriend is not going with you to any club!” He growls into the phone and hangs up rudely.

I roll my eyes at his childishness, he’s acting all possessive over a fake relationship… though, I secretly love his possessiveness!

It makes me feel giddy with happiness.. which I don’t understand why.

He throws the phone on the table and sits down, all these while, I have not raised my head to see his face.

I’m too embarrassed to!

On a norms I wouldn’t do a lap dance for anyone, but I did it for him because I feel some how familiar with him… and comfortable around him.

“…. wake up!” He bangs the table.

I raised my head instantly, flinching back in fright.

He stares at my face with a frown.

“Are you scared of me?” He asked.


He pause and stares at my face again, I don’t know what he’s looking for.

“Are you scared of me, Anastasia?” He asked again.

I shake my head, he hums and serves himself some food.

“Come give me a head massage!” He commands.

Isn’t he embarrassed from what happened earlier?! Why is he talking so freely with me as if nothing happened?!

He clears his throat loudly and I come back to present.

“I said you should give me a head massage!”

I nod and walk behind him, my fingers position on his head and got into work.

My mind wander back to the lap dance, I can’t believe I could go that crazy.. I didn’t know I could make a man hard to the extent of jerking off.

Speaking of jerking off, I heard him m0aned out a name… Nina!

I wonder who Nina is.. could she be his ex girlfriend?

“And what the f**k is she thinking about now?!” Klaus asked gruffly.

He reaches for a glass of water.

“Who’s Nina?” I blurt out before I could stop myself.

He chokes on his water and starts coughing uncontrollably, I pats his back gently.. muttering sorry.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry.. so sorry!”

He waves his hand, slowly his coughing dies down. He turns to me and stares at me amusingly.

“You said what?”

“I said sorry….”

“No, before that!” He cuts me off.

I draw my eyebrows together in a confused frown.

“I asked who’s Nina?”

“Nina…” He said and trails off, a small smile tugs the corner of his lips.

My fist clenches at his expression, he look so happy just at the mention of Nina.

Hold up.. rewind… Why am I getting angry?

“I heard you in your room calling her name when you’re….” I swallow my words when I recalls what I saw.

My cheeks flame up as I see the image of his d***

He clears his throat.

“Right, you just remind me, let’s forget about Nina for now!”

Forget about her?! I wanna know who she is, that you think about her even when he’s jerking off!

Seriously, I sound like a jealous girlfriend.

“You’ve seen me [email protected] don’t you think you should take responsibility for me?”


He nods.

“How do you want me to take responsibility?”

“Sleep with me!”

“What?!” I exclaimed loudly.

My voice echo in the house, as it yells what with me.

“I.. I.. should sleep with you?”

He nods, he stares at me innocently…. which makes me wonder which kind of sleep with me he actually mean.

“I believe it’s normal for you to sleep with me!”

“What do you mean? Can you say it clearly?”

“Listen, I don’t wanna force you into anything… but you must sleep with me tonight!”

To be continued.

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