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Episode 17


By : kebby NG

“Rose have you seen this”Alexia my tight best friend walked in showing me her phone

It was a picture of Max, Andrea and Jack. I was more surprised to see Jack in our uniform.

“What’s this”I asked

“Jack transferred to our school”Alexia said

“Do you know why?”I asked

“I don’t know but people are saying that it’s because of Andrea” Alexia said and my racing heart calmed a bit.

For a while I thought that Jack was back to get back at me for choosing Max over him but knowing that he was only here for Andrea calmed me a bit.

But when did he meet that girl that he had to leave everything just to come here for her.

He was never like that with me, he never gave me the attention I need and when Max came along, I was happy to choose Max over him

Then some thing I had seen in the picture got me asking

“Why is Max here? ”

“Well you know how it is between Max and Jack, Maybe they were just talking”Alexia said

I stared at the picture and saw that the two guys were looking at Andrea.

Andrea has been making me worried these past few days.

After the necklace incident, I have been thinking that her relationship with Max is something deeper.

I just can’t stand it, I still love Max even when I know that am at fault for our break up but I still love him and I will get him back no matter what


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know the girls and I can get Andrea to talk” Alexia said

“No don’t! Don’t do anything, I have something else in mind, Something that will get me close to them”I said as I smiled at Alexia.

“Tell us about yourself”


your age, things you like and all that”

“How were you like in the states”

“Tell us what your favourite dish is”

I sighed as tiredly, it’s been the same question over and over again.

Ever since the teacher left, the students had gathered around us, well around Jack, most especially the girls, they all wanted to know more about the second most handsome guy in Jupiter class.

Knowing that Jack’s purpose for this school is only to know what my secret is, they had to bring him to our class and what’s worse.


had to be sitting close to me, I thought as I pretended to be reading a book.

” I don’t have much to say” He said and they all groaned

” Common tell us stop being secretive” a girl asked

“Am not being secretive, it’s just that I don’t feel like talking about myself, tell me do you all know things about yourself, do you?” He asked

“Of course we do” a girl said

“We all know each other house, each other siblings and more” Geoffrey said

“Really? I doubt you didn’t ask Andrea this, So why are you asking me”He said and I knew what he was trying to do

“That’s true, we didn’t ask Andrea all this”Beatrice said and I felt my heart beating fast.

I was saved from answering this questions before and now and now by Jack instigation I will be asked again

I stared at Jack and he gave me a shrug.

“Tell us Andrea, up till today, we don’t know who your parents are, we don’t even know your house!”Brenda asked

I sat still, my heart was beating faster than normal, what am I going to tell them? I thought.

I found myself staring at Max but he was just facing his work and minding his business as usual.

Somehow I wanted his help but it seemed like he wouldn’t be minding me this time.

Am on my own right now, I thought sadly.

“Why aren’t you saying a thing, we want to know more about you ,how can he know your house while we your friend do not”Brenda said Pointing at Max

“Well I……”

“That’s because it’s not something you guys should know, if I know where she live is because it’s not too far to my family Villa”Max said suddenly and I felt so relieved


Your house is close to Max family Villa?”someone asked

“Yes………yes it is”I answered quickly

“Now that the interrogation is over, you all can kindly go to your seats, this is causing a lot of noise and it’s disturbing me”Max added

“Wait one more thing”Jack said and they all stopped

“Why don’t we all go to Andrea house tonight, we have to see it and perhaps we can have some Kind of get together, just like In Beatrice house”Jack said

“You are right jack”they all agreed and I found myself being stranded again.

What am I going to do, the house doesn’t even belong to me, I thought

I looked at Jack and when I saw the look he gave me, I got furious that I found myself saying “I think that will be fun, party at my house after school”I said and every one felt so happy.

While they all went back to their respective seats, I sat still wondering what I just said, it wasn’t even my house.

Max was back to his book, he wasn’t even saying a thing, is he angry ? But he helped me a while back, why would he be angry, I thought.

I bent my head only for someone to push my hair out of the way.

“Let’s not get this in the way”Jack said beside me and I wanted to punch his face.

“Get lost”I muttered and he laughed

“What? Are you afraid that I am close to knowing the truth?” He asked gently

“What truth are you so bent on knowing, I told you that………”

“Once have seen your house,I might believe you, so tell me have you remembered what you did last night?”He asked

“Look I have better thi……….”I couldn’t finish my word because he kissed me on the cheek.

“That was the same thing you did last night”he said

“Wow! Did Jack just kiss Andrea”Geoffrey asked and every one’s attention zoomed in on us.

“What! Why would he kiss me”I denied quickly

“Common I saw it, I saw the kiss he gave you, Are you two perhaps dating?”Geoffrey asked

“Of course not!”

“Do you think we are a match?”Jack asked them.

“Of course” they all said in unison

“You guys should stop it and stop it too Jack”I said to him

He just gave me a smile and before I could stop him again, he gave me a peck on the cheek.

“They all think that we can make a perfect couple, so why don’t we just be one” he said everyone was surprised at his boldness.

I was also surprised by it but knowing that my only feelings towards him is hate, I stood up

“No, I doubt if you can be my perfect guy , excuse me guys”I said as I left the class.

“Where could she be?”I said as I went to the library in search of Andrea.

It’s been a while since she left the class and she hasn’t been back since then

Doesn’t she know that we have to talk about the lie we both create.

I never get involved in people’s affairs that much but recently have been getting involved in Andrea and I don’t even find it annoying.

“Isn’t she just pretty”on hearing some junior students.

I looked at the person who they were calling pretty and I found out that it was Andrea.

She sat at one of the field benches snacking on a Chocolate bar.

“Wow, she really is’ ‘another said and I found myself staring at her.

She was Chewing a chocolate bar and with just the way she was doing it, it made her look very beautiful.

Have seen other girls try to get my attention by doing this but they only make me more angry with their behaviour.

So why don’t I feel the same way now?

‘ that’s because she isn’t doing it to get anyone attention, most especially your attention’ my conscience said to me and I found myself smiling at my thought.

“What the hell is going on with me?”I muttered to myself .

I better go to her and talk to her,I thought as I headed towards her, unknown to me I was being watched by Jack at a distance.

I was about to get to her when I saw Rose approach her.

What the hell does she want? I thought as I picked up my pace towards them.

“Hello Andrea”on hearing Rose voice I stopped munching on my chocolate and then I gave her a glance

Why is she here ? And what other lies is she trying to come up with.

Just before I could say a thing, Max called me.

“We have some things to talk about, it’s best that we leave”He said and without waiting for my response he took my hand in his.

“You can’t leave yet, I came to apologise to Andrea”Rose said and I stopped

“Am sorry for what I did at the teachers office”she apologised and I looked at her wanting to know if she is sincere or not

“We better go Andrea”Max said pulling me again but some one hold in my hand stopped me

I turned to see Jack beside me, “she is apologising , at least give her an answer before you leave “he said

“Andrea would have forgiven her if her apology was at least a sincere one”Max said

“And how are you sure that her apology is not a sincere one”Jack said

“You should know, you dated her too”Max said and the smile on Jack face disappeared

“Why don’t you deal with Rose, while I take Andrea with me”Max said pulling me only for him to stop again

Jack wasn’t letting me go and I stood in between the two guys staring at their angry faces

“I also have this urge to suddenly take Andrea with me, what will you do about that?”Jack asked as they both held each of my hands.

What mess have I gotten myself into.
To Be Continue 👇

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