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🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 2

BY : kebby NG

Luckily for me I had my sport wear in my locker and while class was being held, I quickly went to get it and changed into it.

“I would like to have you here to be my play toy,Be warned Andrea, Tomorrow and every other day will be like this for you,So start getting used to it ”

Just remembering What Erica said got me feeling scared,Have seen Erica bullying other students and she succeeds in ruining the student life.

I certainly don’t want that for myself,I don’t want to be like those other students who were bullied into ruin.

Going back to class,I found my bag pack out side

Each time a student doesn’t make it to class on time,The teacher ask for their belonging to be thrown out,Once they arrive and see that their stuff is out side,it will be a sign for them to know that they must not enter the class or further punishment would be given.

Knowing this,I took my bag and left the school.

I would rather spend the whole day,Walking around than to go back into that class to be bullied over again.

I left the school premises and went to the only place I could relax when am feeling sad or agitated

The sea looks lovely today,I thought as I stood in front of it,Enjoying it’s solitude.

Have managed to skip school today,How will I be able to get out of this one tomorrow,I thought sadly

I never wanted all this,I would have been happy to attend a public school but mom wouldn’t allow that.

“Public schools are for losers and you won’t be attending one” She would always say.

If only she knew that private schools are for bullies and heartless rich kids.

I spent a while there and when it was time for my part time job I left the solitude of the sea and headed to my work.

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As soon as I got to work,I had a bathe,Washing off the last smell of urine out of my body.

Work would have gone so well if Erica and her friends had chosen another restaurant, But they had chosen the place I work.

When I first saw them,I wanted to hide,None of them knew that I was working part time,I had made them believe that after school I go out to have fun only to come home to the maids to wait on me.


they see me here,They will certainly make a deal out of it .

“What are you waiting for Andrea,Go and serve those customers,Telling from their looks,They must be very rich”My boss said as he came to the counter.

Taking the note book and a pen,I went to their table,They were all talking but when they saw me,They stopped.

“Wow,I can’t believe this” Erica said as she starred at me

“Apart from being the daughter of a maid,You also work here”one of her friends asked

“What happen to the fun you have after school or the maids that wait on you when you get back home”Erica asked

“Fun my foot”Some one said

“I think the maid who wait on her is herself or perhaps her mother “Another said and they burst out laughing

“What would you like to order”I asked

“Bring us every thing you have “Erica said and I knew she was joking.

“Just order some thing “I said

“Wow is this how you treat your customer? ” One of her minion asked

“We will have to talk to your manager,You lack manner”Erica said hitting the table causing a scene.

“Excuse us,Excuse us,we need the manager here”One of them said and quickly my boss came over

“Your employee just refused to serve us “Erica said

“That’s a lie”I replied quickly

“So you are calling us a liar right?”One of them asked

“I didn’t say anything,I only asked you to order your food”I said

“Lies,She keeps on lying,Why would you have a liar for a worker sir”another said

“You know that I can’t lie to you sir”I said to my boss

“Am really sorry for her rudeness,I will attend to you instead”He said

“No,We aren’t staying here again,Your worker has just made us look like a liar,She insulted us and that is some thing that we will never tolerate “Erica said as she stood up and left with her friends.

* * *

“Why did you have to be rude to them?”He asked as we both stood in the workers changing room

“I wasn’t rude to them sir,Am telling you the truth”I replied

“Ever since you came to work,You have been looking so gloomy and that dampens the atmosphere,I hate it when my workers behave the way you do,Am sorry Andrea but you are fired “He said and left the workers changing room.

I can’t believe that have just been fired,I thought as I began to pack my stuff.

I knew Erica and her friends were trouble,I should have hide when I saw them,Now have lost the one good job I have.

I went back home still feeling down,I saw my mom in the kitchen cooking as always

“What’s wrong Andrea”She asked when she saw my moody face

“Have just been fired”I said

“What? But why?”She asked

“It’s a long story,I just want to lay down for a while”I said

“Are you having a difficult time in school?”She asked suddenly

This is the first time that she has ever asked me that question I thought as I turned to stare at her.

“If you are having a hard time then please child,Bear with me, just a few more years and then you will graduate”She said

“And then what? Would you also work your butt off just to send me to a rich college?”I asked now angry.

“That’s being harsh you know” She said

“No mom,You are the one who is harsh,You know I would have preferred going to a public school,Why force me to a private school uh” I asked bitterly

“Because I don’t want you to end up like me! Do you think I didn’t go to school,That I didn’t study,I did Andrea, But to all the companies I went to, My credential just wasn’t good enough and it was because I went to a public school, I had no option but to work as a maid,I don’t want you to be like me,I want you to study in the best school and become the best,If you still think that what am doing is harsh then wait till a few years, Then you will see that what am doing for you is for your own good,Now go in side,whether you like it or not you will be going to school until you graduate”She said

I couldn’t say any thing but to go to my room ,I never knew why my Mom was so obsessed about me going to a private school now I know why and I feel bad.

I will just have to keep on attending Excel high and if I have to,I will fight Erica and her friends,I vowed to myself.

The next day I woke up early and went to school.

Being determined to fight back Erica and her friends If they bullied me again.

I was surprised when I got to class and wasnt disturbed by her and her friends.

I thought they were going to talk about what happened yesterday but they didn’t,They ignored me completely.

I was happy,Happy that finally They will leave me alone but I was in for a surprise because when we closed they were all waiting for me by the entrance and judging from the look on their faces,They were going to do some thing to me.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 3


BY: kebby NG


“Here is our guest of honour”Erica said as she moved towards me.

“She look so surprised? You weren’t expecting us to be waiting for you here right?” One of her minion asked.

” What do you want from me?”I asked

“We just want to play with you,Why are you being rude to us” Another answered my question

” But I don’t want to play with you guys,I have to head home”I said moving out of Erica hold but she pulled me back

“Don’t be a kill joy and just come with us,We want to play and so you will have to play”Erica warned as she pulled me along with them.

They took me to a building which wasn’t far from our school.

We got into the lift and went straight to the roof,All through the journey,I kept on wondering what they were up to.

We got to the roof top and Erica released her hold on me.

“You must be wondering why we brought you here right?” Erica asked

“Why have you bring me here?”I asked as the cold breeze wafted into me making me shiver a bit

“To play of course,All we want is to play “Erica said as she pushed me

“But this is not playing and I want to go back” I said as I began to head back

But her friends held me and pulled me towards the edge of the building

“What are you doing?”I asked, Now terrified

“Playing of course, I told you that we want to play with you”

“But this is not playing! Stop it Erica, Stop!”I yelled as they kept on pushing me over the edge

“Why won’t you just beg and cry out for mercy, All the students have bullied always begged me but you are different” She said

“I never did any thing to you,Why should I beg you,I only lied,Haven’t you ever lied before”I asked her.

“Don’t get me wrong Andrea,Am not doing this to you because you lied and decieved us all but it because you are poor and I despise poor people,Most especially those who try to think of their self as rich”

“What crime is it to be poor?”I asked and she walked towards me

“There is no crime in it,I just don’t like poor people! “She yelled at me.

“Fine then you want me to beg right,Then I will beg,Just stop with this madness”

“What did you just say! Did you just say that this is madness,How dare you……..”She raised her hand wanting to hit me and I was waiting for the lash from her but nothing came,Instead I heard her say

“Who are you! Let go of me ” I opened my eyes to see a guy standing in front of her,Holding her hand.

“Who am I,Am some one who Hates bullies and as for leaving your hand,I will do that right now!”He said leaving her so sudden that she fell on the floor

The girls holding me quickly went to help her up

“Now scram before I bully you all myself”He said and quickly Erica and her friends left, leaving me and the stranger

While he picked up his bag on the floor,I had time to look at him

He was not only hand some but judging from his uniform and the accessories on him,,You can tell that he is also rich,I thought.

He turned to leave and quickly I thanked him.

He stopped and stared at me “I did not do it for you”He said stonily


“Are you that weak? When have they been bullying you,Couldn’t you stand up for yourself? Why let them go far as to bring you here?”He asked all the questions so fast that it was hard for me to reply


“Don’t answer,I know you will give me a useless reply”He said and turned to leave again

“I wasn’t bullied because I wanted to!”I yelled at him and he stopped again.

“I told you right! You will give me a use less reply so it’s best that you save it and just go home”He said again and left the roof top

Quickly I picked up my bag and ran after him,It was getting dark already and I was scared that Erica and her friends might return to bully me again.

He was just entering into the lift when I caught up with him.

I got into the lift and stood quiet beside him,,He might be good looking but he had a very hot temper

“Well thank you for helping me “I said again

“I told you that I didn’t do it for you!” He said impatiently

“But still I will have to thank you,You saved me from those bullies and……..”

“Enough!!! Apart from hating weaklings,I also hate those who thank some one,If you had been able to do it your self,You wouldn’t be indebted to any one”He said silencing me

The lift opened and we both got out of it,As soon as we walked out side,He turned the other way and I did the same.

“Being poor isn’t a crime , Lying and being a weakling is what I call a crime” He said to me for the very last time and then he turned and walked off.

Through out my journey back home,I kept on thinking about what he said

I never thought that he would have heard my conversation with Erica and her friends.

I never wanted to lie but I had to because I knew that that is the only way to stay in Excel high.

But that will have to stop now,I will tell mom about the bullying and am sure that she will do the right thing and if it’s to send me to a public school,She will,I thought as I walked into the large compound.

I went straight to the kitchen and there my mom was but she looked kind of different.

She wasn’t looking happy and she wasn’t cooking which is very odd.

But no matter what,I have to talk to her,I thought as I went towards her

“Oh you are back”She said as she forced a smile on her face

“Yes and I have to discuss some thing with you”I said as I put down my bag

“What now Andrea?” She asked

“Mom please let me transfer,I don’t want to go to excel high again and this time I have a good reason for saying so”I said to her

“Not now Andrea,I have a lot of other things running through my head right now and besides whether you want to or not,You will be transferring “She said and I starred at her in surprise.

“But why? “I asked

” The boss is selling her house,seems like she got bankrupt and typically we will have to leave because we are now fired,So it’s best that we start packing up”She said

“But where will we go to?”I asked

“To the city,To try out our luck,Maybe I can get myself a job as a maid and then find a school for you”She said sadly

I just hope that it’s not another rich school,I thought to myself.

“Why are you still standing there,Go in and Pack”She said to me and I dashed off to our room

To my mom,it’s a really sad and painful news to her but to me it’s the most greatest news have ever had in ages.

And I hope that the city we are going to will certainly favour us.
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