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Key to love episode 55

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Chapter 55πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


“I don’t know why you are forcing me to go meet him, it’s not like it’s necessary any way to him,” Here are the complaints from Amelia.
“Sometimes I worry about the reason for your problem, even though you always say that you have none.” “Are you planning on traveling without informing Dean?” Mina clasped with an eye roll
“I never said I won’t inform him,” “I still have tomorrow to inform him. I don’t need to do today,” She complained tiredly
“Why didn’t you wait till tomorrow before informing me?”She pestered
“At least there’s still tomorrow,” Mina expanded sarcastically while crossing her hands across her chest.
“How can I do that!? You are my friend and you deserve to know,” Amelia informed
“Which means that Dean is your enemy and, he doesn’t deserve to know?” She raised a question
“Now you are turning the table around, I didn’t say that, “Amelia contended
“Fine then go to him! I knew about this and he will know too, he’s our friend,” She insisted
“I will go to him, but only if you will come along,” She tried making up an excuse
“Don’t think of that.” “You are the one who has something to talk about, you should be the one to go.” Came Mina’s sharp words
“Sometimes I feel you are simply looking for a way that I will be seeing Dean alone.” “What’s the reason why you won’t come with me?”
“Should I go and meet Brad before going to Dean? One of his followers (Men) told me earlier that he wants to see me.” Amelia talked about it as she took another bite from her snack.
“I’m curious about knowing what he wants to talk about; Do you have an idea?” Mina asked, also sipping from her juice
“How can I? I’m not a mind reader!. I’m just hoping that he wouldn’t be giving me another punishment,” Amelia shrugged as she chewed on the snack.
“So am I,”Mina also said
“I think it will be best you go see Brad first.” “He’s a mood spoiler, and presΒ£ntly nobody knows what he wants to talk about.” Mina shared while Amelia listened
“After meeting him you can then go to Dean, he will help replenish your mood also, don’t forget to tell him about your traveling” Mina explained
“I thought you would like to accompany me to go meet Brad,” She scoffed
“I didn’t mention following because it’s impossible, he will act insane and probably pick on me too,” She said to her
Mina’s reply which Amelia agreed to. They talked shortly later before Amelia went out in search of Brad. What’s waiting ahead of her?
“How did you do it?” His coarse voice, his body features that speak otherwise of what he is, his nostril puffing out smoke from both nostrils. She coughed consistently since the smoke had managed to enter her throat, which made it difficult for her to breathe. The wh0le space in the room has been filled with smoke.
“What did I do?” She asked in annoyance, then coughed thereafter. His sight has never held any importance in her eyes. If there’s something she would ask life to take away, definitely it would be him and Chris. All they’ve ever done is torment her.
“I didn’t see it coming. It’s rare seeing you unexpectedly smart.” He related in a cold voice
“All I did was do what will make my parents proud of me, nevertheless I had no idea what you are saying,” Her voice was firm and fearless, her heart kept on tugging repeatedly on her chest but she wasn’t ready to show the weakness, it’s not needed now!
“But you no longer arrange here,” Brad stated his hands pointing at the big space in the quarter. The cigarette in his hand which Amelia was praying to end soon. She needs to breathe in pure air!.
“That was because I got freed from it,” her sharp answered.
“I have been hoping that you would come late to school another time,” Brad replied without minding the gut she has to reply to him
“Dad got us a new driver. I can’t come late to school anymore,” She answered back, her voice slightly cold
“You don’t know what I am capable of doing to you,” Brad said Amidst laughter
“I can’t be punished without an offense,” She blabbΒ£d which outraged him.
“Keep shut!” He muttered but, it was a bit loud enough for her to hear.
“One more word from you and I will lose my patience,” Brad threatened, his right middle f-nger which was holding on to the cigarette was pointed at her. The smoke kept on polluting the air as he dragged it more than usual.
“All I am doing is answering the questions that you’ve asked,” She coughed consistently
“So!? Do you need to answer me rudely?” “Also, I can’t remember asking you to reply to me,” He told to her, after which she decided not to speak anymore.
Both of them were just in the quarter silent, Brad is in here so, definably no one will enter, no matter how much time they spend. Which is what Amelia worries about, how will she get out of here now? Oh hell!!
“Because I like you doesn’t mean I will tolerate you speaking rudely at me, I am capable of so many things and you know, don’t take advantage of my patience for weakness.” He further said which made Amelia speechless.
“I’m not weak, which implies that I won’t ever be weak. Have you seen how much I feel something for you? Is that why you’ve grown the courage to speak rudely at me?” He asked, his voice sounding devilishly silent.
His evil way of getting to have something with her one day hasn’t succeeded, that was why he decided to go through the sweet mouth process. If only he knows how bitter the words are for coming out of his bitter mouth and heart.
“Won’t you reply to me? You answered all of my questions aside from this; Don’t you believe that I like you?” He let out while trying to hold her hand, she stunned him after taking two steps backward which made it difficult for his hand to touch her, she glared at him, before taking her gaze away.
Her action offended him but, he decided to let it go. “Why don’t you like me?” “I realized now that using my power may not help to get you, so I want to ask you, Why don’t you like me?” He questioned about what sounded like a mad man talking to Amelia. Did he call her here just to ask stupid questions?
“Now you don’t want to answer me,” After seconds of waiting for Amelia to speak, she refused to say a word, then he continued speaking.
“You don’t want to like me? I am not a good person for you to like? Have I taunt you so much that you don’t even want to look at me?” His weird questions which sound like noises
“Can I leave? I want to attend to someone,” She asked while ignoring his questions.
“Who’s that? I called you here to talk to you. You can see that I haven’t been raising my voice on you,” He scoffed
“Many girls over here want me for themselves, so why are you backing out alone?” He sweet-talks
“Not everything that looks enticing can entice everyone, I don’t like you,” Amelia blurted out coldly, her words hitting him h-rd. He was surprised but didn’t let it show to his face.
“I’m aware, what I asked is the reason why you don’t like me? I want us to talk casually without raising voices on one another.” He informed but she didn’t move her mouth.
“You don’t have an answer to that too?”He questioned
“I will leave now,” she replied instead, and before he could say a word, she already walked out of his presΒ£nce without looking back to glimpse at him.

Why does he like studying so much? He has everything a man needs to own in the world nevertheless, he takes his time to study at any given chance.
She can’t believe she would have to interrupt him now because of Mina’s persistence. She wondered what Mina’s problem is!?
“Are you here for just staring secretly at me then leave?” Dean who saw her through the glass door asked, without raising his head. Amelia who wasn’t expecting that got stunned, How did he find out that she was there?
“I’ve been watching you in that “Glassdoor” for sometime now.” Dean added as his head signaled her to the glass door which captured her image clearly. Now she can remember a day which she had caught him standing behind her too with the help of it.
“Maybe the glass is only here to serve as a detective and expose everyone’s identity.”She wondered.
“Nice dimples actually, I never noticed them on your cheeks,” Dean filled out without raising his head. Her cheeks turned red regardless of her mood which Brad ruined. She’s never going to think of what happened in there with Brad.
“Since you are here, come and sit here with me, then tell me the reason why you haven’t told me about those two cute dimples on your cheeks,” Dean added, she smiled sheepishly without knowing what to say.
“I haven’t seen someone notifying people about dimple before, people discover after staring at the face,” Amelia told to him after sitting.
“Does that means, I haven’t been looking properly at your face?” Dean asked sarcastically.
“I don’t know, maybe you haven’t,” Amelia shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly
“It will be the best time I do it now then,” Dean stated and before she could comprehend his statement, he grabbΒ£d hold of her cheeks in his warm palm.
Amelia’s heartbeat repeatedly, what is he doing? She gulped down nothing down her throat. Dean was smiling as he looked at her cheeks before raising his eyes to look at her eyes which made their eyes come in contact with one another.
“I have stared at it properly now, now I can see how gorgeous they are!,” He communicated with a giggle. While staring at each other Amelia’s eyes looked briefly at him as he talked, his soft_voice, his neatly and well_arranged teeth, that heart-melting smile, and that succulent pink l-ips! Why is he so Adorable?
She could only see his l-ips moving, she doesn’t understand what he was saying. His palm holding her cheeks made them warm.
“Look at me too and tell me what’s lovely about my face?” Dean suddenly demanded. Her eyes blinked continually as words weren’t coming out of her mouth. Looking at him to spot him staring directly into her eyes, probably waiting for an answer.
“Your eyes and, smile are beautiful?” She shyly said. He blushed insanely before saying; “Is that all you can say?”
“Your nose is very long that I feel it needs cutting into two,” Amelia joked which made him laugh crazily, his palms dropping from her cheeks.
Now she can feel her cheeks catching a cold! Why did he take off his hands? “That isn’t what I was expecting you to say,” Dean stated after he stopped laughing.
“What were you expecting me to say? That was what I saw about your face, “Amelia teased, likewise holding her laughter. He looked away sadly without saying anything. His act which she found funny as it was childish.
“I came here to tell you something,” She announced. “What’s that?” He asked without raising his eyes to glance at her. Is he still upset?
Amelia watched him as he fl-ipped the book which he was reading to the next page, then she answered; “I won’t be coming to school next week,” She informed.
Dean after hearing that took his eyes away from the book to her face. “Why won’t you come? Did something happen?” He questioned as he forgot about his current mood.
“We are going to visit my parents, that’s why.” She further explained while finding the moment awkward. “All this happened because of Mina!”She cursed under her breath.
“So, when are you going to be back?” He asked with his blank expression. “Very soon! It’s just to visit, probably a week, “Amelia replied as he nodded his head.
They both kept mute afterward without saying anything to each other, Dean’s eyes were roaming around the hall while Amelia stared freely into space.
“Do you know the cause of a slight headache? It’s been worrying me since yesterday,” Dean discussed.
“I have no idea, but it must have been because of stress. Have you tried medication?” Amelia inquired
“I haven’t, probably I will go see our family doctor if it’s worse than this. But it’s still bearable for now,” He replied with light yawning, which shows that he was exhausted.
“Can’t you let go of reading for now? You just complained about headaches,” Amelia rebuked as she snatched the book away from his hand. Dean giggled softly before answering; “I get bored often, reading keeps my company when no one is there.” He shared with her eyes staring at his.
“I don’t know what to say; “Amelia announced as she took her eyes away from his. “Maybe you should see me off to the park, I need to go home,” Dean replied
“But! This is during school hours,” Amelia scoffed confusingly.
“My head is aching, I should go get some rest at home. You will be in school tomorrow right?” She nodded her head.
“Now that’s fine, I will get to see you before you leave right?” He questioned about her traveling. “You will,” She replied as they both stood up from the sofa.
“Keep to that promise, you should ensure that I see you before leaving, although I don’t want to believe that I won’t see you for days,” Dean told. His words were confusing, she doesn’t understand what he just blurted so she kept mute.
“Are you going to accompany me to the park?”Dean asked again. She nodded her head in reply which made him smile. He walked closer to her and surprisingly he joined their hands together.
Amelia’s heartbeat rapidly against her wish on her chest. “You don’t want to give me a helping hand, so I got it for myself, “Dean said then they walked side by side out of the hall.
An evil smirk escaped his l-ips due to the scene he just finished watching. THAT YOUNG HEIR!!
Something must be done concerning him! And Amelia!? She’s going away from school for days! There should be a slight war before she gets back. That Young Heir must be put in the right place!
Then he would get back at Amelia;


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This two are OPPRESSING me😫😫
So Amelia wants to travelπŸ™. What’s Brad trying to do now?
Who was that last scene?

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