Until I Met You

UNTIL I MET YOU (Episode 12)

Episode 12
Writer: NICKY

He didn’t pick up my calls. Could he be sleeping already?
I thought to myself and dialed again. he wasn’t picking, I decided to leave early the following morning and went to sleep.
I woke up by 7am, dressed up and was preparing to leave. I took my bag and went to say good bye to dad. I told him I’ll visit often just as I promised. I left his room after our discussion and was going out. When I got downstairs, I saw Mrs Lisa sitting on the couch with cup of whine before her. The maid was cut her nails for her.
“You’re leaving already?”she asked and I looked at her direction. What does it have to do with her if I’m leaving? Not like she really want me to start living with them again. “Yeah”I said and continued walking to the entrance.
“Didn’t I tell you not to come? Looks like you’re disobeying your mother again”she said and I turned to her. “Mother? Oh that’s true I forgot I have another mother”I said. The expression on her face was unreadable as she was staring at me. She signaled for the maid to stop and she left after bowing to her. She then sat properly looking at me. I was staring at her with so many bad thoughts running through my mind. Should I just snap her neck and kill her. Or I should just hit her head with the wine bottle? I wish she got choke with the wine and die instead, I can’t kill her with my hands.”I thought to myself.
“Really?”she said and smiled. “I think you’ve become brave while you were out but I don’t think it would be of any use. If you continue this way, you might end up dead like your mother. Just be loyal as you use to and don’t trying acting strong before me”she said. I got so angry and hurt by her words. “I’m… Not afraid anymore. From now on, I won’t let you intimidate me any longer. Enough of your evil acts”I said staring at her but she was quite not answering. “From now on, I won’t give space for you and your daughter to harm me any longer. those days are of the past. it can’t happen again..
I’ll promise you one thing today”I said and stopped. The reaction on her face were like that of a lion ready to bounce on it’s prey. “You and your daughter will soon live to regret all your evil acts.”I said. “What?”she asked in anger. I smiled nodding my head before leaving. I smiled to myself feeling so satisfy. I never saw her feel that way ever since I know her. I think I really hit her hærd on the bad s₱0t today. I thought to myself.
Soon, I got home. I narrated everything that happened to Rachael. She felt so happy about what I did and credited me for my boldness. Soon she left and I was alone at home. I remembered what Dave told me last night and I quickly got up to go to his apartment.
I pressed the bell several times but no response. After some minutes of waiting, I unlocked the door and got in. “Dave!”I called his name but no respond. Could he still be sleeping?”I asked myself looking around. I checked the time and it’s 10am. He can’t possibly still be in bed. He didn’t pick my calls last night too. Could he be sick? I thought to myself. I dialed his number but his phone was ringing on the center table beside me. I took it wondering why it’s there. “Dave! Dave are you ok?”I asked walking to the door of his room. I was imaging a lot of things in my head thinking he might be sick. I got to the entrance and heard the door sound. “Anna?”I heard a voice and the door opened. I was shocked to see him. He was standing holding the door.
I looked at him from head to toe with my jaw dropped.
He was in the bathroom all this while. A white towel was wrapped around his wa-ist while water drip down his amazing abs. He looks so hot that I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Guys have six packs but I think Dave’s own is twelve. I heard him say something but I was lost in my own fantasy as I stares at him. I looked at his face after checking him out for long. “Uh? Did you just say something?”I asked looking at him. He was quiet not saying anything but staring at me. I couldn’t hold on to staring at him. I think I might pass out soon because my heart was about to jump out of my chest.
I blinked my eyes and turned my back to him. “I…i’m so..rry. I didn’t know you were taking your bath. I’ll come back later then”I said and was leaving.
“You haven’t answer my question”he said and I froze. Did he ask me anything? When was that? What is it? I knew he said something but I didn’t hear.
I was thinking so hærd to recall but I could not. This is so embarrassing.

To be continued…

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