Korey episode 21

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chapter 21- LOVE CHEMISTRY

“I have an unfinished business with someone” korey said as karissa blinked her eyes trying to digest what was happening
“sure thing!” Emmy saluted.
“c’mon Jan” Emilia said as she helped her up along with Randolph
“Alpha…plea-se take it easy” Sid said knowing what would happen when korey leaves
Korey rolled his eyes in reply as they made way for him to [email protected]
“can someone explain this?” karissa squeals
“Jan…korey is going to fight for you” she added
“just shut up and let’s go” Sid said as she wore a childish frown on her face.

Jan was carried helped out of her office. She insisted on walking even though they suggested on lifting her.
As soon as she was out of the company, she went to the garage and got into her car as Sid sat in the drivers seat.
“I’d drive” he said
“yeah…can’t refuse” Jan replied

The other members went into their cars and drived behind Sid.

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Minutes later……
Korey was where he wanted to be… the little hut of the one and only witch.
He got off his car and barged in, he didn’t expected her to be on the ground but she was. She looked like she was hurt badly
“thinking of suicide after what you did to my wife?” korey asked as he walked slowly to her
“you’re here….off course not, your wife did this to me” she replied as she got back on her feet glaring at korey.
She was bleeding from the nose and mouth, bruises on her face
“kidding me…I know my wife so well” korey laughed disbelieving Jan would do such
“arrgh..i can’t believe she’s this powerful” the which gro-an ed in pain
“powerful!!” korey thought within himself
“whatever…I’m here for you and you know” he replied and took steps closer to her
“dare not!” she said as korey superspeed towards her and gr!pp£dher n£¢k
“in your next awful life….don’t come near korey Wilson and his family” he said as he punched her face [email protected] and pu-ll-ed out her heart.

karissa kept pacing forth and back round the room. She knew what korey is capable of when it comes to his family.
“you think she’s good?” she asked lowly referring to the witch
“what do you mean…don’t you know Alpha, she’d be dead by now!” Randolph shrugged
“she is at fault, why did she hurt Jan that badly?” Emmy asked as she rubbe-d Jan’s face.
“so…I guess we should leave her to sleep!” Sid said silently to avoid waking her up
“yeah…!” they all agreed and left the room
“I’d make dinner” Emilia suggested
“I’m coming along with you” Sid said along with Emmy

The three gathered in the kitchen to make dinner.
“what do you think of Jan?” emmy asked worriedly
“everything is all weird” Sid sighed
“who could that be…I never saw anyone leave” Emilia said as she thought of it
“yeah…could it be the person disappeared?” emmy asked as she picked the knife
“hmmmm…..wait!” Sid exclaimed
“you said Jan hears voices” he said
“yeah….that’s the witch” Sid said after realizing it was her
“oh…..my….goodness” Emmy [email protected]
“I heard her some days ago” she replied
“what…?!” Emilia asked
“its nothing to worry about since korey has gone for her, I just decided to keep quiet” she explained to get no one guilty
“at least you should have told me your sister” Emilia said as Emmy smiled
“Alright…next time when I get disturbe-d by whosoever” Emmy replied

Dinner was re-ady… Emilia went along other Emmy to dress the dinning table and placed everyones food on the table. Not so long they heard the door open. Korey walked in covered in blood as karissa grimaced her face disgustedly
“ewww!” she cooed
“just get me dinner….I’m hungry” korey sighed tiredly and was about to slump on the couch but Emilia st©pped him right in time
“no..no..no” she hurriedly said
“have a shower” she smiled at korey and let go of his hand….
“where is Jan?” he asked as they all had a ‘wow’ face
“she….she…she” Emmy stuttered
“she’s asleep” Emilia said hurriedly
“oh…great, I’d go have a de-ep bath but make everything re-ady” korey said tiredly and left, none of them bothered tobasl at that moment “who was that lady?”
They all remained mute for some secs before Sid broke the silence.
“what now?”

Korey went into his room and met Jan asleep on the be-d. He made a step closer to her but st©pped. He didn’t knew why he did all that for Jan…. of cos he knew he card less about her and now he did those.
He thought about the witch for a while and concluded. She has been away for some years now, and she’s back….so indeed his rival is around.
He sighed and walked to the bathroom after taking of his clothes and had a cool shower. He just wants to forget all that happened today.

Minutes after bathing, he walked out with a towel round his [email protected]!st and shouted immediately
“Jan!” he exclaimed as he saw her sitting on the be-d looking directly at him. She slowly s£nt her head down
“thanks!” was the first thing he said
“wha….what…about what?” he asked as she said nothing
“you shouldn’t thank me” he muttered and brou-ght out his pyjamas from his closet.
“I’d leave you to dress…I’m going downstairs” she said and stood up to leave but he st©pped her
“Jan?” he called as she turned back to him
“hmmm?” she asked
“uh…uh..uh..nothing” he stammered as she furrow her brow
“you called me and said nothing?” she asked
“sl!pof the ton-gue” he replied as she shook her head and left
“korey…!” he gro-an s to himself and wore his pyjamas

“Jan!” Emmy called as she saw her ma-king her way down.
“hey you good?” Jan asked
“I should be asking you that” Emmy smiled
The rest gathered around her and pu-ll-ed her l the dinning.
“I made you a special delicacy” Sid said as he pu-ll-ed the chair for her to seat
“huh…we!” karissa shunned him
“oh…I forgot” he laughed
They gathered round the table to eat, eating happily and talking with one another. Korey made his way downstairs and took his seat close to Jan.
“mmmm” Emilia cleared her throat suspiciously as Jan gave a suspicious smile at her
“whatever you two are communicating…. I’m here…so st©p” korey said as they both laughed.

“yeah…before I forget” Sid started
“the priestess said something about someone joining our pack” Sid said as korey choked
“yeah I remember” Emmy replied
“someone…?” korey asked
“mmm” Randolph replied as Sid explained all she said to them
His mind drifted to that figure he saw
“you’re not the only one who wants him dead”. that word flashed back to him
” korey?” Jan asked bringing him back to reality
“oh…I don’t think I can digest any of what you said. ..gimme time to think about it” he said
“sure!” they replied in unison

Dinner was over….korey was done eating, same as Jan. they both made an attempt to stand up but instead hit both heads together
“ow!” Jan winced
“oh my God I’m sorry” korey immediately replied as her eyes went wi-de
“what..?” he asked after realizing what he had said
“you..you should better be careful, you’re always clumsy” he immediately said and left.
“heh!” Emmy laughed

“goodnight!” Jan Said to her members and left
“goodnight Luna!” they replied

She was in her room and met korey on be-d
“waiting for me?” she asked as he laughed
“since when?” he laughed as she jumped to the be-d
“Arrgh Jan!” korey exclaimed as she laughed
“that’s my name!” she replied
“move your b©dy…I dont want it close to mine” korey complained
“what’s that supposed to mean?” Jan asked with a duh face
“what else?” korey asked as she smiled
“teddy!” she whined
“te… te…te…teddy?” korey exclaimed as she flew her hands on him
“st©p it!” he gro-an s
“mmmm.mmmm” she replied negatively
“Jan!” korey exclaimed
“I want to sleep” he added
“no…no…no” she laughed and used her bu-tt to try to push him off the be-d
“what are you doing?” korey asked laughing lowly
“you know” she replied as he had no choice but to hold her [email protected]!st again and s£nd her forth bit she repeated same.
she turned to him and tried to t©uçh his face but he caught her hands and s£nt them [email protected]
“what!” she asked innocently and repeated it but same
Then it began….they both continued throwing and catching their hands till they fell off the be-d together Rolling to the floor. Just when they st©pped korey was over jan [email protected] [email protected] with his face few inches away from hers
“is he gonna k!ssme!” Jan squealed in her thoughts

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