Korey episode 25

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💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎

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chapter 25- prophecies🎇

written by 📌Déra Brown

Emilia moved herl-ips in synchronization with his slowly, she couldn’t help but want more of him. Zane couldn’t stand it anymore and angrily walked out. Just as Lucas heard him drive away he pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss.
Emmy slowly opened her eyes and then it [email protected]£ back……SHE WASN’T DREAMING😩😱😱

“I…I..I’m sorry” Lucas stuttered
“sorry??” Stacy asked
“no..I am” Emmy replied and blinked ra-pidly
She turned around and couldn’t find Zane anywhere
“he alre-ady left” Lucas said
“oh…” Emmy replied
“he’d drop you home” Stacy smiled at Emmy

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Zane angrily walked into the mansion.
“and lemme guess… got into a fight?” Sid asked
“Emmy let that Lucas of a guy k!ssher” he replied as Emilia eyed went wi-de open
“Emmy k!$$£d Lucas?” Karissa asked
“you heard him right” Randolph replied
“wow!!” Emilia squealed and picked up her phone dialing Emmy’s number but yeah she wasn’t picking up
“are they still k!ssing?” she asked in sarcasm
“maybe” karissa replied with a slight laugh
Zane only stormed upstairs…

“you good?” Lucas asked Emmy as she nodded slowly
“thanks for dropping me home” she said
“you don’t need to thanks me ” he said and pu-ll-ed the car to a halt
“I’m really sorry…I shouldn’t have done that…in front of him” Lucas said referring to Zane
“its okay…I guess” she replied
“hope I’d see you again” Stacy said from the backseat
“yeah cutie..some other time” Emmy replied
“but this is not your house”Stacy said and looked around
“yeah..she insists I drop her here” Lucas replied as Emmy sighed
“bye…goodnight” she said and walked out
“byeeee!!” Stacy exclaimed
Emmy was out of Lucas car and waved bye at them as she walked away. Her house was not so far…she’ll only walk throu-gh hidden paths.

As soon as she got home she heard Emilia loud voice
“yay!! she’s back” she squealed as Emmy flin-ched back In shock
“hey…” she said
“you’re back” Karissa said
“why those smiling face…?” Emmy asked
“I guess he alre-ady told you”_ she said and made her way up to her room
“yep…nicely done” Rissa said
“I wished I was there” Emilia said
“thank God you weren’t” Emmy replied
“now plea-se leave me….” she said to them
“sure take your time to think and rest” she said and left

🌙Evening [email protected]£ alre-ady🌙☁

The pack were seated together in the living to with the Alpha and Luna.
“I’m going to see the priestess” Alpha said
“and I’d be going with you guys” he said
“I’m not going anywhere” Jan said
“Luna…you have to come with us” Sid said
“you’re our Luna” Emmy added
“I know all that but I’m sorry I won’t” she said more serious
She doesn’t want to do stuffs to plea-se her goddamn husband anymore.
“its okay if she stay at home” Korey said
“really??” Sid asked pissed off at korey’s reply
“you can’t f0rç£ her to” korey added
“get yourselves re-ady now…were going to see her and know what’s ahead of us a pack” he said as he stood up
“I’m staying with Jan” Emmy said
“what?” Jan asked
“no, you should go with them…I can stay alone” she replied
“I want to” Emmy said
“Emmy you’re coming with me” korey said
“I don’t want to” she snapped at him
“I alre-ady said so” he said as she frowned at him
“I hate these” she muttered and walked away heading to her room
As soon as she did, she saw a text from Lucas
“hey….I thought you’d be busy so I decided to drop these, I’m sorry if I might bring troubles…. sorry about today and have a goodnight”

“really…what are you still apologizing??” she asked and texted back
“thanks… have a goodnight”
She smiled and picked her phone remembering the k!sswith Lucas
“even if he did it it to s£nd Zane away…I still loved it” she thought within herself and walked out of her room but bu-mped into Zane
“Zane!” she called
“what you doing here?” she asked
[email protected]£ to call you” he replied casually
“I’m alre-ady heading out” she replied and continued walking
“I don’t want to talk about this but don’t you think what you did….” he trailed off
“you meant k!ss!ngLucas?” she asked
“exactly… you know nothing about him so….”
“I know enough and I don’t see why you should bu-tt into it” she said
“I’m not I just…what’s so special about him?” Zane asked
“everything” she replied
“its [email protected] to accept it but Zane…. I love Lucas…I can’t hide it anymore” she said and walked away.

The wh0le pack were set…jan bid them bye and went upstairs. She was actually feeling empty alre-ady…. but it’s just gonna be for few hours.

Twilight pack was seated with the priestess
“knew you’d be coming” she said
“you said something to my members” korey said
“yeah…the new pack member” she said
“when and why?” Korey asked
“you don’t need to know why but when” she replied
“exactly tomorrow by 8:pm, you’d meet him at your door but welcome him with love cos he’d be of great benefit to you” she said
“We accept that” Sid said
“and plea-se…when will my brother start behaving like a loving husband?” Emmy asked as Emilia tried to hold her laugh
“I’m tired of him” Emmy added as Sid busted into laughter
“I un-derstand your pain” the priestess said
“after those there lines that become scars on her b©dy” she said as they all [email protected]£ confused
“okay…this is one thing I hate”Emmy said
“I don’t un-derstand” she added
“that’s all about that ” the priestess replied
” fv¢k!” Emmy exclaimed
“now we’re heading home or??” Emmy asked
“twilight pack…I wish you success” the priestess said
Her eyes went all white as she said
“at the sound of a loud eagle….he walks in, All re-ady and prepared to see what you all got….Jan…. your only weapon” she said as their jaw all dropped
“KOREY…if you don’t love Jan…your regret it” she said
“you don’t need to tell me again” he said as he stood up
“so we’ll just wait for that new member”Zane said as they walked out

Janice was seated with her mind on nothing…
“if the fight starts what would I do….?” she add herself
“I don’t know how I’m the only weapon and that crazy witch made Me do stuffs I couldn’t believe I did” she said to herself and signed
“if only I knew my mom” she added
“yet I do know my mom but didn’t spent time with her….until she died”
It’s really odd to Jan…she couldn’t remember the death of her parents at all
She doesn’t even know if she has a family relative somewhere….
Life seem to displea-se her…..

The pack members were back home…Emmy immediately ran to jan to check up on her…
“you good?” she asked
“yeah why not?” Jan asked
“phew!!!” she breathed out
“OK….I’m hungry the priestess alre-ady scattered my mood” Emilia gro-an s and walked to the kitchen
“let’s make dinner” Randolph said to her
“instead lemme be your dinner” she replied huskily to Dolph and wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k placing a soft k!sson hisl-ips
“I don’t regret having you as my mate” she said between theirl-ips
“same here baby” he replied and gave her the k!sses she was begging for
“at least not in the kitchen” karissa said to them but they turned deaf ears.
“they make out anywhere they want to” Sid said behind her
“when do we??” he asked
“you should have asked the priestess” karissa replied sarcastically and walked away
“nice one” Sid laughed and wra-pped his hands around her [email protected]!st pu-lling her to him
“if you guys wanna have lovers night today…not today” Emmy said and walked away
“I guess my love life must always have a comma” she said to herself and went into her room.

KOREY made his way to his room and met jan seated.
He didn’t say a word neither did she…just as he turned to leave for the bathroom she stood up to get to the fridge but mistakenly hit her [email protected] on the edge of her dressing table
“owed!” she winced aloud as korey immediately turned to her
“you hurt??” he asked and ran to her
She looked at him for some seconds and tried walking away but korey st©pped her. He bent lower to see her [email protected]…turned out she alre-ady had red sp©t.
“not injured tho….but hurt” he said lowly as he sat her on be-d
“for goodness sake….don’t treat it” jan said aloud
“why…you’re hurt” he replied
“you’re only seeing the other ones, don’t you see from the inside??” she asked
“forget the [email protected] korey and treat me from the inside, I’m hurt badly…and you’re responsible” she said
“Jan…” he called
“don’t jan me….if you can’t see what you are doing to me…forget about me being hurt on the outside… my skin is not my heart”


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