Korey episode 8

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💎He’s still my alpha and I am his Luna💎

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📌Written by Déra Brown
chapter 8- Weird (I) 😕

Korey was alre-ady done washing up and immediately went to be-d not wanting to see her face.
“how disgusting” he muttered to himself and shut his eyes closed

Janice was still outside trying to get herself. she took a de-ep breath in and raised up her head and saw Sid before her with confused face.
“Luna are you okay?” he asked as he ¢rou¢hed down before her
“ah ah…its nothing I’m good”she replied with a smile

He looked down at her hand and noticed a card
“what’s here?” he asked and took it out.
Jan couldn’t h0l£ld back her laughter, she was damn excited.

“Really…!!”bsid exclaimed happily
“OMG I’m so happy you got your company” he said with joy
“thanks” she replied with a smile
“so he really did it” Sid muttered but jancice heard and asked
“what’s that?” she asked with a worried face
“uh it’s nothing…I’m glad he changed his mind” he said and pu-ll-ed Janice to a hvg

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seconds later they pu-ll-ed away
“you should go to be-d now” Sid said and helped her up
“yeah you too” she said
“mmmm…someone needs me” hr smiled
“ohhh..I get that, karissa” Jan laughed as he sighs

“Alright then…Mrs CEO” he bowed and left

Janice got to her be-d and saw korey alre-ady asleep she then layed on her be-d with a sigh and smiled
‘tomorrow’s gonna be a big day for you Mrs CEO” she smiled and sle-pt off

It was morning again. Janice woke up on a empty be-d and huffed
“duh! this is not the first time, as far as I have my company now you can keep leaving me on be-d” she said to the invisible korey and stood up from her be-d. She washed her face up and headed downstairs, unknowingly to her the news of her new company alre-ady spre-aded like wi-de fire.
Just as she got downstairs she heard a loud s¢r-am from everyone
“Congratulations Mrs CEO!!!” they all greeted happily
“OMG….” Jan [email protected] in surprise
“congratulations!’ emmy said and pu-ll-ed her to a hvg
“thank you” Jan cooed
“our Luna finally has a company” Randolph said happily as she smiled
“incoming!!” karissa voice spoke up as they gave way for her to [email protected]
Janice eyes went wi-de opened at the sight of what she saw
“A cake?” she asked
“our Luna deserves more than a cake” Sid replied
“see….? written on the cake is congratulations to our Luna and CEO” Zane re-ad out as they [email protected] their hands happily
“you just got a company we need to [email protected]” Emilia said
“c’mon you guys don’t have to” Jan replied
“we will [email protected] every joyful moment with you whether it’s necessary or not” Emmy said as Jan smiled
“guess it’s what it is ” Janice replied as they s¢r-amed happily as always karissa voice was the loudest.
They shared that beautiful moment eating and drinking. As soon as Jan and all was done, they gave her time to prepare for the day. She got dressed alre-ady in a black lace go-wn and applied few makeup on her face. She was alre-ady done and wore her heels with a smile and held her handbag in her hand.
“perfect morning for Mrs Bentley Jan” she said to herself and walked out if her door.
Walking majestically on the stairs heading down, all eyes were on admiring her beauty.
“I think I’m gonna be one of your employees” emmy said
“you don’t need an interview… you got the job” Janice laughed
“resume work by 7am” Janice said
“good I’m all dressed, I’d just go with you” Emmy said as Jan nodded
“oh great, when I need a job, I’ll come to you” Emilia said
“there’d always be vacancy for you” Janice replied and headed out of the door with Emmy.
Kevin, Janice personal driver got into the car along with Janice and Emmy seated at the back seat.
in less than an hour they arrived at their location. Janice couldn’t help but [email protected], she was damn surprised at what she saw before her. The entrance alone was far beyond what she expected. The building was so big and tall. with the name on the t©p
“B.J wears” emmy [email protected] happily
“I never expected this” Janice managed to say.
Just then a man in suit walked to her
“Good morning ma’am, you must be Bentley Janice” he said
“yeah I am and you are?” she asked
“Matthew, Mr korey s£nt me to you to help you, plea-se follow me as I lead you in” he said with a bow and turned
An immediate smile curved on both Jan and Emmy’s face giggling happily.

‘off course I never wanted to be the wife of half human half wolf but geez there are really benefits’ Jan thought happily.
They both trailed behind Matthew and went in.
Most of the employees kept smiling as they watched Janice walk in.
“oh my gawd no one ever told me Mr korey wife was this pretty” a lady said
“wait, that’s his sister” another lady said
“sister?” the lady asked
“what do you mean, they don’t even look alike” another replied
“that’s what I don’t un-derstand” the lady replied as Emmy turned to give them a cold glare ma-king them shut their mouth.
Matthew walked to the elevator and pressed the bu-tton heading to the 6th floor
“6th floor??” emmy [email protected] as they walked in.
Janice was about to hold her first meeting with her employees (s£nior). She gathered them at the conference room where they are all seated with their bottles of water with them.
To be frank she’s kinda nervous. But thought, she had done this before but online now she has to do it face to face.
She cleared her throat and stood up to start.
“Good morning everyone” she greeted
“”Good morning Mrs Jan” they greeted in unison
“As you all know, I’m Bentley Janice, the CEO of B.J wears, and yunno….the one and only wife of Korey Wilson CEO of Spark. K LTD
” she started
“wow..I’d want a family and husband like that” a lady whispered
“what ..?..you’d want no husband like that” Janice yelled in her thoughts and continued
“I’m really nice and jovial to work with, all I need is your cooperation and together we can make this company spre-ad globally”
they all interrupted her with the sounds of applause
“B.J wears has been existing for years and flourishing, now that I have a company, I’d do my best to make it go extra mile. I’m a fashion designer as you all know, and I guess there are some of you who have ideas aboutemotions.
“yeah ma’am, I used to be a fashion designer, I was so glad when I got a job here” a lady spoke up as they [email protected] their hands.
“great…you see B.J wears, we make what suits you, letting you shine” Janice exclaimed as they [email protected] their hands happily
The meeting was over, Jan headed to her office with emmy behind her. they walked in and did nothing else but gawk at the sight of her office
“dashing….” Emmy commented
“Anyway, I’d leave you here and come back later, looks like I’ve got stuffs to do” she smiled and win-ked at Janice walking out of the door.
Janice squealed like a baby…excited super happy about her new company and also grateful to her husband.
She walked to her table and saw a small note which says.
“I hope you like it …?, now don’t ever step your feet into my office and company again”
she laughed at it and said
” why would I,..what a husband”

Janice headed to her table to design some wears for spring.

About 30mins later as she was still designing some wears and got a comment from one of her customer
🙋🏻- really appreciate the last spring wear, plea-se I’d love to try something new😁😁

😌- Bentley Janice wears are the best😍

she smiled as she kept re-ading wonderful comments about her progress but then it st©pped. She got a comment from her unknown customer, no profile pic, just blank and no name saying
” Bentley Jan wears are $h!t, Janice doesn’t make the wears herself, even her stupid husband can be so $h!tty enough to get her a company. Enemies like them doesn’t deserve something good in life, not even life itself…” she paused re-ading and furrowed her brows.
She tried going to the person profile but it only appeared on her screen
“sorry, couldn’t [email protected]
And that was how it continued
She tried replying the person comment but said
“sorry can’t reply at the moment”
“what’s wrong here” she thought within herself and got another message from that same person which was a laughing and grinning emoji.
Trying to delete the person comment didn’t work out. she watched him say $h!t about herself and her company.
Out of annoyance she s£nt her fountain pen to her table angrily glaring at the profile pic which was damn blank and dark.

She didn’t feel herself anymore, like she was s£nt elsewhere, her wh0l£ mind was about the he goat that kept saying rubbish. Unknowingly to jan, he fountain pen was alre-ady floating in air as a result of her emotions

Emmy was alre-ady heading back to janice office and knocked but no reply. she did again but same then decided to walk in to check.
She froze at what she saw, Janice pen in air floating. She looked at Jan who didn’t even seem to notice her pres£nce.
“Arrgh!!!” Janice yelled angrily as her pen crumbled to pieces.

she’s not just human but a weapon

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