Let's Play Hard

Let’s play hard episode 25 – 26


Episode 25.

Story by Miriam Edem.

Annabel spent the whole night checking out Jennifer wears, while Treasure didn’t seem to be interested at all as her behavior and countenance was strange.

“Treasure is there a problem? Jenny asked when she sensed something was wrong.
“No, why? Treasure asked.

“Because you’re cold, I mean you’re acting cold towards me. Is it because I raised my voice on you yesterday? Am sorry okay, Jenny said and Treasure heaved.
“Its okay, She replied.

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“Common I just said am sorry, I was tired yesterday and I felt you were bugging me. I’m sorry, Jenny said falling on her while she laughed.
“OK fine apology accepted. So where is mine? Treasure asked.

“What? Jenny asked.
“Part of the shopping of course, Treasure replied and Jenny laughed.

“Theodore got this for me, my mom hasn’t sent any cash yet and you know it, Jenny replied.
“That’s not an excuse, Treasure said.

“OK you can have this, Jenny said taking a shirt for her.
“Thank you, but nah I was kidding, Treasure said giving it back to her as she came down to check the clothes herself…………………

The next day they heard a horn and Annabel checked through the window to see who it was,
“Its Theodore, Annabel said.
“Theodore? Jenny asked and her phone began to ring.

“Miss can you please hurry down now, you’ll soon be late for school, Theodore said.
“Alright just a minute, Jenny said and dropped the call.

“Let’s go, he’s here to pick us up, Jenny said to them.
“Seriously? They shouted taking their bags and they hurried down together.

“Good morning, they greeted as Daniel opened up for them.
“Good morning ladies. Can we go now? Theodore asked.

“Yea yeah, Annabel said and he took off.
“First lady you look so pretty, am sure the photographer will get confused at your beauty, Daniel said.

“Stop teasing me will you, Jenny replied smiling.
“Lest I forget, let’s take a selfie, Annabel said bringing out her phone and they took a shot.

‘Perfect! Treasure shouted and they got set to take another shot……………….

Natasha stormed into school dressed with the killing fashion she knows best but saw Jennifer coming out from the car with Theodore.
Her heart swelled up seeing that, but some group of students ran to her to take pictures which she had no choice than to smile.

“We will meet later at the studio okay, Theodore said.
“I hope you’ll call when you’re about leaving right? Jenny asked.

“Yea sure, bye, Theodore said and she left while he just stood looking at her.
“Are you going to rip her off with your eyes? What’s so charming about her anyway? Natasha asked going to him..

“Everything, nice dress, Theodore replied.
“You love it? Natasha asked happy to hear that from him.

“They love it not me, because its sucks! Please excuse me, Theodore replied and left while Natasha felt like strangling him at the moment……………………..

The studio sessions went down well and every turns of Jennifer already crowned her a queen as people watched.
Natasha couldn’t understand it at all because she killed best with her fashion, but the admiration at the studio was pissing her off.

Damian and Natasha just watched speechless, to add to their injury, Theodore asked to take pictures with Jennifer.
They couldn’t stand the sight, they had to leave the studio knowing they were done with their shots.

“Those two are unbelievable! Where the hell is that girl from! Natasha screamed out.
“Only God knows how much I hate Theodore, I know he did that on purpose to hurt me but I will pay back, Damian said.

“Don’t you dare hurt Theodore, Natasha said.
“Who are you to tell me what to do? Aren’t you planning to hurt Jennifer too? Damian asked.

“Its also for your own good, She replied.
“I see no good in that because I will get hurt more, that’s how much I love her okay! Damian shouted and left her while she folded her fist in anger……………………..


pictures were released and the students got confused of who to vote for,
“I like Jennifer, she’s bold, beautiful and Friendly unlike the Natasha of a girl, a student will say.

“Yea she’s so welcoming and care free, she’ll make a perfect model, another student will say.
“But she makes trouble a lot, didn’t you see what she did in just few days of her stay in school? Another asked.

“Natasha hasn’t made such a record yet, I think I’ll vote for her, another replied.
“But they are best of friends now, they settled their differences and there is no more complain about her right? Why not we just give her a chance, another student will say.

“Seriously she’s so beautiful and she’s having my vote right away! A student shouted …………….

That night Jennifer roommates screamed showing her the phone,
“What’s wrong? Jenny asked confused.
“Check it out girlfriend, they said and she saw her picture with a tag “the crown will look good on her”.

“Who did this? Jenny asked.
“Hello! Its Theodore of course. That reminds me, why are you not on Instagram or any social media? The students by now will be dying to follow you up,Treasure said.

“I don’t just like it, Jenny replied.
“What kind of a girl are you? Seriously you are making me scared with most of your questionable characters. In fact What am I saying? I am opening an account for you right now! Treasure shouted taking Jennifer phone.

“No please I don’t just don’t fancy it, Jenny said.
“Who cares! You need an account where you can talk and mingle with your fans. Check out the comments on Theodore post, and with the look of things we all know who will wear the crown. Look they already asked why you don’t have an account yet and they are right to ask, Treasure said and Jenny was just quiet.


she doesn’t want to, let’s not force her. Maybe after she wins she will have an account, Annabel said seeing the way Jenny was not comfortable.
“No way I won’t agree with that. I am opening it now, Treasure said………………..

That night Natasha phone began to ring and it was her Mom calling,
“Hello mommy, she picked up.
“Dear what is going on? I don’t just get it, why are you having poor votes for a fresher? Her mom asked.

“Are you trying to say my votes are poor? Natasha sat up.
“I just spoke with the coordinator now because I was eager to know the result so far, but its not impressive. Jennifer is taking the lead, how did this happen? Her mom asked and Natasha began to feel hot.

“Mommy this girl is taking everything away from Me, Natasha said about to cry.
“Don’t worry about that, I’ll do something about the votes. She can only get that position when you’ve graduated, for now she has to wait for you, her mom said.

“No mom don’t do anything about it, I have my plans and I can see it falling rightly, Natasha said.
“What do you mean by that? She asked.

“She won’t get the crown still because she’ll be kicked out in the ass when am done with her, Natasha replied smiling.
“Why not just tell me what you’re planning, i might help, Her mom said.

“Nah mom don’t bother, I can handle it. Good night mom, Natasha said.
“Good night baby and be careful okay, her mom said and dropped the call while Natasha smiled wickedly.

She called up the guy she met with yesterday and he picked up after 2 rings,
“I am still expecting your call, looks like you’ve forgotten, Natasha said.
“I haven’t, tomorrow I’ll be bringing the tape, He replied.

“Nice one, then I’ll be waiting, she replied.
“Is the money ready? He asked.

“I always keep to the end of my deal, see you tomorrow, she replied and ended the call.
“Hail the queen Jennifer! Natasha shouted laughing happily to herself……………………..


Episode 26.

The next day Theodore horned again and they all joined him in the car,
“Will you be doing this regularly? Treasure asked.
“I just gave my self the job to be her humble driver, Theo replied.


no please stop it, I thought you’re just helping us out, Jenny replied.
“Nah we are just at your service anytime our first lady, Daniel came in.

“That reminds me, I saw the Instagram post, that was great you know, Annabel said.
“Yea, Jenny why are you not on Instagram or any social media? Theo asked.

“Good question but she just opened an account yesterday night though, Treasure replied.
“Alright I’ll add you up then, that is if you want me to, Theo said but she only smiled.

“First lady look at this, Daniel said giving her an envelop.
Jennifer opened it and brought out the pictures they took yesterday.

“Awwwnnn this is beautiful, the ladies gasped.
“Yea, that’s yours, Daniel replied.

“Thank you, Jennifer said.
” you’re welcome, Theo replied smiling at her.

Arriving school, students began taking photos of Jennifer immediately she stepped down, while few considered Natasha which was not concerned but left for her department.

“Did you get to speak with Pius? Lydia asked.
“Yea and he’s bringing good news today, Natasha replied.

“The coronation is in 3 days time, Lydia said and Natasha looked at her.
“Why are we not aware? She asked.

“I always get the first gist before it drops, it’ll be announced today anyway for you guys to be prepared, Lydia replied.
“Who who do Yuh think stands a chance? Natasha asked.

“Am afraid you and Damian doesn’t, Lydia replied and Natasha nodded.
“Get the nudes on a hard copy. Just make 30 pieces of it, Natasha said.

“30 pieces? To do what with it? Lydia asked.
“Just do it okay and the next command will be given, Natasha replied.

“Can I at least attend the lecture before I leave? Lydia asked.
“Sure I didn’t say you should do it now neither will it be in the school environs, Natasha replied…………………….

Pius arrived and handed the disc to her while she inturned gave him the bargained money,
“It was nice doing business with you, Natasha said smiling at him.
“I hope its the Video? Lydia asked.

“You can check it out yourself, Pius replied and left with his money.
“What do you think? Lydia asked Natasha.

“What else? This will be my congratulations for her on that day, Natasha replied.
“What about the photos I’ll be printing out soon? Lydia asked and Natasha thought about it.

“Won’t people think I am too heartless? I want to help the poor soul, I’ll drop the photos and entertain everyone with the video, common let’s go, Natasha replied…………………….

Every hands was on the deck as the school thought of launching the school magazine on the said date of the coronation.

Jennifer and Theodore was becoming too busy as different sessions of photo shoots was held for them. The school had to go on a break for their sake knowing they didn’t want to miss a lecture for the photo shoots.

On the eve of the D-day Theodore arrived at Jennifer place and horned.
“Its Theodore, but why is he here at this time? Treasure asked.
“Maybe he has something to tell me, I’ll be back, Jenny replied and went down to meet him.

“Hi, she said when she sat beside him in the car.
“Are you busy? He asked.

“Ermmm not really, why? She asked..
“Let’s sit out. I thought we can sit out and have a drink of celebration before time, Theo replied and she smiled.

“Is this bad? She asked referring to her dress.
“Nope not at all, he replied.

“I’ll go tell my girlfriends then, Jenny said and was about to go out.
“You can always tell them on phone, am sure they’ll understand. Let’s go, Theodore said and drove off while Jenny quickly called up Treasure telling her she’ll be back soon.

They arrived at a wine bar and requested for a red wine,
“so here we are, are we just going to drink? Jenny asked when Theodore was silent but he held her hand.
“Can i ask you something? He asked.

“Sure, what is it? She asked.
“Ermm…… Is there anything i don’t know about you? Like is there anything you feel I should know about you? He asked and Jenny was confused.

“Why are you asking this? She asked.
“Because……. I didn’t want to say this now but I can’t help it. I love you! Theodore dropped.
“I know you must have seen it by now because I wasn’t hiding it, I care about you Jenny and I don’t know how it happened but am not regretting it either, Theodore continued when Jenny was silent.

“When did you plan to say this since you said you didn’t want to say it now, Jenny said.
“I planned it tomorrow but its like I can’t wait anymore, I couldn’t wait knowing you’ll be getting hundreds of admires, so I thought it’ll be too late for me to tell you just how I feel, Theodore replied and she smiled.

“I think I’ll appreciate it more tomorrow just as you planned, and yes it won’t be too late because you’ve just booked for a space, she replied and Theodore laughed.
“Jenny you’re playing around, am serious here okay, Theodore said.

“Me too, right now let’s just drink and enjoy the night. cheers! Jenny shouted raising the glass while Theo shook his head and cheered with her………………………

In the early hours of the next day Theodore arrived to pick Jenny up to where they are to Dress, “see you soon love, Good luck, her friends said hugging her.
“Thank you, please go in quickly to avoid rape, Jenny said and they laughed.

“We will be there live to see you Both crowned, bye dear, Annabel said waving at them as they took off.
“Its still like a dream, just few weeks Jennifer arrived and she has achieved so much already, Treasure said.

“I guess that’s what they call grace, Annabel replied going in.
“Isn’t hers too much? Gosh! Treasure exclaimed.

“Girlfriend I don’t like that, let’s just be happy for her okay, Annabel said
“Of course i am happy okay, let’s go check out our clothes, Treasure said Clinging on her back…………….

Going inside the room she was taken to, she met Natasha already there,
“Wow the queen arrives, Natasha said.
“We are not yet sure, the result isn’t out yet, Jenny replied

“Awnnn what a pretender. But don’t worry i don’t need it either, 2 years as a queen has been such a headache, Natasha said but Jennifer was just quiet while Natasha kept smiling.

“OK ladies, its time for the mild massage to cool your nerves. I know you must be feeling nervous, a Lady walked up to them.
“Oh yes, I’ll appreciate that and I know she’ll do same, Natasha said winking at Jennifer…………….

“Happy right? Damian asked Theodore when he walked in.
“Happy for being here? For sure its not my first time and you know it, Theo replied.

“Oh just shut up! Damian said and Theo smiled.
“Am sure this is about Jennifer, but what can i say, you couldn’t get her just like you did to Natasha, what a shame, Theo replied and Damian scoffed.

“Like she’s any different from Natasha, this is so hilarious, Damian said laughing and began pressing up while Theodore snubbed that and concentrated on the game he was playing……………..

What will be the fate of Jennifer???


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