Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 3

💫(The Princess 👸 In Disguise)👀
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi❤️💎

💢Chapter 3💢

The evening weather took another rough toll on him as he walked down the stairs in his sweatpants with a shirt whose collar wasn’t buttoned up to the top; his eyes looks dull after all he just had a nap, but the brush-off was still vividly available to detection.

He let out a soft yawn lazily as the two dimples on his cheeks revealed themselves before he shut his mouth, and then he withdrew one of his arms from the side of his body to rub his face harshly, why on Earth is he feeling weak?

“I’ve been here waiting for you, Damien, what have you been doing?” Caleb who paid attention to the constant steps on the stairs looked up to glimpse his face and for a moment he paused his fingers from operating the keyboard.
“This is my house,” Damien answered in a tone that has a mixture of coldness and irony in it while he stepped down the last stair.

His reply wasn’t even matching with the question that he was asked.
Caleb on hearing what he spat shook his head consistently as he returned his attention to the laptop.
More than three hours that he’s been waiting down here for him, earlier when he dashed towards the stairs in other to speak with him the guard repeatedly told that Damien ordered for no one to disturb him.

His mouth can only drop open where he sat down waiting for him, why did Damien ask him to see him now if he isn’t going to be free to attend to him?
Finally, he decided to attend to him, and just as Caleb thought Damien would come closer to him, Damien made him stunned when he simply walked past where he was sitting without stopping to say a word.

“You just woke up from taking a nap, where are you going now? Won’t you attend to me?” Caleb unbelievably asked before he could take another step forward.

Damien stopped for a minute before saying; “You knew I was taking a nap but you were complaining that I kept you waiting? Caleb?” He chuckled softly as he turned to resume going in peace.
Can that ever be the answer to what he was asked?

“I’m here to see you, you can’t leave me here and just leave!” Caleb hastily dropped the laptop he was carrying down on his lap abruptly on the couch, then he went closer to him.
“Why are you doing this Damien? I need your attention!” He spoke softly after he got closer to him.
He knew Damien isn’t interested in whatever problem he was having but he should at least show concern as a friend!

Damien stared at him briefly before letting out a smirk, then he shrugged his shoulder cluelessly.
“I was going to make myself a coffee, how I’d sin? Did I say I won’t attend to you?” His voice tried coming out quietly but as his voice was used to his cold tone, it only came out harshly, and well he doesn’t care about that.
“You could have sent a worker to get that for you,” Caleb retorted but before he could say another word Damien already replied, “you know I don’t allow anyone to make my coffee for me, what else do you want Caleb?”

“Help! You need to attend to me, you can get yourself some coffee after we are done,” Caleb answered in haste.
His eyes left Damien’s face to glance at the guards who were watching the both of them nagging. Why is he so callous?

“I don’t make myself uncomfortable because of other people, Caleb, you are also aware of that, moreover you can always leave to come back later but for now!? I will get my coffee,” Damien informed emotionlessly.
Caleb’s heart sank itself in sadness, like the time he has been waiting for him isn’t enough or precious, all he cares about is getting himself coffee to drink! Is that how it’s supposed to be done? When there’s something important to do?

“Don’t you think you are being harsh to me also? You know how important this deal is to me, I will lose it if you don’t attend to it now,” Caleb told to him in a quiet but sad tone.
“I will get my coffee,” Damien replied and if Caleb isn’t mistaken, Damien has answered him without even paying attention to his feeling again!
“I am your best friend!” Caleb reprimanded helplessly. “I never said that we ain’t friends, just wait here and let me satisfy myself first, I wouldn’t have bothered coming downstairs if you ain’t my friend!”Damien declared and without waiting for another word to leave Caleb’s mouth, he simply left.
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Damien’s thump tapped the keypad of the laptop fastly, Caleb had forgotten about their argument earlier as he squirted closer to Damien to glimpse at whatever he was doing on the laptop. He’s glad to see Damien helping him already but he still prayed secretly for nothing to go wrong.

A few minutes passed, and all Caleb noticed suddenly was a furrowed eyebrow from Damien as he stopped operating the laptop.
“Isn’t that the company that belongs to Mrs. Lori?” He asked, Caleb who had no idea what he was asking about leaned closer to check whatever Damien was staring coldly at on the laptop.
“This is her company? You want me to shoot for her company?” Damien repeated without minding the sudden expression Caleb gave.

“It is the company that gave me the contract. Do you have any problem with that?” Caleb who noticed how Damien’s face changed suddenly asked.
“I don’t have a problem with whatever you want to do, but Caleb, I can’t do this with you,” Damien replied.
“Not again Damien! You told me that you will help me!” Caleb shrieked unbelievably.
“I wouldn’t have said that if I knew this earlier, I can’t do this,” he answered then placing the laptop on Caleb’s lap,

“You will! I will lose so much if you refuse to do this and you know, Damien why are you doing this?” Caleb asked in a calm tone, grabbing the laptop from his lap before placing it on the table.
“I couldn’t have asked for more opportunity to say this to you. Why did you feel entitled to me?” Damien asked him. His eyes were forced to blink in confusion as he bit his lower lip helplessly.
“I’m not going to do this, get yourself another contract and I will willingly help you with it.”
“This isn’t the first time Damien. My company would have gone bankrupt if she didn’t offer them to help me, all she asked for in return is for you to be a model for her company’s newly released products. How else am I supposed to express my loss to you if you refused to do this?”

“I don’t want anything between me and her company. I told you how I rejected their contract a few months ago, they only want to get me into working with them through you! How many times should I say that to you?” Damien rushed every single word that came out of his mouth.
“I already assured them that you will be available,” Caleb Informed. Even though he knew Damien wouldn’t go back on his words, he still wants to try his best, the money is much and even selling off his company wouldn’t be enough to refund the debt.

He’s going to suffer miserably If that happens, what can stop his hard work from being useless is his just a shot for the company. Here he is pleading with Damien even after knowing Damien doesn’t work with women but what can he do? He has to pay them back.
“I will arrange the money for you,” Damien said like he has been reading Caleb’s mind. “I will get the money transferred to you, you can pay them off and forget about me having any relationship with her company,” he stated without bothering about the look of resistance on Caleb’s face.

“This could have been more simple if you consider our friendship and just do It,” that was all Caleb could say, he doesn’t know how else to express himself.
“I will be sacrificing a huge amount of money, have I not considered our friendship enough?”
“How am I supposed to do this? She has her hope on me?” Caleb nagged. “You knew better what I am capable of, did you consider our friendship before asking me to work with her?” His cold self is starting to get over the rare soft side of him.
“Help me with this Damien, I will ensure no woman will be around during those periods please!” Caleb pleaded weakly.

“Inform Golfred to be here now!” Damien ordered.
“This has nothing to do with her, it’s just a recognition and it can be done without involving her!” Caleb was still trying to make things better when the guard whom Damien had sent errand earlier returned with another guard beside him.
“Drop Called safely at home,” Damien ordered then he wanted to leave.
“I came with my car, we ain’t done with our conversation Damien!” Caleb stood up together with him.
“Nothing else to talk about, Goodnight Caleb!”
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“What time have they chosen for the party?” He stretched the pavement back to him.
“No time to be precise master,” the guard answered. “Was I expected to get the time picked for them?” He grumbled in the same cold tone.
“It should be during late-night tomorrow master,” “how did you know that?” Damien took a look at the guard standing beside him in his room.
“Dinner parties always take place at night master, that is what I thought!” He proudly replied and to his surprise, Damien chuckled softly before saying “You are wiser now Scott,” he parted the back of his head before pouring himself some wine.

Scott smiled sheepishly, he’s Damien’s guard and has been working with him since many years ago, during the period he has been working with him, he has grown closer to Damien more than the other workers could ever have.
So close to the extent of being the one Damien preferred sharing information with whenever he felt like doing so.

“Send a message to the king, if I have any spare time I will be there but if I can’t, Caleb will attend it,” he instructed.

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Together with the glass of wine he had poured into his hand, Damien sat down on the couch with his legs crossed on the other. That is his best way of sitting without caring about the world.
“Any news about the new Personal Assistant?”

To be Continued…

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