Making his cold heart soft episode 39

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 39πŸ’’πŸ’’


Just like a dew, sweaty moisture from nowhere arranged itself at the edge, and the brim of the space within her forehead, and in less than a minute, it started dripping down her face consistently.

Her hand which held the tray was tightened and alsoweating. Although it was likewise shaking. The fierce gaze of Damien towards her made her heart lipped in fear.

Now that she has come to witness danger by herself, she was to think about the sort of thoughts, she was thinking before coming in here?

The room was awkward and at the sight of Damien, or whatever thought on her head presently about what possibly could happen, made her scared of her existence terribly.

Damien watched her closely. His wounded hand already fell to his side. The fact that he rubbed his face harshly with it left some blood stains on his face.

Presently, Damien looked like a vampire who just finished gulping the blood of a prey down his thirsty throat.

His eyes addressed the confused Butler in his presence. He wanted to think about the reason why the was here even though he never called for him, but then when he remembered Caleb leaving a while ago, also with the Butler holding a tray, Caleb must have sent him over here.

“Come here…” He said grumpily to her.

Taking his dark eyes elsewhere in the room as he relished the pain from the open cut, on his palm.

Her steps were suddenly heavy. Not even one of her steps was easy to take. She was almost staggering as she approached him where he sat down on the rug, while looking like a handsome deity.

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She avoided his gaze at first, but then when her curious mind overpowered her, she gathered the entire courage to look him straight in the eyes.

Instantly when she looked at him, her throat dried, as the gaze which he used to look at her back seems dangerous, at the same time deadly.

Missing the way her steps were supposed to be arranged. Battling with the strength to stop the tray from shaking vigorously in her hand, Vera approached Damien with a little or shallow courage.

The steps were slowly getting closer to him.

However, no matter how much she’s wasting his time, Damien didn’t speak, none did he complain.

He would just stare at her approaching him keenly, and then when he got tired of waiting for her, he sprang up from the ground and was about to approach her himself, but then, Vera already got closer to him and it was only three steps that were separating them.

Since Vera was already in his presence, she made up her mind entirely on whatever would go wrong next.

Where her eyes were trailing around, they squinted at the sight of the deep cut on Damien’s palm.

She felt some discomfort in there, in her heart, after she made contact with it.

Immediately she eyed the room briefly, until her eyes fell on the crashed glasses on the ground, together with a spot on the rug that has consumed enough blood.

“Caleb sent you here?” Damien rigidly asked. He maintained his stand on the ground, as he observed the Butler with all his attention on her.

Vera together with the tray still hanging in her hand was taken aback by the question Damien just asked her.

She doesn’t know what to say, neither does she know what to do.

Although Caleb told her about Damien’s stubbornness, but did he ask her to come, to him forcefully?

“Answer me back when I speak, else I would punish you!” Damien lost a few of his patients, so he snapped at her impatiently.

Vera was taken aback by his sudden outburst. To avoid more problems for herself, she quickly answered.

“Master Caleb…” She delayed her words as she doesn’t know the right way to place them.

Partially, she forgot what Caleb told her when she met him earlier, probably because of this dangerous gaze of Damien on her.

As she emphasized her words, Damien was slowly losing his patience. He was already frustrated and out of patience.

This Butler would bring problems against himself soon, if he isn’t careful.

“I came here by myself, pardon me, master Damien, I just want to check up on you,” Vera’s heart beat rapidly against her chest as those words which were the truth left her mouth.

“Did I call for you? You came here to do what?” Damien’s voice came out calmly, although it wasn’t meant to be calm, but he couldn’t find himself yelling at this Butler.

“I’m sorry, master Damien,” Vera bowed her head respectfully since the word to use ran out of her mouth.

Probably, it was not entirely difficult coming here in disguise, like it was difficult for her to tell lies. Her mind wouldn’t just process what to say in time, if she isn’t careful, she would end implicating herself.

“Drop the tray,” Damien said as he walked away from the spot which he was standing to the other side of the room, the washroom precisely.

Vera snapped her head up to see his back which was almost disappearing into the washroom, where he was headed.

The uneasy feeling in her slowly reduced down, and confusion replaced her frightful mind instead.

She walked back to where the center table was located in the room, and then she carefully dropped the tray on it.

The tray was supposed to receive some accolades for not slipping off her hand, no matter how much those weak hands of hers trembled.

Just when she was about to excuse herself away from the table, the sound of the door opening came into her hearing, when she turned around, Damien was seen coming out of the washroom with a short towel in his spare hand.

He walked elegantly into the room without saying anything or even sparing her a glance.

When he got himself a comfortable sitting position on the couch, he questioned.

“Do you know where the first aid box is kept in this room?” He asked while wiping his wounded hand which he already washed thoroughly with water, with the towel. Even his face which had blood stains on it earlier has been cleaned.

Vera looked around in expectation and when she finally remembered, she answered him positively.

“Must I tell you to get it before you will?” Damien snapped at her, while he heaved the pain from the cut amidst his speech.

Vera not waiting to be told again walked over to the closet where his clothes were kept, roaming her eyes around while thinking about the particular place where she caught sight of it in here…

“Found it!” She mumbled to herself when she eventually brought it out of an empty wardrobe, where it was kept, by her.

“Kneel on the ground,” Damien told to her after she returned to the room with it.

He didn’t even bother to ask about where she got it from. The tingling pain from his palm, already blocked the space for him to ask irrelevant questions like that.

Vera delayed a little before she gradually crouched her knees down in his presence.

She watched as he closed his eyes tightly in discomfort, and even though she never thought that she would, she felt some pity and pain for him.

She still doesn’t know about what happened, and how Damien injured himself with broken glass until he got such a deep cut.

“Can you take care of it?” He asked when he finished wiping it thoroughly.

Vera still with the box in her hand nodded her head understandably, as she understood what he was asking her.

After seeing her nodding his head, Damien threw the towel on the ground, then he stretched out his hand to her while he relaxed his back against the couch.

She was cut off guard, but still, she hastily dropped the box, took hold of his stretched hand, she examined the cut which blood has been wiped away from it, although blood was already forming on it.

Vera opened the box with her free hand, keeping her concentration on what she was about to do and not bothering about Damien’s gaze on her every movement.

First, she cleaned the surface of the cut with a clean wool, followed by her applying an iodized ointment to it… She expected him to flinch, but he didn’t, rather he was watching whatever she was doing.

Vera in her kneeling position bent her head, blowing air on his palm with her mouth, the action which she assumed to help lessen the pain.

Damien maintained his position, while he watched every single thing the Butler was doing to him.

The only amusement on his hardened face was the concentration on her face, and the way the fear that he caught on her face earlier slowly faded away.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but her touch on his injury and the contact of her palm on his skin gave him some comfort. Although he didn’t waste his time thinking about it.

Watching her as she placed another clean cotton wool on those cuts before she started wrapping a bandage around the wound.

By the time she was done, his left hand was already covered with a white bandage. Only the tips of his fingers were free from being wrapped, but the space on his palm has been tightly wrapped.

When she finished with it, she adjusted her position, grabbed hold of a pillow on the couch, she arranged it properly beside Damien, then carefully placed his hand on it.

She breathes out heavily after doing so. The sound of her breath was even loud to the extent that Damien could hear the intense breath of hers.

“I’m sorry, master Damien,” she apologized, even when it wasn’t her fault. She felt that she had hurt him while taking care of it for him, and needed to apologize for it.

She’s a princess with some pride as a royalty, but she couldn’t help herself when it comes to love. Love is that weak spot of hers, which she has never been able to resist. She feels satisfied to be there for him. She’s making progress in her plans.

Since he hasn’t asked her to leave, there was no reason for her to make a move, or leave the spot where she knelt on.

Damien forced his gaze away from his hand to spare her a glance. Closely observing her, he saw sweat that was gathered up on her face, and that was when he ordered her to get up.

Vera returned the first aid box in his order, when she got back to the room, she couldn’t find Damien sitting on the couch anymore.

It was until she heard his voice that she knew that he was already lying in the bed.

“Make my coffee for me, Disguise.” He instructed her solemnly.

Without being told again, Vera walked up to the tray where she had dropped it earlier.

As she prepared the coffee, she wondered about the reason why Damien failed to react on how she expected him to.

He wasn’t even venting out his anger on her, nor did he yell at her.

He refused to listen to Caleb, but he allowed her to stay with him even though he never asked for her to come in there. He even allowed her to treat his wound for him.

Also about the coffee, this is the second time that he has asked her to prepare it for him. Is this all meant to happen? Or something changed in him?

Different thoughts roamed in her head, but the confusion and the awkward moment she was feeling became unlimited to the one, of which she felt immediately she choose to look at him but then, she found him staring also, at her.

To Be Continued….

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