Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 38

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 38πŸ’’πŸ’’


“Disguise!” Annabel gulped down the urge to burst fully into tears, while she called out to Vera slowly.

Vera after wiping the tears off her eyes properly took her hand away and wiped her own eyes gently to take away the sleepy act in her.

She was sleeping, while in the journey of her slumber, she encountered a weird dream.

She could remember feeling terrible about the dream even when she was still dreaming and wasn’t awake yet.

Still busy with that frightful nightmare, when she suddenly started hearing gibberish talks. It took a while before she got over her sleep and became conscious of her environment.

Two different things to wonder about at the same time. She needed to think about what to do concerning the terrible dream that she just had, now that she heard the conversation going on between Annabel and Caleb, she had to keep her closed eyes intact without trying to open them.

Already awoken by them, then carefully listening to their discussions. She understood all Caleb was trying to make Annabel understand.

Caleb only wanted Annabel’s safety. If it wasn’t an impossible thing to do, Vera would have told him not to bother about anything happening between her and Annabel.

She’s the same gender as Annabel and not the opposite. Annabel will always be safe with her.

After she heard them both arguing. Listening to them shows how frustrations hit Caleb on how adamant Annabel acted, she could imagine the discontent on Caleb’s face before he finally left.

Busy with what to do when she started hearing sniffs, which were definitely from Annabel. She felt sorry for the latter. Who knows what Damien has said to her?

How long has she been sleeping? They were both acting sweet and happy together before she slept off. So what happened suddenly?

“Who’s this crying master of mine?” Vera weakly teased. Her voice came out almost silent and simple. The way she sounded was different. Probably because she had been sleeping for a while now.

Whatever changed in Vera’s voice, Annabel failed to notice as she felt extremely sad and wasn’t mindful.

Vera seeing that after her jokes, Annabel didn’t burger sat up, pushed the blanket down her body, and freely crept closer to Annabel that was lying down on the bed.

“Are you that upset that you won’t answer me?” She interrogated as she caressed Annabel’s hair lovingly.

Her fingers made an extremely long journey into the depth of her hair scarp and in return, it gave Annabel a soothing feeling, the one which she liked.

“Da_Damien is upset with me!” Her voice trembled as she speaks, and immediately those words left her mouth, and she ultimately broke into full tears.

Vera’s heart was broken at the sight of this. She caressed her hair rapidly and then patted her shoulder with her free hand of hers.

“It’s okay,” she made sure to be careful with her. Ignoring the light ache from her head, she concentrated on making Annabel feel better.

She does not even know whatever it was that caused the problem between the two siblings. But, seeing Annabel breaking down like this, it isn’t the right time to ask her about it.

“I was_ I was just missing our parents,” Annabel sniffed in tears as she speaks.

“I didn’t want to get him upset. I felt lonely seeing you unwell and bored,” she took another break to sniff in her tears again, and Vera didn’t fail to run her shoulder while waiting patiently for her to continue speaking.

“He got upset and yelled at me!” Her cry was louder after those words left her mouth.

“Calm down… Everything will be fine,” Vera managed to say as the situation confused her.

First, she wanted to think about the problems taking place here. Why would Damien be upset at the mention of his parents?

Isn’t womankind the one thing that arises his anger? So what happened?

“I wished that I never listened to Crystal!” Annabel also yelled painfully and that caught Vera unaware.

She looked down at her pitifully and also in awe. That name which Annabel mentioned, who was that?

Annabel after those words took her hands away from her sides and nevertheless wrapped them around Vera’s waist, that has been wrapped with a blanket already, but she still kept her arms on it.

She adjusted her position and laid her head on Vera’s lap. Finding more of the comfort that her hair was receiving from Vera’s hand.

Vera didn’t flinch none did she stop her. She allowed Annabel to satisfy herself as she wants. For a minute, Vera’s hand didn’t stop caressing her hair.

After a while of being in that state, Annabel’s sniff started going down. Down and lower until Vera couldn’t hear anything from her.

She guessed what calmed Annabel down already before she bent her head to stare into her face. Right there, she saw her two eyes closed and her breath became uneven.

Annabel is fast asleep. “Ops!” Vera let out a relief breathe.

Smuggling a little bit away from the bed, while being careful not to disturb Annabel’s sleep.

When she got the chance, she helped Annabel to relax on the bed and as she was doing that, Annabel whined with her body.

Vera froze, but then again she continued sleeping. Vera felt relief again.

She grabbed the blanket and was about to cover Annabel with it when she saw a tear rolling down her left cheek from her eyes.

‘Even in her sleep, she was still weeping.

‘What happened must have been very painful for her to bear.’ Vera sighed briefly as she covered her properly.

Cleaning the tear off her cheek, and adhering to the tempting spirit in her by placing a quick peck on her cheek.

Vera stretched her body lazily. Indeed she feels better. Aside from the little aches in her head, whatever issue she had earlier had long gone.

She grabbed a shirt which her breast pad was hidden inside from the wardrobe, and then made her way into the changing room.


She resumed back into the room minutes later after changing her shirt and also now, she had wrapped her breast tightly in such a state that no cause for alarm will happen again.

The first thing her eyes laid on when she got into the room was the fast-sleeping Annabel.

She walked past her to drop her shirt in the empty basket in the room which was meant for her untidy clothes.

Getting her feet something to wear and then after the last glance at Annabel, she walked out of the room.

She needs to attend to something. And if possible, her road to success might be executed tonight.

Not much time left, a lot needs to be done quickly.


While she was closing the door after her, she bumped into Caleb who was coming in her direction.

She paused a little, before lowering her head respectfully at the realization of his presence.

“Where’s Annabel?” Caleb asked gently while examining the scared Butler, who was staring intently at the ground with his hands crossed on his broad chest.

Vera’s reply stiffed at first before she eventually said, “She’s sleeping,”.

Caleb nodded his head faintly but since Vera’s eyes were not on him, she couldn’t see whatever gesture he did.

Awkward moment for her, as she didn’t hear a word from Caleb and couldn’t walk away without his order, either.

“It seems to me that you are well now,” Caleb astered as he watched her every move.

“Ye_yes master Caleb.” Vera reluctantly replied as she didn’t prepare herself for what to say.

“I realized that. Where are you off to? To see Damien?” He asked but before Vera could speak, Caleb said,

“I don’t know if you can help his matter. He’s presently upset. Try your best if you can help him keep his anger at hand. I’ve tried all I could,” Caleb stated in excess.

Vera snapped her head to look him in the eyes after that. She was confused about the reason why Caleb had such thought that she could do anything to help Damien.

If he failed to listen to his close friend and even sibling, who is she?

Well, Vera could only imagine what is in store for her. She attempted to say a word but the next thing she realized was Caleb walking past her and then opening the door.

He walked in, but then locked the door after him. Vera already knows that he was going to see Annabel. And him closing the door after him clearly states that he doesn’t want her presence in there with him.


“I told you not to do that,” Vera complained to Smart as he welcomed her by the kitchen door respectfully.

He didn’t refer to her as a princess. He didn’t even add respect to the way he greeted her with words. All he did which made Vera stare frightfully around to check if anyone was watching them, was a respectful bow which followed his greetings.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized again, then bowed his head.

Vera looked at him in a disapproving manner. Smart understood what he did, so he just smiled sweetly at her.

“What are you here to get? I thought you are unwell,” Smart inquired of as he accompanied her into the kitchen.

While they were entering together, his eyes didn’t fail to trace it’s way up to her chest. He stared at her chest with keen attention. Checking if her breast was still showing.

His intention was right. He only wanted to ensure that she was safe. Even though, he was bothered about what brought her here.

What Vera confessed to being the truth didn’t convince him for a long time before he declared it as an excuse in his mind.

He noticed that her chest has returned back empty, and not even a little reveal of her breast was seen.

Vera turned around after placing the tray down to reply to him when she caught him staring at her chest. She felt a little bit uncomfortable when their eyes ran into each other, but still, she said,

“I took care of it already,” she announced to him then, he sauntered out of his thoughts and immedIately nodded his head understandably.

Vera smiled faintly at him, also resumed back to arrange a few things on the tray.

Smart watched as she packed everything carefully. He was even wondering if she was the one who was laid on the bed hours ago. She looks energetic and already better. Although, her face was a little bit pale.

“What do you need those for, if I may ask?” Smart confusingly asked.

“I’m taking it to Damien!” She answered and then bite on her tongue when she realized what she just spat out.

How could she have made such mistake?

Vera’s heart raced fastly in her chest as she approached the door.

She had just finished giving Smart a few excuses which helped her to escape from the previous problem.

She doesn’t know where that bravery came from. Maybe the excitement of Caleb counting her worthy of helping Damien overpower her senses.

If it wasn’t madness, why would she choose to do what she was about to try out presently? It’s a dangerous journey, and she knows.

Heaving in a huge sigh of discomfort. She knocked on the door gently. As expected, no reply or sound from inside.

Another frequent knocks on the door again without being ushered in.

Vera took the boldest step in her mind, she twisted the doorknob and then push the door open.

She stepped into the door, looking around immediately in search of Damien. Her eyes examined the room until they laid on Damien where he sat down on the ground.

He looked dangerously at her, as he wiped his face harshly with the hand of which Vera caught the sight of blood on it later.

Her jaw dropped as the door closed behind her, and then she faced Damien who was glaring dangerously at her.

Her both legs shook. Her hands which were holding the tray didn’t fail to tremble likewise, as she stared at him straight in his dangerous eyes without knowing what next to do.

To Be Continued…

Trouble was on its own, Vera went to meet itπŸ˜‚

Who will help her now? What do you think will happen?

Maybe Damien would finish mamaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Why would she go and meet himπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
What do you have to say Readers?

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