Making his cold heart soft episode 51

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’ Chapter 51 πŸ’’πŸ’’


It was said that a mysterious pain experienced at night would subside after sleeping it over. Just grab yourself some sleep after wallowing over the pain, and then you would feel better.

Many people think of it as a way out, but does that work for everyone? Will falling asleep reduce the pain one born overnight?? Because even after sleeping for how long she doesn’t know, none of her pain subsided.

Instead of having soothing dreams like it’s precise, it was hurting dreams that she had all through the night.

Until the moment when she opened her weak eyes to see the reality of lying down on the ground, she was still waiting for the proverbs to come true.

The moment her mind waved off her sleepy state and thoughts about what has happened last night started crossing her mind, the pain that came along with the remembrance traced down her spine.
The more the back of her mind flashed memories from last night into her thoughts, her eyes started becoming teary again.

Not again, no one should tell her all that happened last night was true.

Has she indeed been broken? What happened last night wasn’t an image of some sort of written story!? It all happened to her truly, and she had woken up to witness it all again!?


Weak eyes with a lot of tears that had dropped out of them, accompanied by severe headache, hit her hard the minute Andromeda tried sitting up.

While she kept her palm on the ground in support to bring herself up. Her palm came in contact with her phone, which slept on the ground together with her last night.

Biting her lips, with her left hand rubbing her temple, Andromeda picked the phone up and checked to see if there was any good news from Vera but sadly, there was none.

She had called Vera all through the night but she never picked up. Probably telling Vera that all the warnings she gave but she failed to listen came back to seek revenge on her.

The moment her body fell to the ground, she started trying her number repeatedly while sobbing silently, in search of who would help her in easing this terrible pain.

The stranger who helped her last night to ease her pain has gone and left her to deal with the rest.

The state and pain she’s experiencing presently are the most terrible pain she ever felt.

She never knew that such a thing would befall her days back, she would have prepared in advance of this.

The deed has been done, but the pain isn’t over yet. The only thing that can make her forget about her pain now is only if life is taken out of her mouth; somebody tapping her lightly and telling her no such thing happened, or Vera saying soothing words to her hearing.

Above all her desires, none will be fulfilled because they seem too expensive to get. No one is there for her. Not even Vera. She’s been left all alone.


Caleb walked through the terrace, while still dressed in his adult pajamas.

Last night after he got home, all he wanted was to rest. Everything that happened just yesterday was too much.

Starting from when the media came to the office…to when Annabel ran away from home. Also included when he went to a usual place of easing his pain, but he had to deal with someone else’s pain instead.

All that happened was too much for only one person to deal with in just a day, but Caleb went through it all.

He thought he would be able to grab good sleep but that didn’t happen. He always finds himself randomly thinking about the heartbroken princess.

Caleb hasn’t seen anyone crying that much lately. Those tears that rolled down her eyes yesterday made Caleb pity her state a lot. He even cursed the one behind all those tears of hers.

Caleb had it in mind to check up on the princess once again. She doesn’t look like who’s ever going to be over those pain. He would visit her soon.

Maybe the almighty doesn’t want him to think about his pain, but he’s to help others get over theirs.

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Thinking too much while on his way to Annabel’s room. The last time he saw her, she was with Damien, because Damien took her with him, he doesn’t know what happened after that.

When Caleb got to her room’s vicinity, he walked into the room and met her still sleeping.

Caleb sighed softly in relief, then walked freely towards the bed and ruffled her hair lovingly.

Also went as far as pulling the blanket up till it almost covered her mouth, as he smiled on seeing her moving lightly, but the troublesome sister of his still didn’t wake up.

The only thing that stopped their classification of being perfect siblings, is the fact that the same blood isn’t running through their veins.

Not with that, Caleb still shared a perfect brother relationship with Annabel.

He doesn’t care if they ain’t related, she’s the only sister he has ever counted himself on having.

A quick peck at Annabel’s hair, then he walked out of the room.

Feeling satisfied that she’s alright. He wouldn’t bother speaking with Damien yet. Caleb wants to know if he has realized some senses by himself or not.

After coming out of Annabel’s room, Caleb walked past Damien’s room, then headed back to his room.


“I’m sorry, I won’t ever make you cry again,” he begged her severally while he cleaned tears off her eyelid.

She sniffed in her tears again, then started speaking, “I’m not happy with you. I just want you to stop being like this. My brother isn’t some sort of wild animal before I left him years back, and I don’t ever want him to ever be one,”

He got himself thinking for minutes after she said that. He rubbed the back of his head and he felt so upset with himself.

“I won’t be anymore. I’m going to change for you because you want me to,” he promised while trying to hold her hands.

Annabel nodded her head at him but then stood up before he could grab her hands.

“I will only believe what you’ve said after you’ve changed who you are,”

Annabel walked out of her room in tears after she was done staying.

A few steps away from Damien, as she was close to exiting, the Butler who was standing by the door while watching them raised his hands at Annabel, calling for her to wrap herself in his comfortable arms.

Annabel watched the arms for a second, while even crying harder, and without another minute, she rushed into the butler’s arms and then cried harder.

Damien’s mouth dropped, seeing Annabel rejecting to be with him.

He watches as the butler was caressing her head, in other to stop her from crying more than she has done.

Once again, the realization hit Damien. Annabel has chosen the butler’s comfort over his.

It was a pain that was picking up on him even when he was helpless. Maybe because he slept with the pain and now he has not just woken up with it, he also dreamt about it all through the night.

It was a dream. Seeing Annabel crying once again before him and staying away from him. It was all a dream. A dream in which reality is before him.

Damien opened his eyes. Seeing his head lying on something soft with a hand on his hair. He looked upward and sight the butler’s head resting against the table.

And immediately, everything that happened last night flashed before his eyes, as he remembered all that has happened.

He looked intently at the butler’s sleeping eyes while thinking.

The butler’s cute face looks so peaceful and innocent. A mouth slightly parted open and her neck cradled towards a side.

With how Damien saw it, the Butler would have a painful neck later in the day. And this is because of him.
To avoid that, Damien raised his head away from the butler’s lap, which he doesn’t know when he laid on it.

He shifted slightly away from the butler’s body, grabbed a pillow from his bed then he placed it on the table, where Vera laid her head.

He couldn’t believe that something of this sort is taking place. Remembering that the butler was there for him when he felt alone made him feel better.

All the help he offered last night was so rare of a servant to happily render to his master.

Damien had suffered the Butler too before. But the Butler happily took care of him without Damien himself asking for it.

All Damien has done was hurt everyone in his life, including this Butler that came to his rescue.

Everyone deserves a changed version of him. Annabel craves to see him change. But is there ever going to be a sweet and loving version of him again!? Can Damien ever stop being cold-hearted??

To Be Continued…
Andromeda really needs VeraπŸ₯Ί
Will Damien ever stop being cold-hearted?
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