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Melting me Softly episode 12


Like before Reading 😘
(Haunted from the past)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

πŸπŸ‚ Episode TwelveπŸπŸ‚

πŸ’ AVELYN πŸ’

The next day after first class we have Information technology so basically we are having it at the Computer Lab where Tim spend most of his time.

“This is your chance”Amy whispered to me before settling on a chair beside Tim leaving a gap for me to sit.

“Sick”I sit beside Tim and he flash me a smile.
“Hey”I greet.

“It been long we’ve since each other”he said and I smile but couldn’t continue our conversation before we start the class.

“I really sucks at information technology no matter how hard I try my best”I frown at the pamphlet guide given to us to carry out the practical.

“You need help”Tim offered.
“Totally”I replied and he started explaining things well to me and not too long we left all our dispute behind and talk.

I’m still not sure if Tim is the one sending those letters then it definitely Josh what about a pull a prank on whose over is doing it?.

After class, Tim and I talked about lot of things he had been up to lately and I also told him the reason I won’t make it to the theater today and he was fine with it.

“Isn’t that Tim”Nate asks as walk up to him after waving a goodbye.
“Yes”I replied.
“I don’t know you both have started talking again”he frown.

“We reconcile”I replied.
“Okay, I need to head back to the team”he kiss my lips and left even before I could say anything.

Am not enjoying all this anymore; I stomp out the scene and went back to the class. I was surprised to see Josh sitting down on my seat.

“I never knew you sit here whenever you have a class here”I said and he raise his head up to look at me.
“This is my favorite sit when am here”he replied friendly.

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That doesn’t sound like the Josh I know.
“Well the class is over and am here to take over my seat back”I replied and he nod and walk away politely.

“Isn’t that Josh”Amy sit beside me.

“Yes we just had a simple conversation”I replied.
“What did he say”she asks and I gave her all details including Tim but left out Nate matter.

“Hmm…am suspicious of Josh”
“Why”I asks.

“He sit here Everytime you are away, what if he is the one dropping those secret note on your table”she said.

“There is no way Josh would want me back after dumping me”I squeeze my face.
“Am just saying”

Lecture start and we couldn’t continue our discussion.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

In the evening Nate called me out telling me if I wanna go for a walk but all he said throughout our walk were topics about is upcoming premier match.

“Are you done with your essay for the literary contest”I asks changing the topic because am getting bored of all his talk.

“No, I sincerely don’t have time for it now”he replied.
“I thought you like Literature”I asks.
“We prefer things to things”he said.

“Like your relationship with me to your football team”I interrupt.
What do you mean”he asks.
“You are always about your football team Everytime”I fired back.

“You are only judging and that maybe your feelings are changing”he replied.
“My feelings”I raise one of my brows.

“I still can’t fit in between Amy and you and now Tim”he sputtered
“Tim doesn’t have anything to do with this”I replied.

“Avelyn we shouldn’t fight”he said and I calm down a little.

“Let just go back home”I said and he nod.
“Anything you are comfortable with”he replied and we head back to my house.
He gave me a quick peck on my lips before leaving.

I stomped into the house angrily, not actually because Josh might be my secret admirer but Nate is all obsessed with his football team than me.

“Anything wrong”Noah asks noticing my mood.
“Nothing”I slam myself into the couch.
“Is it that jerk”he asks and suddenly his voice has changed.

“I knew you shouldn’t date that jerk called Nate”he fumbled.
“What did he do so I can treat his f**k up Immediately and let him know he doesn’t worth you”

“I never said anything”I stood up and went to my room making sure I slam the door really loud enough for him to hear.
Naoh would make it a big issue if I continue the conversation with him certainly.

I buried my head on my pillow and the tears had been holding in suddenly flow out.
I wish I could tell him been in a team doesn’t mean he should spend all time with it or was he overreacting because I was talking to Tim?.

My phone rang and I sit up to check who the caller ID.

The same private number.
πŸ“² Hello


πŸ“²You seems to be guessing who I am alreadyβ€”.

πŸ“²Am not falling for any prank, if you dare let meet up.

πŸ“²Sure that why am calling.
(Conversation continue)


I hang up and threw the phone to the bed before wiping my tears.

Why am I crying not like we break up but I just don’t want him choosing something else over me 😭 or loosing him.
It was hard getting over Josh till now.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
It looks likes a sail is about to sink😭
Why is Nate acting like this nau?

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