Midnight Bites

Midnight bites episode 13 – 14

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By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 13&14: MAKE HER REMEMBER.


Arya and Lily had gone out for shopping at one of the shop in town.

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Lily has been admiring the collection of cloth wears while Arya did the shopping.

It’s been long since she had such an enjoying outing with her roommate.

After she had bought everything they needed, she went to the cloth section to call Lily.

There Lily was taking ph-otos with some girls who requested for one with her.

Lily wasn’t the typical kind of girl you may think she is, she was more of a Tom boy.

Always dressed on a boyish outfits and a stylish hair. She even drew a tattoo by her left arm.

Just her lifestyle is all that makes Arya like her the more. Arya shook her head as Lily made crazy poses with the other girls.

She gave her a sign that she was waiting at the car which Lily nodded.

She got to the car, putting their shopping items into the car boot.

On getting in, there was a loud scre-m from afar which got almost every one’s attention.

She stopped, turning to look at where the scre-m was coming from.

Everyone had gone to take a look, Arya stood but made investigations with her eyes.

Then another scre-m was heard in a different direction. This time, it was the voice of a man.

Things were becoming scared for every one as they couldn’t tell what the actual problem was.

” Someone call the police!” Someone shouted. ” There’s a creature in the city!”

Some did try to call the police’s attention while others who were already gripped with fear could do nothing but to run.

Arya made her way back to the mall to call Lily and get the hell out of there.

Lily who was having so much fun taking ph-otos didn’t know what was happening outside.

Arya didn’t bother explaining to her what the problem was, she held her hand, dragging her out of the mall.

” Hey, what’s going on? Can’t you see I’m having…”

” Fun ends now.” She snapped. ” There’s something going on outside and we need to leave this place as soon as possible. ”

The part which Arya mentioned something was going on caught Lily’s attention. ” What’s going on?” She asked.

” There’s some thing out there and it’s killing people. ” She opened the exit door to walk out when some thing fell from the sky.

” What the fu…” The girls $h¡veryed in fright, eyes staring at the dead and disfigured body in front of them.

” Let’s go.” Arya said, letting go of Lily as they made their way to the car.

They did enter their car but was stopped by the creature, as one of them jumped up to the front mirror.

” Oh sh…” Lily yelled. ” Get us out of here!!”

” I’m trying!” Arya pulled to reverse, then to gear four hitting her car against another car.

The creature fell off their car and they were lucky to leave the arena without getting hurt.

” What was that?” Lily scre-med in fear.

” I don’t know. I’m seeing this for the first time.” Arya said trembling.

” Oh my God! That was scary! ” She flew her hands up. ” And killing. ”

” The good thing is we are safe. ” Arya said coldly.

” What about those survivals, they are gonna die before the cops get there. ”

Arya heaved heavily, shoving her hair with one hand. ” This was hell of a shopping. ”

” Yeah, at least I did have fun. Oh no,”

Arya looked at her. ” What is it? ” She asked. ” Did you forget something? ”

” Those girls, who knows if they are alive. ” She said with concern.

” They will. ”


” Arya!!” Lily yelled from the sitting room. ” What is taking your time!!”

Arya walked out of her to the sitting room. Lily’s mouth flew open as she looked at Arya who didn’t look dressed up.

” You haven’t prepared yet? And you kept me waiting for almost ten minutes now for hell nothing!! ”

” We shouldn’t go. ” She said.

” Wait, what? ”

” We shouldn’t go. ” She repeated, throwing herself on the sofa. ” Something will happen at the mall.”

” How did you know. Did some one call you? Because I don’t remember seeing you walk out of here. ”

” I had a vision of us at the mall. Then something happened. ” She said.

” What happened? ” Lily sat down on a different chair, getting interested in the gist.

” We were done shopping but then you were taking ph-otos with some girls while I took the items to the car. Then, the scre-ms and shouts. A lot of people died, and we almost died but luckily we did escape. ”

Lily grew cold, nothing scared her than the word death. ” I know this was supposed to be our girls night, I just don’t want anything to happen to us.”

” It’s okay. I understand. It’s better safe than sorry. ”

” We can make it up tomorrow or weekend, what do you think? ” She asked.

” We’ll see how tonight goes. If there’s no silly news by tomorrow, then it’s a yes. ”

” Okay. That makes s£nse. ”




Arya was busy with her phone, she was done with the morning duty and was wondering why Adrian hasn’t show up yet.

It’s almost eight and not even Nicole has showed up. Even if she has, she’ll probably be in her office.

She decided to take the files to his office. On getting there, she dropped the books on his locker, turning to leave her eyes met with something on his desk.

At first, she didn’t want to take a look at the picture, but she had to. It was tempting and she desperately wanted to know what it was.

She was about to touch it, but saw herself in a different dimension.

In a small building, by the side of a long couch was a young man laying on the floor.

He had woken up from his slumber as he was staring around the room like he couldn’t recognize the environment.

On seeing his face, she called. ” Adrian?” But he couldn’t hear her.

Then a man appeared from nowhere. ” You’re awake.” He said with a soft smile on his l-ips.

Adrian furrowed, ” Who are you?” He asked. ” What am I doing here?”

” This is your home, have you forgotten? ” He asked.

” What happened to me? ” Adrian asked back, forcing himself to stand to his feet. ” And who the heck are you?”

” My name is Gauis Lukewood. You passed away… some hours ago. But fortunately, I found you.” He said, like it was something funny to him.

” What are you talking about?”

” I brought you back to life, I made you new. You’re the same person but in a direction way. You aren’t a human anymore. ”

Adrian rushed to him, slamming him h-rd against the wall. ” You tell me what you did to me. What have you turned me into?!” He yelled, holding the man’s collar t¡ght.

” I made you what you are now. I made you an immortal. You will live with the humans, but you are not among them. You will forever be their predators and they will be your prey. ” He laughed.

” Do you think this is funny, huh? ” He growled furiously.

” It isn’t. I’m just happy I chose the right individual for the clan. ”

” Clan? ” He repeated. ” What’s that? ”

” My clan. You are one of my kind now.” He smirked. ” We will live together, and forever we will rule the world!”

” I… I’m..” Adrian stuttered. ” I’m a vampire? ”

” Yes, you are. ”

The same force brought Arya back. She rubb£d her eyes, trying to understand what she had just seen.

She almost fell but was wedged by a hand. Turning to look at who it was, to her amazement, it was Adrian.

” Mr Raines?” She said, pulling herself to stand.

” Is there a problem?” He asked.

” Yes. I…” She looked at his desk but the picture wasn’t there. ” It was… I saw it… right here on your desk ”

” Saw what? ” he asked.

” I don’t know. I can’t even remember what it was. ” She sighed embarrassed.

He’s probably gonna think she’s sneaking into his stuffs or something.

” I saw you, but I can’t remember what happened. But I saw you in a small apartment. It looked old but, I can’t remember what happened next. ” She found herself repeating her statement.

” It’s okay. I think you need some rest. ” He suggested.

” I’m fine. I know what I saw. ” She said, proving him wrong.

” Did you have some good night sleep last night? ” He asked.

Arya frowned. ” What’s that supposed to mean? ” She said, anger sounding in her voice.

” I’m sorry for asking. ” He apologized.

Arya realized herself immediately, apologizing for her rude act. ” I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so mean to you. Please, don’t fire me from this job. I… ”

” I never thought of doing that. ” He said. ” You need some rest. ”

Arya heaved, nodding her head.

It all looks weird. Why will she keep forgetting things so easily. She did see something but what exactly??

Just few minutes she had left whatever world she was in, she can’t remember what happened in there.

This is just so crazy.


To Be Continued…


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