Terrors Of The Past 2

Terrors of the past 2 – episode 6

Smart agreed to their terms and the normal ritual associated with the inauguration of new members, associated with the normal drilling and bamming process.
During this rigorous process that was like hell to even grown up men yelled out in pain.
A thirteen years old boy was only gro-ning through the pains as all he was seeing, was a process to become closer to those who killed his family.
After the inception of the new members, the Dynasty confraternity engaged the War Dogs in a bloody war that had massive killings from both sides, but the Dynasty ended victorious due to the advantage of beheading the head of the capon of the War Dogs.
  The capon of the Dynasty came to love Smart so much as he had saved him from a stray bullet, almost putting his body as a shield for the capon and that really won Smart a place in the heart of the capon.
But he hid it not showing it out, as he started observing Smart the more.
Smart grew in the activities of the Dynasty as he was trained in the activities of the heart and how to kill without remorse.
He was with them till he clocked sixteen, yet he had not avenged his parents, but it was all for a purpose.
At the age of that sixteen Smart was anything you could call a criminal, save for the fact that he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess.
He had been engaged in many bloody missions at such a young age. As he was involved in blackmailing wives of rich and influential men after sleeping with them. Due to his good looks and youthful exuberance, he had so many sugar mummies he bedded but it was all for a purpose, as he ended up blackmailing them to get more money.
He had killed three women, he had slept with, with a pillow as he stifled them to death with a pillow.
He had killed six people through poisoning and killed two with a gun, and had stabbed a person to death during a fight.
This was the activities he perpetrated from the age of thirteen to sixteen years of age.
But what really baffles all was that for all this evil act he never seems to have any remorse or tinge of guilt, as he only saw them as a stepping stone to killing the men who killed his family.
    He had made a research on the name Nelson Gabriel and was damned shocked, actually Gabriel was his maternal surname and it was too much of a coincidence, as he had met his uncle at his parents house with his family dead and from his experience and pictures of things, what he saw his uncle holding that day was a gun 🔫 🔫.
He just couldn’t understand the reason, why he had showed him the names of those involved, including his name.
The only thing that came to his mind was blankness.
Smart had cornered the manager who had ordered his father’s killing, as the stupid and drunken man was returning from a night club ♧ around 12am and Smart had shot him dead, after putting him in remembrance of who’s son he was.
The man who was now a vying politician, was vowing and promising him heaven and earth, if he leave him alive, when the wicked gun permeated his skull 💀.
Smart paid his uncle a surprise visit, on the same calendar month and day his family died.. His uncle was already married, with his wife, who was heavily pregnant.
He was cuddling his wife from the kitchen as they smiled and played coming downstairs with lovely smiles and affection, there main show.
Immediately they came down, they saw a young man who was sitting on the sofa, they both separated looking shocked on how, he entered their house.
“who are you young man?”
Uncle Nelly scre-med at the young man who was sitting and in an all red attire.
Why the wife stood at his back praying that it was not her worst fears, armed robbers, without even knowing that it was worse.
The young man pulled up his hooded revealing Smart, who’s eyes were filled with tears but that made him look so ferocious and dangerous.
As he watched them come down happily, the memories of his parents filled his head as he remembered their beautiful moments they had spent happily showed up from his long term memory.
He pulled up his hooded properly, revealing Smart, who was no different from the boy of three years ago, just for the manly voice and mature jaw line, and his mature height.
“Lets say I met my purpose too soon.”.
Smart said smiling cynically at his uncle, who stood with mouth agape.
“Chi…… Chibuike is that you?”
Uncle Nelly asked stammering.
“Yea, it is me in flesh and blood.”
Nelly shouted in despair, he never knew that his nemesis would come too soon.
When he was still at the primal age of his married life and he knew one thing that his wife and unborn child, would sure be killed by Smart, in retaliation.
Then he has no posterity to preserve his name.
He always heard the adage that men do, lives with and after them, he never knew it was too applicable to him.
“Uncle I have one question to ask you, what was your main point and the main boost that made you kill my family and your own sisters family?”
Smart asked pulling out a gun.
While uncle Nellys wife left his back, as she stared him at the face to tell her, it was a lie, but Alas!!

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