Mr lecturer 2 episode 13 – 16

Mr. Lecturer


Episode 13

I roughly grabbed Comfort, opened my apartment and dragged her inside.

“what are you doing here?, how many people saw you?, why are you so keen in destroying my life?” i asked angrily. She drew back and shrugged.

“my parents threw me out, i have no where else to go. Don’t you see my condition?” she muttered, touching her stomach and smiling confidently.

I bit my lips as i stared at her with rage. I was so confused on what to do with her. Her presence was very much unexpected.

“i feel like killing you right now” i breathed.

“c’mon you very much know that i’m very useful to you alive than dead. So stop the wishes, let’s talk something better” she said with a mockery tone that pushed my patience to the edge. I grabbed her by the throat, pushing her against the wall and tightening my grip as if i was about strangling her to dead. She tried to struggle but my grasp only got stronger. Tears quickly fell from her eyes, forcing me to release my hold a bit which gave her the opportunity to breathe.

“i have lost everything already. Killing you won’t change a thing” i threatened murderously.

“Everyone is being so hard on me. My parents, my friends, your wife. Even you. We made this mistake together. I’m also a human being. I have feelings. I want a good life” she sobbed.

“will killing me turn your life around. Will it make you happy?. I’m pregnant. I’m sick. I’m tired of life. I haven’t even eaten since morning. You are not the only one that lost something” she added with a broken voice, leaving me with no choice than to release my hold on her. I breathed deeply and backed her.

“where is your wife?” she asked softly.

“she’s staying with her parents” i answered.

“i don’t mind being your house girl, so long as i’m with you. You are the father of this child i’m carrying. And you very much know you have some roles to play for me and the baby. It’s not all about money” she added.

“you aren’t staying in this house. I will get a good self contained room for you. At least i can still afford it” i breathed coldly. She said nothing, instead went and settled down on my couch. An action that provoked me once again.

I left the house for her and went in search of some estate agents i had their contacts but unfortunately none of them had any self contained room available. The one i managed to see was in campus vicinity. A place that wasn’t favourable to me. I came back home late in the evening very tired and aghast.


7:10pm, Caleb’s Apartment

I returned home to find Comfort in the kitchen. My stomach growled as i perceived the aroma of fried plantain and well cooked rice. At first i stared at her angrily but couldn’t get myself to shout at her because i was very hungry.

“i’m sorry for being in your wife’s kitchen. I couldn’t find any prepared food, so i decided to prepare one” she explained as soon as she noticed my presence. But before i could get to say anything, my phone rang and it was Jessica calling.

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“hey my love what’s up. You promised to call me when you get back to the city but you didn’t. Is everything alright?” she asked.

“i’m sorry my dear. I’m just getting home now. My car broke down on the way. Faulty gear box” i lied.

“hmmm, you sound so tense. Are you okay?” she asked.

“yes i’m fine” i replied nervously.

“my love i know you very well. You are not sounding fine. Did anything happen in the village. Are you hiding something from me?” she asked once again, forcing me to lie one more time. An action i regretted from the bottom of my heart.

I felt telling my wife about Comfort’s presence in the house was a very bad idea because it would definitely raise her blood pressure and leave her totally down and sick. Something her doctor advised against.. Moreover i wasn’t going to allow Comfort to stay more than two days with me. So i never saw it necessary troubling the poor lady with such news.

Unfortunately things never went as i wanted. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear Comfort coughing and calling my name. I ran to the guest room to see her vommitting. Her body temperature very high.


Episode 14

“hey what’s going on?” i asked fearfully, holding Comfort with great care.

“i don’t just know. I suddenly feel sick and awful” she answered weakly, throwing up once again.

“oh dear lord save me” i prayed, clueless on what next to do as i watched over her.

“don’t be scared. It isn’t the first time this is happening to me. I will be fine. Tomorrow you will help take me to a hospital. Just hold my hand tightly” she begged.

I had no choice than to sit with her all through the rest of the night. I just couldn’t believe all that was happening were real. I just couldn’t wait to wake up from the terrible nightmare.


Early the next day we headed to a hospital Comfort begged me to take her to. A private clinic located at the center of the town. In no time a very young doctor examined her, ran some tests and invited me to his office.

“your wife immune system is very weak. The blood in her body is equally very low. She told me herself that she’s been taking some medications before moving in to live with you. I have written out a new set of drugs for her. I will also instruct her on how to take them. However the most important thing is her life first before the baby and she really needs lots of care, good food and constant medical check up. She also has to register for Ante-natal here. I would have advised you leave her behind in my clinic but the bill will be very high because she still has some months to go before putting to bed. So take her home, make sure you get someone to assist her with house chores, if possible invite her mother and also remember to bring her here at least three times every month for check up” he said to me.

“she isn’t my wife. Doctor no” i stammered without thinking straight. The doctor gave me a very curious look.

“what?, then who is she to you?” he asked. I instantly regained my senses.

“never mind doctor. She will be well looked after” i said halfheartedly, got up, left his office and went outside to call my mother, almost crying as i narrated everything to the old lady.

The painful part of it all was that i was being left with no choice than to take care of the obnoxious girl without the knowledge of my wife, which really was a big disaster waiting to happen.

“that’s terrible news son, but are you sure the girl and the doctor aren’t trying to play smart on you?” my mother asked, putting the idea into my head but i quickly shook it off.

“i doubt it mum. I saw her vomit with my own eyes and i don’t think she’s faking it” i answered.

“fine take her home. I will be in the city early tomorrow. I’m coming to stay with you and see things for myself” she promised, leaving a strong joy in my heart.


I finally paid the hospital bills and took the sick girl home. As i drove into the compound that late afternoon, i spotted my mother in law’s car parked in front of the house which left me shocked and surprised. I quickly stopped my car and made to reverse and drive away but unfortunately the old woman emerged from the house that very moment with my wife’s bag on her hand. She froze with shock on sighting Comfort and I.


Episode 15

“stay put in the car. No matter what happens, do not over react or exchange words with my mother in law or anyone who confronts you” i seriously said to Comfort, killed the car engine, got out of my car and headed towards my mother in law who simply stared at me silently.

I nervously drew close to the old woman with prayers in my lips, praying for her to believe my explanation because things actually looked quite bad from every point of view.

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“good afternoon mum. I believe i have things to explain” i breathed carefully.

“of course you have a lot of things to explain especially to Jessica. The poor girl almost went mad when she saw a strange towel and female undies in her bathroom. You can’t believe how she has been insisting on seeing you before travelling to Abuja with me tomorrow, only to get here and discover something that almost killed her” she screamed at me. Her words almost pushing me down with the power they flew out from her lips.

“mum things really aren’t the way they look. I returned from the village yesterday to see Comfort waiting for me. She said her parents threw her out of their house and she had no where else to go. I couldn’t afford throwing her out because i still need her help. I also can’t afford lodging her in a hotel and i also couldn’t find a cheap cool apartment for her that same yesterday. I had no choice than to let her spend the night with me and it really left a sour taste in my mouth because she nearly died in the night. Infact we are just coming from the hospital” I told her the plain truth, even though it sounded unbelievable.

“my mother is even coming over tomorrow because of this new problem. I couldn’t tell you nor Jessica because i never wanted my poor wife to suffer more pain with the news. But now i do know that it was a very big mistake on my part. Who knows how she’s feeling inside” i explained nervously. The old woman breathed deeply, shaking her head.

“you better stay here while i go talk to my daughter. Just wait” she said, turned and went into my apartment. I stayed back and prayed silently. I couldn’t help but wonder how shocked Jessica felt when she discovered the items in the bathroom.

My mother in law showed up about ten minutes later and told me i was free to see my wife.

I hurriedly went into the apartment, my heart pounding furiously. Jessica sat by the dinning table. Her face drawn and filled with pain. I cautiously drew close and touched her shoulder.

“my love i do know that i’m the worst husband any woman could ever have. Please i made a bad judgement call by not telling you about Comfort’s presence. I did it for the sake of your health. For the sake of your heart. For the sake of our baby. Please i beg of you, try and understand. Of course you know Comfort means nothing to me” i begged solemnly.

“understand what?. That a desperate girl showed up to take my position just few days after i left the house. Fine, i understand. I’m leaving. I’m going to the capital city tomorrow. I’m going to give birth to my baby. I don’t care what you do with your Comfort” she instantly flared up, pushed me and left the apartment. I ran after her, very scared of where she was heading. She soon got outside, headed straight to her mother’s car, Jumped inside and shouted at her mum, to take her home. The old lady obliged and all i did was shout my wife’s name as their car sped away.

“Jessica!, Jessica!, my love” i screamed.

I couldn’t help but notice a small smile on Comfort’s face as she watched the whole scene from my car.


Episode 16

“you are happy now, aren’t you?” i shouted at Comfort who quickly got out of the car and approached me, looking innocent. I sighed, shook my head and went back to my apartment to think of my life.

As i sat in my sitting room, deeply shaken and sad, Comfort came forward and sat beside me.

“i’m sorry for everything. I never intended for things to end this way” she apologized softly. I kept quiet, ignoring her. She smiled, grabbed my right hand and caressed it softly.

“i’m ready to help you get your job back. Forget the bride price, forget about the conditions i gave you. Just tell me what to do and i will gladly do it” she suddenly proposed, gaining my attention instantly. I looked up at her and stared into her eyes with disbelief. She nodded and smiled.

“just tell me what to do and i will do it” she affirmed seriously, leaving a cool smile on my face. I never knew when i hugged her strongly.

“oh thank you” i muttered with a silent whisper.


By 7pm that same day, i dragged myself to my father in law’s house, in order to see Jessica and try settling things with her. It definitely was something i had to do. Of course I couldn’t afford letting her travel to the capital city with a bad mind.

After waiting for some seconds in the living room. Jessica showed up looking very gloomy and dull. My heart pounded fast as i saw her. I shifted uneasily, breathing deeply.

“so why are you here?” she asked rudely, standing before me with both hands on her waist.

“i came to explain myself” i breathed nervously, standing up.

“i thought you did that when we met in the afternoon?. Moreover mum also told me every word you said to her. Or are you here to change your statement?” she asked coldly.

“not at all my love. I’m just confused. I don’t know what else to say or do to turn things around for good. You misinterpreted everything. You do know I love you very much. I really can’t believe you still feel that i can start another relationship with Comfort after all she did to us?. I’m just a man with a rope tied round his neck. I’m not happy with myself. Please try and understand” i begged desperately.

“seriously i didn’t understand a word of what you just said. Good night, i have a long trip to make tomorrow” she said coldly, turned to head back to her room. I quickly held her back.

“Comfort equally offered to help me get back my job without any conditions. She said i should forget about the bride price and other conditions she gave me” i suddenly announced, thinking the news would make her at least happy and relieved but instead my poor wife turned with a frown.

“oh yes, of course she won’t need the conditions again. She’s already living with you and that’s her dream all along” she hissed, eyed me and fell as she made to take a step back to her room.

She instantly screamed with pain, holding her stomach and breathing deeply like someone on the verge of losing her breathe which left me totally scared.

Her mother instantly rushed in with a look of terror on her face…..