Sisterhood episode 34




They ended up eating only a bit of the swallow and the ugba and abacha they made together in the kitchen. They talked until very late. His phone rang several times, he checked the caller and silenced it. Nkem observed his phone rang several times and he did same. At a point, after eating, she asked him to answer his call in the bedroom so he could have some privacy.

“Do you know who is calling me?”

“I don’t and I really don’t want to know.”

He brought out his phone and showed her who was calling. She was surprised to see it was his mother. “She has been calling all day. I sent her a message I have arrived and would like to rest but she’s been calling. I suspect she has been told I travelled with a lady and she is worried. She doesn’t know I am in my cousin’s house, she believes I am in a hotel because I refused to stay in our house. If I take her call, she will ask so many questions and want to know who I travelled with. She won’t rest until she gets all the information and possibly ruin this moment. I will take her call at night, tell her I am tired and retire.”

“She must be worried.”

‘I have sent several messages telling her to stop calling, I am fine. I spoke with my dad and he knows I am fine.”

“This is worrisome.”

“I know. I need a woman who can help me by putting her in check. She is a good person but can be overbearing and too involved. Can you imagine, she begged me to get one of those girls they were parading pregnant so I could have a child, possibly a son. I was shocked. I told her I couldn’t have sex with someone I don’t like no matter how attractive she is. She was surprised. I couldnt connect with any of them intellectually but I can talk to you for hours about anything and everything and still want to spend more time. I wish I could change the date of my return to the US to spend more time with you.”

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“Have you forgotten Henry is interested in settling down with me? Your family won’t be happy about it.”

“How does it concern anyone what I decide to spend my time doing? He is aware you are my best friend. He wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

“It depends on the reason you are spending time with me.”

“What’s the reason?”

“Ask yourself.”

Demian picked up his phone and called a number. When she picked he said to Nkem’s hearing, “Stop calling me, I am with my wife and you are disturbing us. I am trying to get her pregnant as you suggested. Stop calling me. Also, I will be extending my stay in Lagos for another week so I will ensure it is done. I can stay in the house when it is confirmed you have left Lagos.” He listened for a few minutes and then he said, “I am dead serious. I have requested for an extentsion of my leave and will work overtime to cover up. I am doing what you have asked me to do. You don’t need to know who she is. Bye mum, stop calling me, I am fine and I have got work to do.” He looked at Nkem and asked, “Where were we?”

“What was that all about?”

“What do you mean?” Demian asked.

“What you were telling your mum, you can’t be serious.”

“Why? It is very obvious I have feelings for you but you don’t feel the same for me. I can understand it but then I would rather keep you close than lose to someone who won’t allow us remain friends.”

Nkem was stunned. She didn’t expect him to say it like that. She had never really assessed her feelings for him and they have never been sexual. Although sometimes she feels uncomfortable when they are in the same space and how he looks at her when he thinks she can’t see him. But, she wanted to remain focused on her plans. She didn’t need love right now. And even worse, his family involvement in everything that concerns him bothered her. Why were they so involved?

“A penny for your thought. Where did you go?”

“I’m here. I was just surprised.”

“Surprised? There is no way you will be. Unless you are telling me you are naive. When a guy spends so much time with you, why do you think he is doing that?”

“I thought we were good friends.”

“Yeah, that’s why I said you don’t feel the same way. Or do you?”

Nkem was silent. What was the answer? She looked at him and felt weird. She picked up her things around her and stood up. “Excuse me” she said as she made to leave the sitting room but he stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“To the room.”

“You are running away? Why? Are you insisting you didn’t know how I felt? I am not good with words or professing love to a girl but if we connect, we connect and it works. But yours is beyond connecting. I wanted to come back for a weekend just to spend time with you. That’s how I feel. I thought if you are hooked to someone else I won’t be attracted to you but the kindness you showed to him even when you were letting him down endeared me even more. The guy is crazy about you but I have told him it wouldn’t work for obvious reasons. I couldnt tell you how I felt but I could show you.” Nkem was worried and it showed on her face. “Are you scared? Don’t be. I will not do anything to disrespect you. I promise you. Don’t run away please. I won’t talk about my feelings anymore.”

“I want to use the convenience,” Nkem answered.

“Ok. Go ahead. I’m waiting for you.”

Nkem went into the room, locked herself inside and sat on the bed confused. She stayed there for sometime reminscing on the conversation she had with Demian. She couldn’t deny she suspected and her mother also mad it clear to her but he never expressed it and she felt they were very close friends. So why did she instigate him to confess it? She pushed him to declare it. Why? It was suppose to be a joke but now it had gotten out of hand. How does she handle her friendship with him now. What if he wanted to take advantage of her? She trusted him so much to come here with him. What if he came into the room and forced her? How would she explain it? She was worried.

A knock on the door startled her. She jumped up from the bed. There was another knock with Demian asking, “Are you ok?”

Nkem didn’t answer immediately. On the forth knock she answered him. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Can we talk about it?”

“Not tonight.”

“You are scared, I know. You will want to leave tomorrow but don’t please. I didn’t want to tell you like this but I understand if the feeling isn’t mutual. I will respect that. I can’t stop being friends with you. I apologise if I offended but please open the door let’s talk.”

“Not tonight please.”

“Nkem, please. We will just talk as we did before this conversation. I won’t be able to sleep without talking to you tonight. Please, I am begging you. I promise you, I won’t do anything to you.”

“Please Demian, I can’t talk tonight. Tomorrow.”

“Ok. Good night.”


Demian couldnt sleep. He knew he messed up by telling her how he felt. She had trusted him as family but now he had declared his intentions, she couldn’t deal. It was a shock to her which surprised him. He believed she was aware of his feelings. Was she pretending? How can she be that naive and still be very mature? She has neer spoken of a previous relationship, is it possible she had never been in one? He was confused. He wanted her to himself.

He sent her a message, “Are you ok? I am worried about you.”

“I am fine.”

“I am not. I feel so bad. We were having such a beautiful time before I destroyed it by declaring my feelings. What if I take it back? Can we go back to just being friends?”

“I don’t know actually. Can I think about this.”

“That’s fair but I am bored. Can we talk about something else. Let me call you, let’s talk all night as we use to do.”

Nkem didn’t respond. Demian called her but she hesitated to answer. He called several times before she finally picked up. “You are so persistent.”

“I would have stayed by your door all night to talk to you.”


“Because you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. I treasure our friendship. I’m sorry if I offended you in the past.”

“It’s ok.”

“”Please don’t go back tomorrow. We will explore further tomorrow there are places we can visit. I was told there is a fish and seafood market at Badagry. We can spend the night there and explore the beach.”


“Badagry? Isn’t that close to Seme border? That’s a distance.”

“We will leave very early to get there. Slave trade took place there too. It camehighly recommended and their is a resort we can lodge in. In case my mother decides to arrive Lagos.”

“When are you travelling back?”

Demian chuckled, “I’m travelling back with my family, I was just pulling her legs. I have told my sister but she won’t tell them until I arrive the airport.”

“Then I can’t see you off.”


“Your family will be there.”

‘What is wrong with that?”

“They will be uncomfortable with me there. I don’t want them to have the wrong impression about us.”

“We will say our goodbyes before I leave for the airport.”

“Ok. If we are leaving early tomorrow morning, then we need to get some sleep.”

“You want to avoid talking to me? We can sleep in the car while we travel. It is a long journey I was told.”

“I will like to sleep now.”

“Ok. Goodnight. Thanks for talking to me.”