Mr Teacher

Mr teacher episode 13

Mr teacher episode 13
(Please know that I tried my possible best to translate. I can’t remember a few words in English)
I had never raped anyone in my life and had never had to stoop so low to do that because my words worked wonders for me and I was so good in satisfying this young V-rgins that they came back for more. But why this particular girl has decided to make me suffer to get me was what even made me more determined to get that h0πeyp0t that she was feeling it was too important to give to me. I was still trying to get her zip out of my way when my electric bulb flickered. I paused and stared up at it, before I could go back to what I was doing, the light in the bulb suddenly disappeared. Plunging me into total darkness.
I was confused. What was wrong with my bulb. I knew that there was still power because besides the red light on the wall socket where I charge my phone or sometimes plug on my iron, I could hear music coming from the next room. Then what was this bulb’s problem? I asked myself. Before I could blink, the bulb suddenly came on and it was so bright that I feared that it would explode but be instead it regulated back to its normal voltage. Ignoring the bulb now and trying to resume where I had stopped, to my utter shock, I realized that I was alone in the room. Leah was gone. Alarmed, I sprang to my feet, scanning my room frantically with my eyes. I stared at the s₱0t on my bed where she had just been a few minutes ago but it was empty. I had been straddling her unconscious body while trying to undo her zip, how had she slipped away without me noticing.
Realizing that something was fishy, I ran to the door, unbolted it and peeped out but she was not there either. Wondering what was happening since I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it, I began to ransack my small room, calling her name and grabbing my painful d–k occasionally but Leah was no where to be found! She was gone! Totally gone! Deciding to rack my head on her strange disappearance later, I realized that I had to sort out one serious issue and that was my painful er-ction. I knew that with the Viagra and Tramadol that I had taken, if I didn’t dive into someone’s h0πeyp0t as soon as possible, I was done for. I was in serious pain already and the last thing I wanted was being rushed to the hospital for medical help. Jeez! It would be so embarrassing.
So, I grabbed a wrapper and quickly tied it around my wa-ist. I stepped out into the corridor and glanced down both ends. I rushed to the backyard and tried to urinate, hoping that it would calm my painful er-ction a bit but I couldn’t even release a drop of urine. As I stepped out of the bathroom, grabbing my crotch through the wrapper and grimacing in pain, I saw Sadiq, Halimat’s brother coming down the stairs and I hurried to talk to him through the railings of stairwell. “Sadiq!”
“Uncle, good evening.”
“Yes, is Halimat home? Please call her for me. Tell her to come now now now now! It’s very important!”
“Uncle, Halimat is not at home.”
My hopes fell. “Where’s she?” I demanded.
“She has gone to see our aunt living five busstops away.” He answered.
“When will she be back?”
“By 9 o. Clock.”
“Mba! (No!)” I shook my head. “I would be dead by then, I can’t wait.” I said and hurried off back into the corridor, still grimacing and walking awkwardly. I thought of what girl I could summon from school but I changed my mind because I knew none of them would be allowed to leave home at such an hour by their parents so in my desperation to get quick relief, I decided that I would go to the nearest brothel I could find and get laid. I was about entering my room when I saw Mama Moji stiring the pot of egusi she was cooking on a table beside her door. I paused as I contemplated that seeking Mama Moji’s help would be faster and I wouldn’t need to take any transport not pay for her services.
Reluctantly and because I had no choice, I tried to compose myself as I moved towards Mama Moji. The last thing I wanted was giving the cause of my distress away and having her mock me or even make me beg for s€×. “Mama Moji, Mama Moji!” I hailed. She turned to give me a sideways glance then hissed as she focus on her boiling soup again. “Ahan, you no go answer me?” I asked. “We dey fight?”
“Why you dey hail me? If na money you wan borrow or na wetin I dey cook enter your nose, just turn dey waka go back to your room.” (Why are you hailing me? If it’s money you want to borrow or it’s the aroma of what I’m cooking that brought you here, just turn and go back to your room.) She retorted.
“You dey vex for me? Na wetin you dey cook sef?” (Are you angry with me? What are you even cooking?) I smiled at her then craned my neck forward to look into her pot and the smell of iru (locust beans) and kpomo (cow skin) blasted my nose. “You go kill person o! See how your food dey scent!” (Ha! You’ll kill someone with the aroma of your soup!) I took a deep inhale and saw her smile. “Ha! Baba Moji dey miss!” (Ha! Baba Moji doesn’t know what he’s missing!)
She smiled shyly now and gave me a friendly but suspicious look. “This one wey you carry yourself come dey praise me dey make my head dey swell, na wetin you want?” (The way you have brought yourself here to praise me and make my head swell with pride, what is it you want?)
“Ehn…” I began gingerly then stole glances down both sides of the corridor as I pulled closer to her and whispered against her ear. “That thing wey you ask me for this morning, I wan give you now. Omo Wobe!”
She frowned a bit now. “That girl nko wey I direct go your room?” (What about the girl I had directed to your room?)
I hissed and waved a dismissive hand. “That small pikin? I don pursue am. Na you I want.” (That little child? I have chased her off, it’s you I want.)
Her smile broadened now. “So, I no lie be that, you really enjoy that last time. Ehen! (So, it means that I was not lying when I said that you enjoyed our last s€×. Of course!)” She flinched her shoulders. “I know say I sweet na, even Baba Moji been dey talk am. (I know that I’m
sweet, even Baba Moji always testifies to it)”
“Ehn, I agree…” I said, just to make her cease her gloating then placed my hand on the s₱0t above her buttocks. I was impatient “Just come, make I sama you quick. I really dey in the mood now. See wetin you don even cause. (Just come so I can screw you quick. I’m really in the mood now. Look at what you have even caused.)” I removed my hand from ky crotch to show her the profound tent my pointing er-ction had made in the wrapper and I saw her gasp and cover her gaping mouth with her hands.
“Na wetin be this? (What is this?)” She whispered.
“Come now, make you see am for my room. (Come so that you can see it in my room.)” I tried to pull her by her wa-ist towards my room but she resisted a bit.
“You want make I burn food and make my children sleep with hunger this night? Just go make I off stove, give my children food eat then I go come meet you. (Do you want me to burn my food and cause my children to go to sleep on hungry stomachs? Just go so that I can turn off the stove, serve my children their dinner then I’ll come meet you.)” She shooed me towards my door with her hands.
I saw the eagerness in her eyes but I stalled. What she had asked for sounded like a long time to wait. “You sure say you go come? (Are you sure that you’ll come?)” I skeptically asked.
“With that thing wey I dey see o… (From what I’m seeing…)” She pointed at my er-ction with lust in her eyes. “I fit even sleep this night for your room. (I can even spend the night in your room.)
“Okay, no tey o abeg. (Okay, don’t stay too long please.)” I told her and reluctantly left for my room.
Ten minutes later felt like an hour when she finally snuck into my room, smiling. Immediately, she entered, she bolted my door and I grabbed her without hesitating. Tearing off her wrapper myself, I rushed her to bed, immediately she entered, her tore her thighs apart and immediately dove in. As I felt her moistness, I almost sighed in relief but I knew that the major relief which would release me from this hell of an er-ction would only come once I ej×c×lated and that was my aim even though it would take me hours.
I started slamming her, gro-ning and grounding my jaws and sometimes gritting my teeth. One could hear the sound of flesh hitting against flesh if one was to be at my window. I never ceased pounding. I was so anxious to get a release.
“Abeg, sor free. No scatter am for Baba Moji. (Please, take it easy. Do not destroy it for Baba Moji.” Mama Moji complained.
“No vex. (Do not take offence.)” I mumbled under my breath but didn’t reduce my pace. I continued slamming and slamming until I felt her run out of vag-nal secretion at that moment but I didn’t stop. I continued till it was dry org-n to dry org-n and with the pace I was taking, my d–k began to feel sore because of the dryness.
“You wan wound me? (Do you want to injure me?)” Mama Moji complained yet again, now in serious discomfort.
Without stopping my thr-sts, I reach over for my jar of Vaseline, paused to coat myself and her with it before sliding into her sore tunnel again. My thr-sts were h-rder and deeper this time and instead of mo-ning, she began to whimper. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she placed her hands on my chest and tried to shove me off but I refused to budge. In fact, to support myself, I held the edge of the bed at either sides of her head so that when she pushed at my chest, the bed only moved from the motion. When she realized that she was trapped and couldn’t get away, she tried to twist around but I followed her movement and continued smashing. I was dripping sweat all over her but I was determined to see this to the end. Thirty minutes had passed.
“Patrick, commot from my body, I no do again! (Patrick, get off me, I’m no longer interested.” She finally voiced out.
“Mama Moji, I never c-m na… (Mama Moji, I haven’t c-mmed yet” I told her.
“Abeg forget c-m. You don dey f–k me since and e no be like say you go stop anytime soon. Na person wey dey alive dey c-m, commot before you shift my womb. My Toto don dey pepper me sef. (Please, forget about c-mming. You have been having s€× with me for a long time and it doesn’t seem like you’ll c-m anytime soon It’s someone who’s alive that c-ms, get off me before you shift my womb. My p—y is already very sore.)” She whined helplessly, desperate to get away from me.
“Mama Moji, abeg, just wait small. Give me ten more minutes!” I pleaded as continued smashing. She was dry again and as I reached for the jar of Vaseline a second time, she gave a sharp twist and managed to get her upper body off the bed. I quickly coated my d–k again and followed her as she tried to crawl her way to the door. I crawled after her and caught her in a doggy position. I slid in and began to smash again and this time, she began to wail in her Yoruba dialect like a wounded cow. “Émà gbà mi o! Eyin àdugbo, é gbà mi lowo Patrick o! Bobo yi fe kpa mi o! Oloriburuku ni o! (Please help me o our neighborhood! Neighbours, please come and rescue me from Patrick! This guy wants to kill me o!) As I slammed her h-rder and faster when I felt myself at the verge of releasing, she began to chant, “Mo gbe! Mo gbe! Mo daran! Mo ti jiya! Obo mi o! Obo mi o! Ha! Patrick, ko no da fu n e. Patrick, o ku re. Patrick, o she eyan rara! Obo mi o! Mo ti ku o! Temi ti tan! Yay! Yay! (I’m in trouble! I’m in trouble! I’ve suffered! My p—y! My p—y! Ha! Patrick, it shall never be well with you! You will not die well! Patrick, you are not a human being! My p—y! I’m dead! I’m finished!)” She repeatedly slapped the floor with her palm as fired on not minding her desperate cry for help and curses. She should have known what she was getting into before coming to my room. She wanted s€× and I was giving her just that. Soon, I yanked myself out and exploded on her buttocks and the floor. I was so exhausted that I fell on my back while my d–k went through more spasm and oozed out more semen that sluggishly trailed down the side of it.
Mama Moji was miserable. She managed to get on her feet and then fixed a scornful eye down at me. “Wéré ni ye! Ko ni dà fu é! (You are a mad man! It shall not be well with you!)” She beat me with her wrapper but I was too tired to ward her off and in a fit of rage, she limped out of my room after tying on her wrapper again. That night, after resting for half an hour, I went to take a bath. I was too tired to eat anything, so I went to bed straight. In the middle of the night, at exactly three a.m. while I was asleep, I felt someone on my bed and I opened my eyes and turned then sprang up to a sitting position in alarm when I saw Leah on my bed. She had her arms folded under her chest, her legs were crossed at the ankles and she was staring at my ceiling.
“Leah!” I exclaimed in shock, wiped my eyes with my hand and took a second look and truly, she was there still dressed in the same white top and black trousers. “How did you get in here?” I demanded as a certain fear gripped me now. My door was still bolted from behind so I had no idea what she was doing in my bed at this odd hour or how she got in. Slowly, she turned her head to the side to look at me and terror struck me from her gaze.
To Be Continued..

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