My Alpha Mate

My alpha mate episode 17 – 18

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✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 17✨✨✨✨


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I liked the way she mo-ned my name .
I wanted to mark her as she mo-ned my name underneath me as I claim the wh0l£ of her body but I have to act mature like the Alpha I am.

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She looked tired I carried her to the coach as she needed some rest it seems its her first time.

She keeps her virg-nity for his mate and thats me.Am proud of her for that.
I walked to where she lay. I smelled her and I noticed something is wrong.

I can smell she’s a werewolf,but I can’t smell her wolf.or maybe she doesn’t have it…no,no,no I thought.if if thats the case and she’s my mate and the future Luna then am f-cked up .

But if thats the case I will always accept her no matter what, I can’t deny my fate or blame the moon goddess.

What am I thinking I sniffed her body again but I couldn’t smell or s£nse a wolf.
maybe when she is 18 it will awake.

Am over thinking Fridays we do have a pack run , I will wait and see if what I think its just a lie
My mind is eating me now. Am the powerful and I have been blessed with a fragile I hate this.

I growled making her shudder and look at me.
she coiled herself up ,am scaring her maybe.

“Tell me the truth Klara ,why were you s£nt out of your old pack.”I asked I felt Connor my wolf wanting to take control .


I felt someone sniffing at me but I thought maybe I was dreaming.I enjoyed the surreal feeling.

As I was almost drifting to my sleep I heard Ezra growl .I flinched and coiled myself .the next question made my world crumble.

“Tell me the truth Klara,why were you s£nt out of your old pack.Ezra asked as his yellowish color eyes changed to red.

“I …I…its how my mom told you .I had a run in with the Alpha’s daughter,so she hit her.I explained looking down as fidgeted with my f-ngers.

He raised my chin and looked at me.
“I know you’re lying but I won’t force you to tell me the truth,I will wait when you’re ready,ok Little Beauty ” he said car-ssing my cheek with tingles running around my body as his eyes turned back to normal.


“Master,you have a guest.” a servant bowed his head as he said to a man who sat in a throne like chair he had a dark aura around him.

“Who is he?” he asked in a cold voice that brought the poor servant on his knees.
“I..I…I ” before he could finish his words his head was already chopped off.

“I don’t deal with clumsy people” he said with a smirk as he teleported himself and appeared in the living room to be surprised with the person he met.
“Brother…..its …its really you ” he said as his dark aura changed and ran to the man crushing him into a t¡ght tears welled down his cheeks.

Even the servants who were passing by stood rooted on the ground.They couldn’t believe their eyes .They have never seen master show his emotions .That means this person is really important to him.

“Brother,I missed you ”
“Dante, you’re still a cry baby like I left you.”
“Santos,don’t call me that” Dante said as he dis£ngaged from the hug.

Santos ruffled Dante’s hair and earned a whine.
“Stop ruffling my hair am not a kid anymore” they both burst into laughter..

Suddenly Santos held his arm in pain as he gritted his teeth.

His right arm started turning black as the tattoo on his ear started glowing,his eyes turned pitch black.

“San I won’t leave you after you came back ,lemme use my soul power and energy to help you boost your immune”.

Dan chanted some incohorent words and San was back to normal.
“I thought your cyro disease healed but it seems its wors£ning did you find the prophetess” Dan asked his elder brother who was trying to catch his breathe.

“yes,and she said I am almost there.and I will find her .
” her what do you mean her”.
“A Gumiho, the fox with seven tails ”




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“What, are you insane Santos, where could you find the seven~tailed fox?” Dante asked his elder brother as he dragged him to sit on a sofa.

” I know it sounds crazy but I have to take the chance the prophetess said” San looked at his brother waiting for his reply.

” so Are you sure about this”
“ofcourse I am”
“how sure are you ” Dan asked cause he didnt want to part ways with his brother again.

“ooh come on man, ok ,look the flower tattoo on my neck is glowing .in the past it didnt glow” San tried to reason with his younger brother.

“Yeah,when the Cyro Disease attacked you some minutes ago it was damn bright”.

“Can I go then,please” San said with pleading eyes he knows how his brother hates a person who pleads.
“Why did you come then if you knew you were going back ” Dante said pouting his l-ips as he crossed his arms on his chest.

“I was being followed by the demon ,so I had to hide but I ended up here also I wanted to check on you”
“What did you say so Gerald is alive still ,if I lay my hands on him I will surely kill him ,he killed our parents San we have to seek revenge,but wait why is he following you?”
Dan asked as he was angry he clenched and unclenched his fists to calm himself down.

“He overheard our conversation with the prophetess so I have to be fast before he reaches her”
“Let’s go to the Dark forest and hunt a soul beast to boost your Cyro disease ,and how many soul rings do you have?”
“not fair I just have five”
“let’s hurry and find those Bea…..”

“Mas…Master there is an Intruder.” a servant said p-nting it seems he had really run.

“Let’s go” both Dante and Santos Vanished.


My mom and dad had been pestering me to stop being near Alpha Ezra but I can’t help it ,
i always tried my best but You can not be able to hide from him.

I didnt tell them that Alpha Ezra was suspicious of me.They might freak and never let Me go to school.

The week had been smooth.Today was a Friday and after training we would have a run .

I objected it at first but my mom said she had a better idea.
I had already changed to my game skits and I was chit~chatting with Sera when Beta Mateo walked to our direction.

“Hi,you are being called over there he said pointing at Alpha Ezra .I can’t deny I would look rude.
“see you later Sera ” I said as I walked over to Ezra.

“Little Beauty,why the sore face,you hate being called by me” he asked looking at me.
“Ofcourse not” I said as my eyes roamed on his body that’s when I noticed he was wearing a jeans and nothing covering his chest.

He had a six pack a well toned mind was a mess just by looking at his chest.

how I wish to run my palms on it.
“Are you done drooling at me.” I was brought out of my dirty thoughts by his voice.
“Am not drooling” I said hiding my blushing cheeks.
but yes I was drooling at him, no girl won’t drool on his perfect chest.

“Really ” he asked again.
And he burst out laughing.
what did I say funny.

“What are you laughing at”I asked him as he was trying his best not to laugh.

“You got a talkative mind Pumpkin”
so he read my mind.
” I told you not to read my mind ” I was angry I walked out on him .Even if its bad to walk Out on an Alpha but I had no choice.
I walked back to where other students were and looked around my eyes met Anna glaring at me .

I avoided her gaze and looked around to meet my mom also looking like she will eat me alive.
*follow me*
I was startled ,how come my mom mind linked me.


The training had started already and after training we could have a run in the forest.
I watched as my Little mate walked to the middle circle with Anna.

So her mom chose her to spur with Anna, interesting I thought.
At first Klara was fighting well and then I noticed she was having difficulty in breathing and she was sweating .

“Hey man,what’s wrong with her I saw she was fine “Mateo asked in a concerned manner.
“Yah,but it seems something is wrong” I said looking at Klara’s direction ,
She tried and hit Anna on her stomach making her roll on the ground as she spit blood..
my mate fell down clutching her hair ,it seems she’s in pain .

“Hey,something is wrong we got check on h….” before Mateo could complete her statement .
Anna had shifted to her dark grey wolf and was going To pounce on the weak Klara on the ground.
“Klaraaaaaaaa”I shouted as I ….


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