My arranged marriage episode 24 – 25




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress FΓ£vyπŸ’«


“Seriously!!!, You monkey!” I said as I took my phone without hesitation I snapped him

“No!,,, delete it elephant” Jasper said

“Never!! am gonna post it monkey” I said standing from the seat

I was really tired

Now that Jasper has woken up I have to go home now and rest

“Okay I will call you that” Jasper said

“Your time has expired, so…” I couldn’t finish my words because the door was pulled open immediately

“Omg dude!” Eric said as he rushed inside

“Yo!,,,don’t tell me you are back” Jasper said to Eric

“Why wouldn’t I come back,,,I couldn’t concentrate on that convention,,,what actually happened?” Eric asked as he sat down

“Hi Emmett” Eric greeted me

Seems he just saw me now,,, he looked terrified when he entered in here

“Hi Eric” I said as I picked my bag from the table near Jasper’s bed

I walked towards the door when I heard Jasper’s voice

“Are you leaving?” He asked

I turned around towards them

“Hm” I hummed

“Okay becareful,,,who will drive you home?” Jasper asked

“My driver” I replied

“Okay,,,bye” he said

I existed the office and walked straight to the doctors office so that I can tell him that Jasper has woken up,,, because he really needs to run some checkups on him

I also called Jasper’s family and my family to tell them that Jasper has woken up

Omg I almost forgot that I haven’t called Bella to tell her of the accident

And the company,,,about my meetings,,,well my dad has taken care of that part

Speaking of the devil,,,Bella is calling me

I entered the car as the driver zoomed off

πŸ“žOmg Emmett I heard what happened,,,how is he?” Bella asked

πŸ“žHe is fine,,, sorry I haven’t called to tell you” I said

πŸ“žCome on,,,I should be the apologizing for not been able to call since,,,thank goodness he is okay,,,any damages?” Bella asked

πŸ“žNo damages,,,is just his leg,,,he won’t be able to walk for a couple of days” I said

πŸ“ž Ewwww,,,so sorry for that babe,,,how are you?” Bella asked

πŸ“žAm fine babe” I said

πŸ“žAre you sure?,,,where are you now?” Bella asked

πŸ“žAm heading back home,,,am so exhausted,,,I was really terrified today Bella,,,I thought he wouldn’t survive,,,I was so scared because I don’t wanna be a widow,,,am too young for that” I said

πŸ“ž Ewwww,,,thank God he is alive,,,just say you were scared of losing him,,,don’t use that excuse of becoming a young widow” bella Said

I blinked my eyes immediately,,,well Bella knew that Me and Jasper were getting along fine since we came back from Mexico

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Was I scared of losing him or was I scared of been a young widow?

This question ranged in my ears like a loud bell

πŸ“žHello are you there?” Bella asked

πŸ“žYeah yeah,,,am with you” I said

πŸ“žCome on girlfriend you and Jasper are getting along fine these days,,,you both have to open up and accept each other because you both are mearnt for each other” Bella said

πŸ“ž Hahahaha,,,really Bella,,,are you now a relationship therapist,,,or the goddess of love,,,come on love stop all this your preachings,,,me and Jasper getting along fine doesn’t mean that there is any feelings attached to it,,,am over him a long time ago okay” I said

πŸ“ž How I wish am there to see that mouth and face you are using to lie to me,,,well this is not a phone issue,,,I will see you tomorrow love,,, goodnight,,,do you want me to come Over” Bella said

πŸ“žNo!” I snapped immediately

Am not ready for her headaches

Because she has already activated her love preaching mode

πŸ“ž Haha,,,Easy babe”


Immediately Emmett left,,, Eric whipped his heads towards Jasper looking at him with a widened eyes

“What?” Jasper asked

“What just happened now?” Eric asked

“What Happened?” Jasper asked pretending he doesn’t know what Eric had on his upstairs

“Jezzz dude,,,you and Emmett,,,am I missing something here?” Eric asked

“What about me and Emmett,,,I thought you are here to see me,,, Ouch!”Jasper feigned pains holding his head in other to distract Eric

“Are you okay!”? Eric asked standing up immediately from his seat

“Call the doctor!” Jasper said pointing towards the door

Eric rushed towards the door immediately in other to call the doctor but as he was about to pull the door open,,,the door pulled open as the doctor walked inside

Immediately Jasper saw the doctor he returned to his normal state

“Hello Mr Jasper” the doctor greeted

“Hm” Jasper hummed

“How are you feeling,,,any pains?” The doctor asked as he inspected him

“Not really just that I can’t get up like,,, why do I have my leg badged?” Jasper asked looking at the doctor so calmly

“Is because your leg got fractured,,,you can’t walk for some days Mr Jasper but don’t worry you will be fine” the doctor said

“What?” Jasper asked with panic written all over his face

“Yes Mr Jasper” the doctor said



“Oh my boy!!, How are you?” Mr Cullen’s asked

“Am fine Dad” Jasper said smiling

“I thought they are going to take you away like they did to your mom” Mr Cullen’s said

“What are you talking about dad?” Jasper asked confused on what his father mearnt

“Is about the Jecobs,,,look Jasper immediately you recover I want you to carry out the plan so that you can divorce Emmett” Mr Cullen’s said

” Your son is here in the hospital and you busy talking about revenge” Jasper said

“Huh?” Mr Cullens said with a widened eyes

“Listen father Emmett is a good woman she doesn’t deserve all this,,, moreover she wasn’t there when her father refused to help you,,,father am suggesting we forget about this revenge of a thing,,,I don’t think mother will be happy seeing that we want to make someone suffer for the sins of the past” Jasper said

“What has come over you Jasper?” Mr Cullen’s asked with shock written all over his face

“Nothing dad,,,am just taking the right part here” Jasper said

“The right part to take here is taking revenge for your mother” Mr Cullens said

“Am not in for any revenge again,,, please I want to be left alone,,,the doctor said I shouldn’t be talking much” Jasper said

“Jasper!” Mr Cullens called with anger

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