My Boss

My boss episode 11 & 12


Sub tittle:my apartment
Written by 💞Author Jenn
Chapter 11
I opened my eyes and noticed i was in an unfamiliar bed ,it felt so soft and comfy ,a drip was attached to my body ,,i looked arround properly and noticed i was in the hospital that was when i remembered all that hapened
The door opened and sofia rushed in
“Omg sofia i was so scared when i received a call from ethan that you collapsed “sofia said hugging me
“Ethan ?”i asked and she nodded ,i thought i was with my boss then ,,well am not surprised ,maybe mr chris didnt care
“And he also said you should take a week off and get better” sofia added
“But his not my boss”i said
“Your boss knows about it so worry less”sofia replied
“so why didnt you tell me how you were feeling”sofia asked
“I never thought it would get this serious” i replied
“Tell me is it your boss,is he stressing you out ,do you think you want to stop working” sof said
“Sofia dont worry am fine ,just a little stressed out but my boss is no issue at all “i replied
“if you say so”she relied
“Sofia am moving out”i said and she starred at me shocked
“What ,why”she asked
“Sofia i need to be independent ,i need to plan and sought my self out”i said
“i know julia but you can do that at my place ,its enough for the both of us”sofi added sadly
“Sofia i need this”i replied and she nodded
“Fine ,have you find an apartment” she asked and i nodded
“so when are you leaving”she asked
“In two days”i replied and she smiled at me
“Am always here for you julia am just one call away okay”she said and we hugged
I have been discharged from the hospital and since then sofia has been helping me settle in new apartment
Luckily since i was given a week off,it made everything easier
I apartment isnt that big or fancy but it was two rooms and kitchen ,let just say it suit the kind of person i am
All thanks to my not so perfect job i was able to get some new cheap clothes
my one week off is over and right now am stepping into parkers co operation
I headed to my office and began work of the day,,the work was to much that i had to pack my hair in

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a messy bun ,fold up my sleves and also removed my shoes and mr chris isnt being gentle with me at all but at least he isnt insulting me
i worked and worked till is was 10 pm
Shit i didnt know it was late already,i have been really engrosed
in the work i have been doing
I quickly packed up an things and left
I looked arround but there is no cab and the place is getting really scary but thankfully my new house isnt that far from where i work so i had no option than to trek
I walked down the lonely and quiet road when i noticed a car following me ,,i walked faster and held my bag more tightly ,,i turned to the nearest street and still noticed the car following me ,,i took my heels and ran to my apartment
The car stopped few
meters from my apartment and left ,i quickly locked up the whole house before going to bed still scared
I wonder who is following me
I woke up panthing heavily from my nightmare and my phone started ringing which made me more scared i looked at the phone and the number wasnt saved
Who will be calling me by this time of the night ?
I picked it up and placed it on my ear
“Miss Daniels”
“Mr Chris” i half yelled in shock
“we are going to Nairobi for a business meeting tomorrow ,,my driver will be there to pick you up by 7 am “he said and ended the call
What the hell is wrong with this dude
Unknown pov
“Ma’am ,Julia daniels is now fit and back to work and also she had moved in to another apartment” He said
“good is the apartment expensive or cheap”i asked
“Its cheap ma’am ” he replied
“Keep an eye on her and tell me her every move”i said amd ended the call.
Chapter 12
i was morning already.My things are prepared and i was ready for the trip
I packed up and dragged my box of clothes downstairs where mr chris driver is waiting for me
i wonder how he knew my apartment,,the driver opened the door and i entered
The car drove to the airport,,well i expected it to be his private jet and i was right
I entered the jet and was led to sit down ,,but still yet no sign of mr chris
“Hi ,,excuse me ,,,is mr chris on this plane”i asked the air hostess who only replied with a nod
Why am i even bothered i thought
I closed my eyes and soon i zoomed off into dream land
I didnt know
how many hours i have been sleeping ,,,i saw a neatly arranged food close to me
God know am really hungry , i shifted the food close to me and began digging in
i am beginning to get really worried and bored as fvck
I know this is a decision am definately going to regret but i dont care
I stood up and walked into the other side of the plane
There was a door there and the door was closed ,,have you ever been in a situation where one mind is telling you do it and the other one is telling you dont do it ,,but you have to follow the one that say do it?
Well thats the situation i am in right now and i did it ,,,i opened the door
The door opened gently and a familiar scent hit my nostril “mr chris”
I should have turn back but NO
my mind kept yelling ” julia go in ” so i did
I peep before entering properly only to find my chris sleeping on the mimi bed shirtless
I know i hate him so much but this sight is what i want to behold for the rest of my life
He is fvcking cute and his body ,,oh geez ,,i cant believe am drolling
after having enough view of his face and body i began looking arround and touching every single thing my hands can reach
Until the vase i was holding fell down and i almost died of heart attack , i quickly lay flat on the floor and moved like a snail ,,thankfully i small closet was there so i squeezed myself in
“whos there”i heard my chris husky voice half yelled
I heard footstep close to the closet then in stopped
I was hearing noise and i knew mr chris was searching arround
My heart began pounding very hard
“Who’s in here”he yelled again while i kept mute
I heard him talking to someone and soon the voice died down
I wish his out so i can sneak back to my seat
Who even asked me to come in ,in the first place
Why didnt i just mind my business,,am so sure mr chris is going to kill me if he finds out
I kept thinking of what to do and what not to the when the door opened and i heard someone walked in began praying
“Our father ,who art in heaven ,hallow be thy name…..
“Julia come out”i heard and i almost melted
To be continued

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