My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 10

My Family Doctor

Episode 10

Miranda: he wanted to have s€× with you?!! (Stands up)
Sarah: yes, i wanted to tell you that before i live, he threatened to deal with me if i ever told you.
Miranda: oh my God!
Sarah: don’t tell him that i told you.
Miranda: don’t worry, he can’t do anything to you.
Sarah: i have to go home.
Miranda: yeah you have to, get your things.
Sarah: thanks. (She stood up And went into her room and got her bag and left, she met Dennis while leaving but they didn’t talk to each other, Dennis went in,side and wanted to go in,side his room when Miranda stopped him)
Miranda: we need to talk.
Dennis: about what?
Miranda: Dennis what’s going on between you and Sarah?
Dennis: what are you talking about?
Miranda: you know what am talking about!
Dennis: what did she tell you?
Miranda: you threatened to deal with her if she told me right?
Dennis: what?!
Miranda: you’re a bastard!
Dennis: i never said anything like that to her.
Miranda: stop lieing!
Dennis: am not lieing! I agree to whatever she told you but i never threatened her and i was going to tell you about it.
Miranda: you don’t need to tell me, this relationsh¡p is over, am living this house.
Dennis: Miranda, listen to me first.
Miranda: live me alone! (Walks into her room, carries her bag and left the house, Dennis sat down on the sofa, not knowing what to do, then decided to go over to Sarah’s place, luckily when he got there, she was the only one at home, she opened the door for him and he walked in,side and stood there looking at her and then she asked him.)
Sarah: what do you want?
Dennis: where is your mother?
Sarah: she’s not around, any problem?
Dennis: are you happy now?
Sarah: what do you mean?
Dennis: Miranda just left my place after ending our relationsh¡p, are you happy now?
Sarah: she left?
Dennis: yeah she did, so what’s your next plan?
Sarah: i didn’t know that she will live, i didn’t know that it’ll get that far.
Dennis: then why did you tell her?!
Sarah: why are you shouting at me? You caused it all!
Dennis: i did? How?
Sarah: you shouldn’t have made me have s€× with you, you told me that you loved me!
Dennis: you are too young to know what love is!
Sarah: my Mum told me that age doesn’t matter if he loves me too, that’s why i believed you!
Dennis: you’ll regret this!
Sarah: am sorry, i didn’t know that she’ll live, i call her and tell her that it’s all a lie.
Dennis: I’ve already admitted to it, no need for the explanation, bye (he left)


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