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My Father’s Fiancee batch 3


My Father’s Fiancee

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Episode 5

[ A s£x spoon with Funke ]

Father : Hello 👋, who’s on the line?
But auspicious for me, she aborted the call instantly, I guessed she noticed my father’s voice. And I was a little bit relieved .
Father : yes yes, I said it,,, the girl aborted the call because she noticed that it wasn’t your voice.
Me: Did the person speaks with you at all?
Father : not at all, I said she aborted it.
Me: then why did you come to the conclusion that the caller must be female?
Father : I know na, why won’t I know, had it being it was your class mate or your mother, they would asked of you and not aborting The call.
Me: I don’t know ooo.
Father : You won’t know na, but one day I will catch both of you, now take your phone…
I took the phone, washed my hands then heads straight to my room.
Then followed by soliloquy:
” chaiii!!, casala for done burst today oo, I warned this girl not to call me but I will call her instead but she wouldn’t listen, thank God she played the game in a smart way by aborting the call instantly” I soliloquises.

******** Several days later***************
I was on my way to my Mother’s house in the village one day with one of my dad’s car without his intention and i met a beautiful girl on the road going to a river, I passed her by initially then I reversed to her then I wined down the glass.
Me: hello, young lady, may I help you with a lift?
She: not at all, thank you, where am going is not far from here, I will trek.
Me: but why? I just wanna help you. Just come into the car ( I said while opening the car’s door)
She: I said I will trek.
Me: the sun is very intense and is not good for a young fair lady like you. Just come in.
She: hmmmmm.
She agreed after convincing her with my sugar coated mouth.
The following where ensued between us in the car. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
Me: hmmm, girls ehnnn, do you think I want to use you for ritual? Do you think am a ritualist?
She: not at all, I was just being afraid for nothing.
Me: hmmm, am not a bad person, my mother is from this village while my father is from another village called ” Adula”. You might know my mother, she’s Janet by name, she sells somewhere around Chief ochigbo house. She’s just a petty trader..
She: oooh! Mama Grace?
Me: yeah, mama Grace, she’s my mother, do you know her too well.
She: yes, very well, she’s my regular customer.
Me: OK, nice then. May I know more about you.
She: why?
Me: nothing, just to know.
She: hmmm, OK, am Angela by name, am 17 years old and I abode in this village. That’s all for now.
Me : wow, what a nice name, Angela.
Angela : thank you.
Me: you are welcome, am Peter by name, am 18 years old…..
Angela : wow, you are a year older than me.

Me: ohh, yeah yeah. Do you have a phone?
Angela : yes I have, why asking?
Me: ohhh, calm down now, can you please give me your contact if you don’t mind.
Angela : no! I don’t give my contact to strangers.
Me: but am not a stranger, I have told you who I am. Just give me your contact…
Angela : OK, let me have your phone.
I quickly gave her my phone and she put her contact.
I dropped her, then bade her good bye when I reached her destination. And I told her that I would call her on phone later then.

The following day was on Sunday, so I dressed up like an Ajebor pikin then head straight to Funke’s house because she told me to pay her a visist.
Immediately I stepped into her compound, she ran to me and gave me a hot hug.
We exchanged pleasantries then entertainment follows.
Me: happy Sunday ooo.
Funke : same to you.. How are you doing?
Me: am managing…
Funke : managing kee?.
Me: lol , enjoying….

Funke : hmmmmm, so you still have the guts to visit me today again right?
Me: lol ,, am sorry ma.
Funke: ma kee? Am your mate oo.
Me: hmmmmm.
Funke: least I forgot, your father almost caught me the other day oo.
Me: ohhh, I can’t laugh. But you tried ooo, see how you just ended the call when you realized that I wasn’t the one who picked the call but my father.
Funke: haha, he questioned You right?
Me: very well, copious questions….
Funke : haha, that man ehn.
Me: ok, back to business, the aim of me being here today is for you to give me feed back.
Funke: feed back? I don’t understand….
Me: you don’t understand? You said I should give you are week so you can meditate on whether to be my girlfriend or not na, have you forgotten?
Funke : ohhhh, this boy ehnnn. I I I………
Me: you what? Speak up na.
Funke : never mind, I will give you feed back when you want to return home.
Me: no na, why not now?
Funke : ok, ye yes, I will be your girlfriend.

Me: wow, I can’t believe.
I moved close to her, then hugged her as a sign of appreciation. We spent like a minute in the hugging then hugging turned to kissing, before I Know, we both fell on the bed and we started……………

Episode 6.

Before I know, we both fell on the bed and we started playing romantically, while I was on top of her. I unhooked her bra then located her [email protected] instantly,, I was s—–g one while tickling the other. I later found my way to her abdomen and I started fondling there… I was completely lost, it seems I was in another planet 🌔 then… I later moved to her waist, I was trying to pull off her g string pant but she resisted me, I tried the second time and she stopped me agian, I felt bad.
” does that mean I haven’t romanced her to the extend that she will free her self for me totally? Does that mean he’s not having the urge now? Which kind girl is this? ” I soliloquises.
I again located her waist and started romancing her more and more as the tempo of her m0aning escalates.
I later moved down trying to pull of her g string pant but she stopped me again.
” why na? ” I asked her in a low tone ( an ear shot )
” this is our first date, am accepting your proposal today and you want to have s£x with me, am sorry I can’t, I may other day but now I don’t think you can, that’s my custom ” she replied me.
I was so furious and confused, but I got convinced and calmed when I looked at her points critically. I got down from her and we sat on the cushion while we conversate.

Me: hmmmm,, but you got me in the mood…
Funke: I got you in the mood? I don’t understand.
Me: Ohhh, never mind… I Think You have a point there, but hope you won’t say same thing next time?
Angela: Hmmmm… You this boy ehnnn.. What do you even enjoy in s£x?
Me: lol 😂, while are you saying this as if you are still a kid? Hmmmm… ok, pleasure…
Funke : hmmmm.. Pleasure?
Me: yeah. And you?
Angela : I haven’t done it before oo.
Me: lol 😂, You haven’t done it before keee.

Angela : I mean it, I haven’t done it before… Ok, pleasure…. I do derive pleasure from it too..
Me: OK, when do you want me to visit you again?
Angela: as usual…
Me: as usual? I don’t understand..
Angela : coming Sunday…
Me: but it’s too far oo.
Angela : it’s too far right? You want to……….. Never mind. Let it be on coming Sunday.
Me: OK, your wish is my command.
Angela : lol 😂, your wish is also my command.
Me: ohhhh…
We chat at lengthy and I left her house..
Immediately I reached home, I encountered my father making call with someone. When I moved close to him, I realized it was Funke and the call they were making seems harshly. So I hid myself at the back of a door .. I heard ::::

Funke : I don’t think I will continue this relationship
Father : You don’t think you will continue the relationship? Why? Have I done anything wrong?
Funke : not at all, but I can’t.
Father : my first lady, my heart desire. What have I done wrong or what’s bodering You? Tell me let me resolve it rapidly..
Funke : you haven’t done anything wrong or anything is bodering me.
Father : then why?
Funke : OK, You know quite OK that you are far older than me, and it’s a shame for me to get marry to an old man like you…
Father : old man? You are calling me an old man? I am surprised hearing this from you, but we plighted ourselves.
Funke : am sorry, just find a lady of your age and get marry to her, but as for me, Bye.
Before my father could said anything, she aborted the call…
Father : hello, hello!!. Are you still with me?.

Ohhh my God, this girl ended the call.. What’s all these?
Few minutes later I stepped in and encountered my father soliloquising.
Me: father, what’s the problem? Why are you murmuring.? (Pretending)
Father: nothing, why such silly question?
Me: nothing, I am just asking…
Father : get lost my friend…
I left him in the sitting room, then to my room and started jubilating.
” haha , you never see anything, I told you that I must ruin all your paroles but you were doubting me, if you go to another lady I will still spoil it. Kudos to Funke ” I soliloquises.
The following day, I went to John’s house to mock ( ridicule) my father there.

The following were ensued between us after pleasantries were exchanged.
Me: that man thought he know something,, she almost cried that day ooo…
John : lol 😂, he never see anything.. But you self na bad boy oo.
John : OK,, so she told you to visit her on coming Sunday again after stopping you from having s£x with her?
Me: Funke right? Yes, I think that is when she want me to shop her ukwu. I will f–k the hell out of her that day. How I wish tomorrow will be Sunday.
John : lol , its not far from today again na, just three days away from today.
Me: hmmmm.
We chatted at lengthy and i left his house….

I was eating around 12pm on Sunday when she texted me, reading:
” hope you are still coming tonight? ” she texted me.
” off course I am, expect me by 5pm on a dot” I replied her.
” Ohhh, I can’t wait to see you ” she texted.
And I was so happy.
When it was 4pm on a dot, I went to a chemist and bought five cond*ms, then head straight to Funke’s house……………………………………


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