My First Time

My First time – episode 2


Eric couldn’t get his mind off Tonia as he thought of her all through the remaining hours of that day. They were so many questions seeking answers in Eric’s mind. He was lost in thoughts as he kept thinking of his earlier conversation with Tonia.
After a while, one of his friends noticed his sudden change in attitude and asked him what the problem was. “Guy what’s wrong with you lately” his friend asked, “I don’t know man, it’s just that girl from the other day that we rushed to the hospital” Eric replied. “What about her?” His friend continued, “I don’t know, I’m right here thinking about why I’m thinking about her” he replied. ” O boy! Are you sure you aren’t in love already, oga womaniser! You no dey take eye see woman” his friend said laughing, “She’s just different guy, I want to see her again” he said in low tone.
As their conversation continued, Eric pleaded with his friend to help investigate on everything concerning Tonia and get back to him. His friend wasted no time in providing vital information about her.
One fateful day, Tonia was on her way back from church when she sighted Eric in his car, parked opposite the fellowsh¡p building. She was surprised to see him. “Hi” she greeted, “how have you been?” He replied, “I have been good, it’s good to see you without a cigarette today” she said smiling, “shots fired” he said smiling too.
Eric asked if she would like to go on a dinner date with him but she turned down the offer. “I haven’t gone out on a date with any guy before and wouldn’t start now” she replied, “it’s just a date and it’s harmless” he said in a convincing tone.
After much persuasion, Tonia agreed to go on a date with him. Eric came to her apartment to pick her up after an hour and they went to a nice restaurant afterwards. “Are you sure this place isn’t too expensive” she asked, “no it’s fine, I’ve got this” he assured.
As they ate, Eric couldn’t stop staring at Tonia. He finally broke the silence by asking “Are you always this reserved and calm?”, “That’s my lifestyle so I guess Yes” she replied calmly. “Do you go to church often” she asked, “To be very honest with you, I can’t remember when last I went to church” he replied with his head bowed down. “I don’t think God loves me, I sure know I’m not one of his favourites” he continued. “Don’t say that, he loves us all and died for each and everyone of us because he loved us individually. He didn’t die for us because we were numerous, even if you were the only sinner on earth, he would have still died for you” she said.
As Tonia spoke, Eric’s eyes were just fixed on her in awe. “Where have she been all my life” he thought to himself. He couldn’t get her off his mind and he was smitten by her choice of words as she spoke.
After they were done eating, Eric drove her home and left afterwards. As he drove home, he couldn’t get Tonia off his mind as she was driving him crazy. “Could I be in love?” He asked himself but couldn’t get any answer yet.
The next day, Eric got a text message from Tonia, inviting him for a program in her church. Eric wasted no time in accepting her offer and started getting prepared to attend the program.
The day of the program came and Eric walked into the service when praise and worsh¡p was going on. Tonia was in the choir and Eric immediately sighted her singing, the sweet melody that proceeded from Tonia’s mouth sent cold reactions all over his body. He wasn’t concentrating in the worsh¡p going on as his attention was on Tonia.
After service, Eric waited for her at the parking lot so he could take her home. The sight of Tonia walking towards his car made him smile. “You were so great back there and nice voice by the way” he complimented, “awwwwn, that’s so nice of you” she replied blushing. “I’m waiting so I can drop you at your destination” he said, “Ok thanks, please just hold on let me go and get my bag” she replied as she rushed in,side to get her bag.
Eric at this point was convinced that he was in love with Tonia. He totally lost interest in every other girl on campus as Tonia was the only one he thought of day and night. He was so scared to tell Tonia how he felt because he didn’t want her to start avoiding him. After much deliberation, he summoned up the courage to pour his heart out to her.
As Tonia returned, they both entered the car and left. As Eric was deliberating on how to tell Tonia how he felt, she asked “how do you feel now knowing that God loves you?”, Eric paused for a moment and said “I feel blessed”.
As he got to her destination, Tonia was about to open the door when he stopped her. “There’s something I want to tell you” he said, “Ok go ahead” she replied looking into his eyes. “I’m scared to say it because I don’t want to loose you” he continued, “you are already getting me scared with the way you’re acting” she replied.
Eric finally summoned the courage and said “Tonia I think I have fallen in love with you”.

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