My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 14

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We have gotten everything ready to start our food truck business,we brought some of the items and ingredients we will be using to prepare today’s menu.

“We didn’t talk about where we will stay and be selling the food”
Aunt Anne said.

“We will be staying at the bus station,we will make a good profit there”

“That’s good!
Uncle Rafael said.

We took all the kitchen equipment inside the truck,

“Mom I will like to go”
Vero said.

“No,you can’t go with us our leg have not heal yet,the leg don’t need stress so you need to rest”
Aunt Anne said to her.

“Okay Mom”

“I wish you all good sell”
Grandma said.

We hugged Grandma and Vero before leaving the house.

We drove out to the bus station,we arrived and looked for a place that will be so convenience for us.

We parked as people stared to know what we are up to,we opened the truck brought down the tables,set the gas cylinder outside the truck and other things inside the truck,placed the menu board and ready to welcome our first customer.

Within a few minutes,a guy walked up to us and asked,

“What’s in for breakfast?

“Check the menu board and make your choice”
I said with smiles.

He checked the menu and said,
“I will like to have Chilaquiles”

“Okay,it will be ready within some minutes”
I said.

It’s just a simple breakfast that won’t take up to fifteen minutes to be ready.

“Aunt please help me out”
I said.

We went to prepare his food as he sat down waiting for us.

Within some minutes I was done with the food and dished it out to him,Dylan served him a drinking water.

I waited for him to taste and hear what he will say,
“Wow! This is so delicious! I like the food”
He said.

“Thank you so much,I will be so happy if you invite your friends to come and have a delicious food any type of food they want”
I said and went out.

He finished eating,payed the little amount of money we charged him.

All of a sudden people started coming and coming.

I was serving the customer when Diego call came in,I ignored it,I need to finish serving the customers before answering his call.

Done with the customers,I want to the back of the truck to answer his call.

📞 Hey love,I have been calling no answering what happen?
He asked.

📞 I was busy”

📞 Did you go out for practice today?

📞 No dear,I don’t have practice today”

📞 That’s means you will have chance for us to go out and have lunch today.

📞 Not at all my love,you know we opened a family food truck eatery”

📞 Wow! That’s good,where is the location?
He asked feeling so excited.

📞 At the bus station in our area”

📞 Okay,I guess your sister must be the chef”

📞 Oh yes! She is the chef,you can come over and even invite your friends over too”
I said.

📞 Yeah that will be good,you will see me today”

📞 Okay,I need to go now my attention is needed”

📞 Okay my love take care”
He said and I end up the call and went back.

“Where have you been Dylan?
Mom questioned.

“I want out to pee!
I said.

“Okay,go and serve those customers that are there”
She said and pointed at them.

“Okay Mom!
I said and went to the truck to get their food.

I was in the office and my Secretary Maria came in,

“Sir you need to sign this files”
She said and gave the files to me.

“What are my schedule this noon?
I asked as I stares at her.

“Oh my God! This my Secretary is so tempting,look at her body curve so s-xy”
I thought with smiles.

“Sir you will be having lunch with our inventor Mr Martinez by 2pm to discuss about the business deal he had with us”
She said as she read through the file.

“Another Schedule?
I asked.

“Yes,you will be having meeting with the committee board of Morris oil company by 4pm”

“Is that all?

“Yes Sir!

I tapped her ass and said with smiles.
“Nice and s-xy ass you got”

She gave me unpleasant look but who cares?

I stood up and went closed to her backside,grab her ass with one hand then using the other hand car-ssing her hair gently and whispered to her.

“What of we reschedule the lunch with Mr Martinez and have our sweet time together”
I said and k-ssed her neck.

It seems she like it because her smiles proved it to me.

“How did you see about that?
I asked car-ssing her hair and k-ssing her neck,she mo-ned slowly enjoying the pleasure of it all.

“Yeah it sounds cool”
She said with a little mo-ns.

I faced her and k-ssed her l-ips,we started k-ssing so deeply,I carried her and sat her at the table still k-ssing her,We were k-ssing like a hungry lion, I button off her shirt,her s-xy red bra looks so attractive that I wanna s-ck her n!₱₱!es badly,I k-ssed her b©©bs,I was k-ssing her and car-ssing her b©©bs and her s-xy laps as she mo-n in pleasure, I love the way she mo-ns it make me go crazy.

I was fully er-cted that I was about to unzip my p-nt(knickers) and s-x that s-xy ass in the office until Mother banged in on us.

“Oh mine! What’s going on here?
She shouted.

Maria rushed down from the table immediately with her body written with so much dear.

“Am sorry Ma! Am sorry Ma!
She apologized,took her shoes and ran out in fear.

“Son What type of disgusting and unacceptable manner were you displaying here? How could you displayed such an irritable manner her? How could you son? What if our investors walked in here and met you at that stage,What did you think they will say? That the C.E.O of this company and their elected eligible bachelor is nothing but a flirt that flirt around with his workers”
She shouted angrily.

“C’mon Mom is not what you think of,We were not doing anything”
I said.

“Am not blind neither am I a zombie you can fool,Son am totally disappointed with this attitude you displayed now,what of your fiancee Becky happened to walked in and met you with your Secretary how did you think she will feel?
She shouted.

“She said my fiancee Becky as if I have proposed to her”
I thought.

“Mom nothing happen okay”
I said and held her hand.

“Get your hands off me! If I didn’t banged in now something would have happen”
She shouted angrily and walked out.

“Am sorry Mom!
I shouted to her hearing.

I sat down on the wing chair swinging around,Diego walked in.

“Bro what happen? I saw Aunt coming out from your office with so much anger,did something happen?
He asked.

“Yeah,she caught me k-ssing the Secretary”

“Why Bro? That’s not good,you shouldn’t have do that”
He sounded.

“Yeah I know but you know her curve body is too s-xy and tempting i can resist it anymore”
I said.

He shooked his head and said,
“Bro,one day something under the gown will gonna kill you”

I laughed and said,
“Nothing gonna happen okay”

“Now Aunt is angry with you because of your flirt life”

“I know how to calm her down okay,I want I need now is to go and have some drink, I know you won’t mind enjoying me to the bar”
I said and stood up.

“Drinking is not what we need right now Santi,there’s this food truck eatery at the bus station lets go there and enjoy yourself with a delicious and tasty food”
He said.

“Food truck eatery! This is unbelievable Diego! You want me to have lunch at food truck eatery”
I sounded.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,they make a delicious food there,you gonna like their food trust me”
He said.

“Have you been there before?

“Yeah I have been there and their food is so yummy,you gonna like it,let’s go”
He said.

I accepted to follow him and see things for myself.

I was shocked when we got there,
“Diego you didn’t tell me we are going to a bus station?

“I did mention that to you but it seem you did not hear me,let’s go down”

“Am not coming down,How can you accept the C.E.O of Tele Communication the biggest company in the wh0l£ Mexico and the most elected eligible bachelor to have lunch at a bus station?
I shouted.

“C’mon Santi,can you just forget about your personality for once and come down here to have a delicious meal”
He said.

“Are sure the press won’t see here eating and broadcasting to the world how their eligible bachelor was eating in a local eatery?

“What makes you think that the press will be around here? Please forget about the press and let’s go and have our meal”

“Mom should not find out that we went to a local food truck eatery because she won’t stand the embarrassment”

“Aunt won’t find out about this so we go now and eat am damn hungry”

“Okay,let me go and try how their food taste that got your singing about it”

“If you taste the food they serve you gonna be coming here every blessed day to eat and you will even forget your personality”

“Let me go and see then”

We came down from the car as people stared at us especially me being so surprised to see me here at the bus station.

I was serving the customers their food and I saw this expensive car parked,I stood to see who they are to my greatest surprise it was Diego and the most elected handsome eligible bachelor Mr Santiago Gilberto,I became more surprised when they started approaching to our food truck.

“I never knew Diego,Dlyan’ s friend have a connection with the most eligible bachelor”
I thought.

I was not the only one who seem to be surprised, people were surprised to see him.

“Dlyan you didn’t tell me your friend Diego have connection with Mr Gilberto”
I said.

“Am surprised as you are,I didn’t know”

They approached to us and we greeted them.

“Good afternoon Aunt Anne and Uncle Rafael”
Diego greeted them.

“You are welcome sirs,please have a sit”
Aunt Anne said.

“What will you like to have Sirs?
I asked.

“What are in for today’s menu?
Diego asked.

“We have Chilaquiles,Huevos Ranchores,Burritos,pozole de polo Guajolote(turkey stew) with pasta”
I said.

“Okay,I will like to have Pozole de polo Guajolote with pasta”
Diego said.

“And you Sir,What will you like to have?
I asked with smiles.

“Burritos will be okay”

“Okay,your orders will be ready within some minutes”
I said went to prepare them.

Some minutes later,their food was done,I gave it to Dlyan to serve them,within a seconds he started coughing and shouting,I rushed out.

“What type of food is this? How can you prepared spices and called it food”
He shouted angrily and even coughing badly and sneezing.

“Am sorry Sir,I don’t know you are allergic to spicy food,I would have advice you not to take Burritos because it’s a spicy food but don’t worry I will prepare a green tea for you it will help to calm you down”
I said with a pleading heart,I ran out to prepare the tea.

“I knew it the type of food this local people will be good at cooking is nothing but spicy food,if anything happen to me I swear I gonna sue you all”
He shouted still coughing badly and sneezing.

“Santi is nobody’s fault so don’t blame it on them,they never knew you are allergic to spicy food”
Diego said to him.

“Please Sir,calm down you will be fine”
Aunt Anne said.

“Reina where is the green tea?
Uncle Rafael asked.

“Am bringing it”
I replied.

I p-oured the green tea on the cup and rushed to give it to him.

“Please Sir drink it,it will help to stop the cough and the sneeze”
I said as I helped him to drink the tea.

He drank it all and within some minutes the cough and the sneeze stopped.

He stood up and shouted,
“I will be going for checkup tomorrwo and if I find out that this spicy food damage my body system I will make sure you all rot in jail”
He threaten us and walked out.

“Please help and talk to him how sorry we are”
Uncle Rafael said.

“Uncle,Aunt nothing will happen,he will be fine,see you guys tomorrow”
He gave us his word and went out.

“Santi you don’t have to threaten them that way beside it wasn’t nobody’s fault”
Diego said as he got into the car and drove out.

“Meaning that if part of my body system damaged because of the spicy food they gave me I should not sue them?

“Santiago nothing will happen,the green tea has already washed the spice out”

“You know what Deigo,never you in our life bring me to this damn local food truck eatery again,I thought am gonna eat something delicious,I don’t know it will be a spicy food”
I shouted.

“Santi because they served spicy food dose not mean that they can’t prepare other food,you know what Reina is the best cook I have ever seen once you taste her food will be coming at their eatery every day”
He said.

“With the spicy food they know how to cook? That’s reminds me it seems you have know that family from a very long time and the way you were looking at guy seem so suspicious to me? Is there something you are not telling me Diego?
I asked.

“Something like what?

“Are you into guys stuff,I mean are you a g-y? This not the first time am asking you this question, Diego tell me the truth and no more lie again”

“Okay,am a g-y”

“I knew it! And that guy is your partner right?

“Yes,Dlyan is my partner”

“For how long have you guys know each other?

“For like months now”

“No wonder you know that family very well and you didn’t care to tell your cousin bro about this”

“So now you know,I don’t want you to tell Aunt about this,you know she will be so ashamed to have a nephew that is a g-y”

“I sip my mouth bro”

We arrived home,Mom is not at the lounge probably be at her room resting,I will apologized to her once she wakes up,I went to my room to rest and forget about the spicy food I had.

I really felt so sad about what happened to him and also feel scared of his threat I only hope nothing bad happen to him,We decided to closed for the day.

I was so restlessness ,I was not able to sleep,thinking about what happened to Mr Gilberto being our first rich customer and we upset him with a spicy food.

“What is it Reina? I noticed you have been so restlessness since you came back,did something happen?
Vero asked at the moment she noticed my mood.

I narrated everything that happened to her,
“Is that why you are like this?

“Yes,I feel like we didn’t rend a proper apology to him”
I said feeling so sad.

“But you apologized and even gave him green tea to washed his system”
She said.

“Yes but I still feel he need to be apology properly,I don’t know how I will locate him or even get his home address,Vero check online if you can see his company address so that I can go there tomorrwo and apology to him”

“Are you serious Reina!

“I won’t have peace of mind if I didn’t apology to him very well,please browse his company address for me”
I pleaded.

She said and started browsing it.

“I have find the location”
She said.

“Let me see!
I said and went closed to her,I saw the address and jotted it down.

I slept feeling so excited that I have gotten his address and I will apology to him tomorrwo.

In the morning,we went out for our business,I told Aunt Anne that I want to delivery food to a customer that she should handle the food.

I took a cab along side a flake of Chilaquiles to his office,I know he will not the food,thirty minutes later I arrived at his company,it a very big company that I have to used the elevator,I went to the receptionist.

“Good Morning,please am here to see Mr Gilberto”
I said with smiles.

“Okay,go over there and meet his Secretary”
She said and pointed the lady to me.

“Thank you!
I said and went to see the lady.

“Good Morning! Am here to see Mr Gilberto”
I said with smiles.

She looked at me from head to toe and asked.
“Who are you and why did you want to see him?

“Who am I is not important and why I want to see him is personal”
I said.

She stared at me before giving him a call,
“He said you should come,his office is the first one at your left side upstairs.
She said.

“Thank you”

I went upstairs,got to this office and knocked,
“Come in!
He said.

“Good Morning Sir!
I greeted him at the moment I went inside.

He shouted surprisingly.



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