My Heart Beats For Eva

My heart beats for eva episode 15

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He shouted surprisingly.

“Yes,is me Sir!
I said and went to him.

“How did you get my address?
He asked and stared at the bag lunch i was holding.

“I got your address from the internet Sir!

“So how may I help you?
He asked and stared at me and tiping his f-nger on the table.

I breathed and took courage to apology to him.

“Sir am deeply sorry for what happened yesterday,we didn’t know that you are allergic to spicy food,please Sir how are you feeling today?
I apologized and asked.

“Well thank your God that am okay this morning had it been am not okay you wouldn’t have been in my office rather in a police station”
He said.

“Thank God you are okay Sir!
I sounded with smiles,that’s the most important thing that brought me to his office because that his threat really weigh me down that I couldn’t stop thinking what will become of my family if something bad happened to him because of the food and he arrested us.

“Sir I brought you this food to ask for your forgiveness”
I said showing him the food.

“Another spicy food to poison me?
He shouted.

“No Sir! This food is not Burritos that is made of species,I brought you Chilaquiles you will like it”
I said.

“You want me to eat this?
He asked pointing at the food.

“Trust me Sir,you will like the food,is not spicy food”
As I was assuring him about the food a lady walked in.

“Hey babe!
She said and k-ssed him.

“Who is she?
She asked him pointing at me and staring at me from head to toe with unpleasant face.

“She! Not someone important babe!
He answered her.

“I will be going now Sir,try it you will like it”
I said and used the door.

I never knew Mr Gilberto have a fiancee because the press has never mention it before,it seems he is a secretive person.

I don’t like the way he introduced me to his fiancee”Not someone important” why must he introduced me like that? Well I don’t have to be sad besides that’s how rich people used to behaved to we the poor people.

I used the elevator and went downstairs,I stared at the big company for like twenty minutes,
“How I wish I will owe this big company one day”
I thought with smiles and went out to grab a cab.

“I hope he will like the food so that he will know that we are not good at cooking spicy food”
I thought took a cab to the bus station.

“Babe what’s this? Did she brought it to you?
Becky asked.

“Yeah,she brought it”
I replied and carried the bag lunch.

“What for? I thought you said is not someone important then why did she brought a lunch for you?
She asked being jealous.

“As I said she is not someone important and the reason why she brought this food is not important too”
I said.
I don’t want to tell her the reason behind the food she brought.

“Not important! Is there something you are not telling Babe,are you cheating on me with her?
She asked with her face filled with jealousy.

“This is unbelievable Becky! How could you say such thing? Did you think i will stood so low to cheat on you with that girl? This is the least I expected you to ask,did you think am classless or what?
I shouted being so upset of her nons£nse question.

She came closed to me and started apologizing,
“Am so sorry Babe for asking such question it just that I got so jealous because of the food she brought and I thought there was something going on”
She apologized car-ssing my hair.

“Becky how could you classify me with such level?
I said still upset.

She pushed my chair a little back and sat on the table,sitting in a seductive way with the short gown she was wearing,she draw the chair back.

She used her index f-nger touching the eyebrows in a s-xy way,
“Babe I said am sorry,I didn’t mean to upset you”

“But you shouldn’t have………
She used her index f-nger touching my l-ips to prevent me from completing my statement.

“Don’t say anymore!
She said and k-ssed me.

I can’t resist that k-ss,I fall for it,We k-ssed so deeply and romancing each other, We were enjoying ourselves with the deep k-ss until my Secretary interrupted us.

“Am sorry Sir! I don’t know you have a guest”
She said and wanted to leave,Becky called her back.

“Did you just call me a guest? Point of correction am his Fiancee and not a guest”
She shouted at her.

“Am sorry Ma!
She apologized immediately.

“I think you have to go Becky,you know this an office and I need to work,we will go out for dinner when am done here”
I said.

“Okay Love!
She said and k-ssed me.

She took her purse and went out.

“What is it Julia?
I asked.

“Sir I want you to sign this files”
She said and gave the files to me.

I signed the files and gave it back to her,
“Are we still meeting tonight?

“Meeting Tonight!
She asked and stared at me with a blank expression on her face.

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten our plan for tonight?
I asked.

“I didn’t forget Sir but am not going again”
She said.

I stood up and walked to her,
“Why are not going again Julia? Why?

“I don’t want your fiancee to walk up to us and insult me for being with you beside you told her you will be going out with her for dinner”
She sounded feeling sad.

I held her hands and said,
“Oh now I know why you are like this! Becky is not my fiancee I have not proposed to her so I can be with any lady I want to be with and you are the I want okay,don’t feel sad or jealous about that okay,I love you that’s why I want to go out with you”

She stared at me without saying anything,
“So are we still going out for dinner?

She smiled and said,
“Yes we are still going”

“Yeah! I love you babe”
I said and k-ssed her on the l-ips.

“Sir,I need to go and arrange some files for the meeting”

“What time is the meeting again?

“It’s by three Sir”


I pecked her on the cheek before she went out.

I went back to my chair smiling to myself,
“She think I love her? Oh No! I only want to have a taste of her to see if she is good in b£d”
I thought with smiles.

“Becky parading around calling herself my fiancee is wasting her time because I won’t marry her,the reason why I haven’t break up with her is because she is hundred percent good in b£d and I enjoyed her s-x so much but one day I will see someone better than her,I will break up with her and replace her with that person”
I thought with smiles.

I looked at the lunch bag that is on my table staring at me,I opened the bag and brought out the food.

“Let me see the spicy she prepared”
I said and opened the food.

“It’s smells nice and look so yummy”
I said as I perceived the aroma of the food.

“She also put spoon”
I said with smiles.

I opened the food and took a little of it and ate,
“Wow! It’s so delicious!

I took another spoonful,eating,shooking my head and rolling my eyes.

“I must confess she can cook,I don’t think if I have eaten such a tasty food before”
I said with smiles.

As was enjoying the food and Diego walked in,

“Eating! I don’t know you used to order food”
He said and I smiled.

He sounded and collected the spoon from me and took spoonful of the food and ate.

“Bro where did you order this food?
He asked as he was enjoying the food.

“I didn’t order it,that girl that gave me a spicy brought it to me”

“I knew it,this is Reina’s Chilaquiles”

“She brought it to apology to me”

“Wow! that’s good,she is just a very good person and kind too”
He complimented still eating the food.

I dragged the spoon from him and shouted,
“Bro did you want to finish the Chilaquiles?

He laughed and asked,
“I thought you say they are good at cooking spicy food?

“Oh Yeah I said that but you see this one,it’s so sweet in fact it’s more than delicious”
I said and ate the food.

“I know you,you gonna like her food,she is great chef”
He said.

“Yeah,I believe that!
I said with the food on my mouth.

“Don’t finish the wh0l£ thing”
He shouted and dragged the food away from me.

“You know what when next you are going there don’t forget to call me”

He laughed and said,
“I thought you said you won’t go there again”

“I said so but you know what this food is so delicious is not something I will not like to have again”

“Okay,we will go there tomorrwo”

I smiled and said,
“That’s good.

“I need to go back to my office I have some paper work to do”
He said as he packaged back the flake to the lunch bag.

“Okay Bro!

“Caught up with you later”
He said and used the door.

I stared at the lunch bag smiling and I don’t know the reasons of my smiles.

I was at home precisely at the sitting room playing game with my phone since I can’t go out due to my leg but I will soon be free after my next check being on Monday when the doctor will remove the bandage.

The house looks so boring,No one to talk to,Gradma has dozed off while chatting with her phone and Elisa that promised to spend time with me is not yet here even Antioina don’t want to come and see me,am so bored being at home.

As playing my game and being so annoyed of being loose in the game,a knock came from outside.

“Who is there? The door is open come in”
I said to the person.

At moment the door was opened I was so surprised of the people I saw,Elisa,Antioina and Matilda.

“Elisa! Antioina and Matilda!
I shouted being so happy to see them.

They came and hugged me together with smiles written all over their faces.

“How are you feeling now Vero?
Matilda asked.

“Am feeling better,I don’t feel any more pains in my leg,the doctor will refuse the bandage on Monday”
I said with smiles.

“That’s good to hear,there will be no more crutches”
Elisa added.

“But am bored and am tired of staying at home”
I sounded sadly.

“My love why should you be bored when we are here?
Antionia asked.

“Oh yes! You don’t have to be bored when we are beside we can to take you out”
Elisa said.

“Are you serious!
I asked excitedly.

“Yes,We will be going out to have some fun,play some games then go to our best restaurant to have lunch,how did you see about it?
He asked with smiles.

“I love that my love!
I said with smiles and pecked him on the cheek.

“I didn’t noticed you guys are here”
Grandma said at the moment she wakes.

They went to her and greeted her with a hug.

“Grandma they came to take me out”
I said feeling so excited.

“Are sure you can go out despite your condition?

“Of course Grandma! Am tired of staying at home besides I feel no more pains again”

“Grandma don’t worry we will take good care of her”
Elisa said.

“If anything happen to her hold us responsible for it”
Matilda said.

“Grandma you know I love your granddaughter so much and I promise to take good care of her and nothing will happen to her”
Antionia said with smiles.

“Okay,you guys may go but bring her home on time,you know her condition she don’t have to be late out”
She said and my heart was filled with so much joy that I will be going out for once since I got back from the hospital I have not gone out apart from going to the hospital for my checkup.

“Grandma we crossed our heart we will bring her back home on time”
They said.

“Take good care of yourself Granny”
I said to her.

We hugged her before leaving the house.

I was taking my night shower and my phone started ringing.

“Reina your phone is ringing”
Vero said.

“Who is on the line?

“Is unknown number”

“Okay am coming!

I hurry up with my bath since the call keep on coming it meant be something important,I came out and picked the call.

📞 Hello!

📞 I like the food,thank you so much”
The person said to me.

📞 You are welcome,please may I know who am chatting with?

📞 Am Mr Gilberto”

📞 Oh my God! Sir you!
I sounded being so surprised that he chatted me up,Vero looked at me with her eyes wide open wondering how could be the sir.

📞 I know you are surprise that am the one calling you?

📞 Yes,am so astonished,Sir how did you get my contact?

📞 Diego gave it to me,I must confess you can cook very well,I like the Chilaquiles you gave me”

📞 Thank you very much Sir!

📞 You are welcome,I will like to have that Chilaquiles again if you won’t mind bring it to my office”

📞 I won’t mind Sir besides I also do home delivery and it will be my pleasure to serve you Sir,I will be at your door tomorrwo morning”
I said with smiles.

📞 Okay,I will be expecting it then,let me leave you to sleep”

“Reina who could be the Sir that called you?
Vero asked,She didn’t wait for the call to end before asking her question.

📞 Okay Sir!
I said and he hanged up the call.

“I can’t believe Mr Gilberto called me,it just like a dream”
I shouted with smiles.

“You mean Santiago Gilberto?

“Yes! He is the one!

“This is unbelievable! What did he say?

“He called to thank me for the food I brought for him and he even said that he want me to bring him food tomorrwo morning”
I said excitedly.

“Are serious! This is such a good news,serving a rich man like Mr Gilberto”

“Am so happy Vero,I can’t wait to visit that his company again”
I said still rejoicing.

“Sis did you know that this a contract for you,if you keep on serving him you will be making a big profits from him”

“Yes and I don’t want to loose this big contract”
I said.

I went to b£d feeling so excited.

“Diego you didn’t tell me you have a connection with Mr Gilberto”
I said.

We went to our usual bar to have some drinks.

“Yeah,Santiago is my cousin,his mother is my Aunt”
He said.

“I didn’t know about it”

“Are you serious I haven’t mention him to you?
He asked being surprised.

“Nope! You didn’t”
I said and took a sip of my drink.

“Am sorry,I thought I did”

“It’s okay”

“How is Veroinca did?
He asked and drank a sip of his drink.

“She is better now”

“Okay,the doctor have refused the bandage right?

“Not yet,the bandage will be refuse on her last check up being on Monday”

He said and stared at me with smiles.

“Diego what is it? Why the stares?
I asked with smiles.

“You keep looking so handsome day by day”
He complimented with smiles.

“Thank you,likewise you, you keep on looking so cute and cute”
I said as he smiles.

“Can we go to my house and have some fun?
He whispered to me.

“Naughty you!
I said smiling.

He winked at me and asked,
“Don’t you like the naughty dude?

“You know I love the naughty dude”

“Then let’s go to my house and do the naughty thing”
He said.

He dropped the payment on the table as we made our way out of the bar to his house.

It has been two weeks since I know Mr Gilberto and started delivery lunch to his office sometimes he and his cousin will come to the bus station to have lunch.

Those weeks has been so beautiful to me,I always feel this special bound whenever am with him,I feel so comfortable whenever am around him and always sad whenever he didn’t see him,I love the way he talk to me especially the way he used to call me “My Chef”,my heart always jumped with joy whenever I set my eyes on him,I don’t know why I always feel that way with him.

I was about to sleep when my phone ranged,it was him,I smiled and picked the call.

📞 I hope I didn’t wake you up my chef?
He asked.

📞 I haven’t slept her!
I replied with smiles.

📞 Okay,I called to tell you about my birthday”

📞 Wow! When is it Sir?
I asked feeling so excited about it.

📞 Is tomorrwo and the celebration will be tonight,you are specially invited”
He said.

📞 Okay Sir,I will come”

📞 Thank you! Good night”

📞 Good night Sir!
I said and he hanged up the call.

“You look so excited what did Mr Gilberto said this time?
Vero asked.

“He invited me to his birthday party tomorrwo night”
I shouted with joy.

“Wow! It gonna be a big party”

“Yeah very big, am so excited that I will be attending”

“I know you are Sis and also happy to Mr Gilberto”

“What did you mean?

“I know you are in love with him”
She said.

“No am not! I only like him”
I sounded.

“Sis there’s different between like and love and this time I must say you love him because it always written all over you whenever you are chatting or talking to him”
She said.

“Vero you don’t know what you are saying,I don’t love him I only like him”

She laughed and said,
“I have heard but I know you will admit it one day”
She said and focused back on her phone.

I lied down thinking about what Vero said,
“I know I don’t love him,I only like him beside of it is true I love him,he won’t date someone like me,some one that is not the same level with him nor class and also he have a fiancee so it is better I like him than to love him”
I thought and slept off.



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