My Heartbeat

My heartbeat episode 18 – 19


(Rhythm of love)

Hailey’s POV

I stood by the door, contemplating within me if I should go in or not..
I’m pretty sure Ivy would give me a day off..she’s just too addicted.
And now I just so happen not to be in the mood for her plays..honestly school kinda held me tight..and now I’ve seen someone that I love..someone that I’m sure might love me back because he do act like it..Ivy games no more triggered..somehow I wish I cold stop..plainly tell her it’s enough but I can..once she’s on it, I just happen to lose control, like I never own I was too addicted to her mere touch..

I just can’t help it.
I rested my back on the wall as my gaze moved to the floor..I saw mom slippers that had shiny stones on them..the pair of slippers lay on the carpeted floor, a smile slowly curved at the end of my lips..
mom’s home…!
my heart seldom stays home, and now that it’s my lucky day..Ivy wouldn’t have a chance to play her games..
maybe coz of fear of being caught.
my smile widened.
I slowly reached for the knob and pulled it in..gaining the stares of both mom and Ivy..I looked down and moved into the house them closed the door behind.
“’re home” mom said wrapping her arm around me and giving me a quick kiss in my forehead..
“Afternoon mom” I said as she pulled away.

“How was school?” she asked glancing at the wall clock
“School was great” I said..
my gaze moved to Ivy who had a lollipop in her mouth..she gave me a half smile and slowly slipped the w€t sweet out of her mouth..then dip it back and made it more slimy with her tongue.
I rolled my eyes and looked away..
putting my glance back at mom I watched as she hurriedly slipped her phone into her bag and glanced at the time..
OK this only means one thing that happens almost daily that I just wasn’t ready for today.

“Honey..I’m off to the store..your lunch is in the microwave, I’ll try to come back early today” she said.
As if.
But mom can’t do this..I was still celebration my luck, seeing her at home and now she’s going back to the store..
it’s not even up to 20 minutes.
I knew mom those promises were empty always…
“Honey..I’ll be back early this time..
she patted my back but I slowly yanked her hand off.
“Just go mom…I can fix myself” I said and she smiled..
Giving me a quick peck she picked her keys.
“Bye kids..take care of yourself, and the house” she said and dashed out.
Worst..that’s all that could happen.
I gulped as my gaze moved to step sister who’s pester I wasn’t ready for..


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times it took my lot of courage to say no to her or push her..
she was intoxicating in some ways that I can’t admit to myself.. and at same time or little tome disgustingm
I slowly looked away and pushed my legs towards my room..


that Ivy neither pulled me back nor followed me I sat on my bed and pulled off my shoe..letting out a small humid sigh I relaxed my head on a pillow and I watched they rolling fan.
Few minutes of staying that way I stood up, locked my door and pulled off my clothes..I hanged it then dumped the hanger in my closet after taking a light dress..I pulled into it and loosened my hair, I sat on my dressing chair and applied some ointment on it rubbing it in.. then bind it back with the hair pin..letting few strands fall off.
It popped up.
I moved over to my bag, pulled the zipper open and pulled out my phone..I scrolled through my saved numbers and clicked on it..
I placed it on my ear and-
“Miss Gwen Callaghan, who am I speaking with?”
I heard her voice and it stroke a smile to my lips.
“Place a guess” I said.
The line went mute for a while..I could only hear gentle breathing.
“ that you?” she asked.
that was pretty easy.

“You really need to own a huge prize in puzzles” I joked and I heard her laughter from the other line..
“Joker…you stuck really close to your promise today” she said..
“pinky swears…remember?” I said and i heard her chuckle.
“Sure, I do”
she said “And I’m glad you stick to it”
“I just didn’t have a heart to turn against it” I said.
“So good to know that”
“So what’re you up to?”
“Nothing much…Watching some comedy sitcoms” she said “You?”
“I don’t know G..I’m pretty bored here” I said dryly.
my listening sense left me when i felt a palm caressing my legs..I faced back in a not so serious alarm since I already know who it was..
true to my guess it was her..
Her hand moved up and I caught it before it got to my inner lap..signalling for her to stop.
“Um..Hailey are you there?” I heard Gwen’s voice.
“Um Gwen..I..I um..can I call you back, later in the night?”
“Oh..sure, will be expecting it..I’ll just save your number” she said.
“OK thanks”


hung off on her and turned to Ivy.
“I’ve missed you so much babe..I thought of you all day I could hardly concentrate.” she softly said in her flirtatious sinful tone.
she yanked off her shirt and pant..left with only her underwear she pushed her hand toward my lap and I caught it again..she frowned at me.
“ don’t want it, don’t you miss me?” she asked.
“I-i do..I’m just really tired, I’m not in the mood” I said.
Not really practising my ‘no’ word.
“I’ll be gently sweetie..I promise” she said..her eyes pleading and demanding.
She slid her hand to my lap and caressed it then slowly bent to me..burying her face deep in my neck she kissed it with hunger.
I loosed myself.
“Ivy” I m0aned..savoring the pleasures that followed.
Her mouth moved to me ears and nibbled on its lobes..
I held her tight as m0an filled my mouth..
“I-Ivy?” I called in a m0an with my eyes shut.
“You like it?” she asked sending tiny bites to me.

“Yes…” I m0aned “Please..ivy…stop” I slowed my words.
Her mouth moved to my lips and she slowly brushed hers against it then started kissing me with so much hunger that always was there..
That feeling tho
I refused to reciprocate at first but the feeling was too good to pull away.
I kissed her back..burying my fingers in her hair and giving her entrance to pull up my dress over my head.

*(Rhythm of love)*
**Alex’s POV**
“Focus Daisy!” I said.
“But am I” She said and I shook my head.
“It’s ‘i am’ and no you were not focusing” I said..stood up from the bed, walked to the t.v and turned it off..
we’ve been on just one question for almost two minutes all because her eyes occasionally moves to the TV and sometimes rest there.
And seriously she has watched that cartoon a lot…I mean which girl child hasn’t watched Cinderella..
Cinderella..of all cartoons..
I saw her lips pout..making her cute puppy eyes more lovely.
“Did you have to do that?” she questioned.
“Yes..because you weren’t concentrating” I said and she frowned.
“Now I am..let’s go on” she said and I smiled and pinched her cheek slightly.
she gave me s feigned frown then we both laughed it out.
“Spell the word… DONKEY” I read out the next question the spelling book for beginners then hid the book from her.
“D-U-N-K-E-Y” she spelt and I shook my head..
“Almost close” I said.
“D..uhm. D-o-n-k-e-y” she corrected and I smiled.
“That’s right” I said and we exchanged high fives.
I ruffled her hair and she smiled.
“Next..spell the word SHOPPING” I said and watched as her brows twitched..
Pretty hard.
“So what’s next on the list?” I asked.
“Crispy chips!” she yelled.
“Mmh..” I m0aned “let’s go place the order right away” I said and she smiled the straightened her face.
“Uncle Alex” she called and I bent to get to her height.
“Yes Daisy”
“Uhm..I heard..there’s this ice cream kiosk downtown” she paused as she intertwined her fingers like she was contemplating on saying it “I was wondering if uhm..we could get ice cream cones instead of chips”
she shyly bent her head.
“Uhm…” I pinched my chin in a thinking manner then smiled.
“Sure sweet..let’s do that” I said and she smiled then raised up her bent head to look at my face..obviously trying to get if I was joking or something..
“Really?” she asked and I nodded.
“Sure sweetie besides I’m really craving for ice cream cones too” I said and her eyes happily brightened.
Well, honestly it’s been a while since I last ate ice cream..I even can’t recollect.
“Thanks uncle..I’ll grab my jacket then we’ll go” she said and dashed to her bed then picked up her thick sweater then faced..
I lifted her up in my arm and rested her on my hips then walked to the living room.
Picking up my jacket with my free hand I faced nanny who was picking up plastic toys from the chair..
Daisy’s handiwork.
“Nanny Letitia!” I called and she looked up..
“I’m taking da…Anne to the waterfront for ice cream cones” I said and she raised a brow..studying me for a while before she spoke.
“Uhm OK.. but please make sure she doesn’t take too much ice and sugar..her teeth falls off easily” nanny said with concern boldly spelt on her face.
I could see Anne pouting..
“Sure nanny, I’ll take care of that..we’ll be on our way, it’s getting late” I said.
“OK..please take care” she said giving Daisy a kiss on her forehead.
I moved to the door, took one last glance at the house then moved out..
I took out my keys from my pant pocket and inserted it into the door’s keyhole.
I pulled the door and entered then balanced Daisy on the passengers seat.
I could see vivid smiles in her lips as she looked through the rear view mirror.
ice cream freak!
I smiled as I walked to the driver’s seat and sat on the chair then locked the door.
I put the key in it’s ignition and swerved out of the compound.
Driving straight and reaching the waterfront I pulled in it’s front, parked and came down..I reached for daisy’s and pulled her out as well..
She looked around the beautiful waterfront and wowed.
“It’s big!” she exclaimed.
“Of’s a fountain” I said..
pulling her up in my arm I walked over to the ice cream kiosk which had different ice cream paintings on its big board at the top.
“Good day sir..little miss, may I help you” the shopkeeper asked..
I smiled at his outfit..he was dressed in an ice cream costume..his head had the vanilla flavour..the cone shape..while his body wore the long like cylinder or triangle.
“A really big cone!” Anne exclaimed and I chuckled then looked back at the man.
“Yes please..we want to purchase ice cream cones..
“Really big ones!” Anne sharply chipped in and the cone man smiled.
“I’d take the vanilla cherry and she’ll have-
“Vanilla, chocolate and strawberries toppled up together” Anne chipped in again and I gave her a long glare.
“Daisy granny strictly..
“Forget about’d be our little secret, granny doesn’t have to know” she said.
“But Daisy..
she put her little index finger across my lips.
“Shh…just order..go on, the cone’s waiting” she winked and I shook my head and faced the cone man who had a frustrated look.
“I’d go for vanilla and she’d have..
“Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate..topp
led with lot of creamy berries” she said and I rolled my eyes then smiled at the man..
“That..she’d have that” I said.
“So how do you want it?” he asked “Small, medium or big?”
“Big! very big” daisy exclaimed.
“No way kiddo..your teeth are gonna fall off” I said.
“But that’s what I want..granny was only being old” she said and I shook my head.
“Please uncle Alex!..please, please..
I faced the man.
“We’ll have two medium sized cones” I said to him.
“And lot of berries on the three flavored one” Daisy yelled in ecstasy.
“Yes miss..please wait here while I get it” he said then walked behind the counter..
I sucked in the air and looked around..noticing the troops of kids and few parents that were also waiting to get ice cream cones.
I looked at Anne who had a plastered smile on her face..
I smiled.
I just hope her teeth still stays intact.
Cheerful kiddo.
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