My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 1)

MY HUSBAND episode 1(Love and Lust)© Oladipo Daniel  & David Blessing

Adama was a very young lady, she left their village to visit her sister, Ifeoma who has just got married. Ifeoma and her husband needed a maid desperately to help them in house chore. They thought of it, having a male servant as the house maid would not be tolerated.
Something might be happening behind the back of her boss who was a civil servant but often travels for some trips. As well, having a lady maid, ah!  That one is scary.
  Ifeoma too would never accept that.
They both decided: “we will think about it”.
For the time being, as they were yet to arrive on conclusion, Ifeoma had invited her sister to assist her.
This time, Ifeoma has been put to bed. Congratulations aunty,  God will protect the new boy.
Adama was admitted into a school very close to their house. She could not express her feeling – being in Lagos for the very first time. She helped her sister to cook, wash, mob even joined her in shop in her weekends.
She was found of her new home. Ifeoma often traveled too even more than her husband. She did go eastern part of the country to buy shoes and bags (stock for her business).
In most time, Adama would be alone at home with the baby.
One evening, Mr John (ifeoma’s husband)  arrived early, he was too down seeing that his beloved wife was yet to arrive. Will I die of hunger? He alarmed. “Uncle!  I have prepared the food finish, should I serve your food?” He was so delighted to hear this. Pls I can’t wait to have it.
He ate the food as if he has been given a death notice. Ahm! So who did you say that cooked this food?  I did sir, She responded. Wha…  What!  You mean you cooked this food? She nodded.
You must have been a genus. Mama  and anuty thought me how to cook. Hmmm, your mama must be very proud of you. Mr John wished Adama should continue cooking their foods. The second year, It was Adama’s birthday. John was on phone with his wife, he was informed of her birthday.
This very day, ifeoma had traveled as usual. Adama was home alone. Not quite long, John drove in, brought a token as gift. He saw Adama laying down on the sofa.  What happened, why are you like this. Why did you use rub?  I am too weak,  she replied,  Maybe malaria. Hmm, he thought within,  this girl does not have a friend around. She might want to make her day  fabulous. Well, Adama, get up and go in, dress up with the best of your cloth. I will be waiting here for you. Go! and hurry…  Minutes later, she came back, dressed in ancient blowse.
Jesus!  You look…!  Is this your best? Don’t worry, let’s go.
He drove her to boutique and got her a very nice red gown with half a hill (shoe).
She was ordered to go into the dressing room to have herself changed.
She came out with make up, what a wench!  John was carried away. His eyes turned green, blue, and red, there was a sudden earthquake in his heart, his sight was transformed.
He saw an angel coming down to him with a cup of blessing, he was totally not in the scene anymore. He has been in trance.
The only thing that confused him was an angel wearing red attire. Uncle! Oga!  Sir! Brother!  None of this entered his ears,  Adama was tapping him, yet he thought it was the felt of heaven.
Until other attendant pushed him. Oh!  Where is… Ehm… Is… The… Take me to… Sorry. What did you see, I mean what did you say?
He blurted gibberish.  Our money oga,  the attendant said in pity. He paid them,  asked Adama to walk before him while he at the back following. He opened her the front door and helped her to close it.
She thought it would be for her special day… Every one in the shop was focusing on them, a voice was heard from the shop; “that man is in love”…
He took her to a restaurant, ordered her delicious meal, drinks and meats. Adama would never forget this day, she was eighteen. People all over were like, this girl was too beautiful to be ignored. John asked her to make a wish.
I need a baby, she requested. What!  You mean… (so delighted, eagerly) do you mean you want me to give you a baby? Yes, I love how the white children usually play with baby in the movie, some will even have them decorate their room. Hang it all over…
He was somehow  disappointed, he seemed to understand what she meant, you mean baby like toy?
  Yes,  as she nodded. In a calm voice he said, I will give you that… Hmm,  do you have boyfriend?
No o. Me, boyfriend, my sister will kill me.
So…  You never knew man?
Me? I do run away from them, they are all  deceivers little brother of devil himself.
Don’t say that, do you know I love you and do I look like devil?
You? She said, you are different now. Before you married, my sister usually talked about you. You took care of my sister, provided  them everything with her baby. Uncle, you are a good man…
All through, he was busy looking at her l-ips which was painted in red. He has gone too far in his mind… Ok, is there any other place you will still love to go?  He asked.
No, no sir. I have enjoyed my self. I will tell my aunty when she comes back.
She picked up John’s phone and dial a number. Aunty!  You have missed.  Miss what my jewel, the celebrant? Uncle John took me out, bought me so…. Please dear the voice retorted, we talk later. Happy birthday!  The call dropped. Ah!  She  was moody. Forget now, but I’m here for you. You should have understood your sister, she might be busy in the market. You see,  if she’s sluggish, she might miss her road or fall into the hands of 419. Are you still having malaria?  She touched her body, not anymore, I’m ok now, but seems my ankle is paining me…
You are not use to those shoes,  Come my love, let me take you home, he whispered, I will m-ssage it when we get home…
To be continued..
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