My Husband

MY HUSBAND (episode 2)

MY HUSBAND (Love and Lust)
© Oladipo Daniel & David Blessing

Ifeoma sat on john’s laps, exchanged drink and chatting, Adama brought the bouncing  baby boy. Ma, it seemed Emma is probably  having feverish. My God, go and bring me his drug. John eyes were fixed at the back of Adama as she was going. Ifeoma called, dear, dear, my dear?… He gained his conscious,  Maybe you should take him to hospital, he uttered. It is normal, he will be fine, what are you thinking? Think! Me!  No no no,  nothing.  Adama came back with a bowl of drugs and commanded to return to the kitchen… Wait my love, John told his wife, get up, I will be back in a jiffy. He went to meet Adama in the kitchen, how is the work? Very fine sir.  Do you love the baby I bought you. Oh!  Yes sir, he does help me at nights. You!  He nearly shouted, like a boyfriend? Ah!  Uncle, no o. I love to be using pillow, and I never had any, so I use it instead. Ehn!  You made my heart ceased. Honey!  Ifeoma shouted from the sitting room. Yes my love, I’m on my way. What am I looking for in this kitchen self, I came here for something… He searched the corners  of the kitchen, opened the cupboard and went out… Adama was smiling as if John was acting a comedy as he was moving up and down in the kitchen… He joined his wife.Honey,  your sister is alone in the kitchen. Didn’t you think she needs to have an assistant?Ifeoma: like me helping her?John: no no no. I mean, a maid.Ifeoma: ok. I called you to discuss her matter with you.John: Jesus!  Wh… Wh… Wha….Ifeoma: it is nothing, I realized she was not herself for the past few days. Her attitude was unusual. I just cannot explain it. Maybe…John: maybe what!Ifeoma : maybe… Maybe she…John: pregnant?Ifeoma: ah!  No, no, it is not like that. Maybe she needs to see her parents.  (John breathed like someone that was just revived from death)Ifeoma : I’ve called my mum. we concluded that she will travel home this coming weekend. Thank God they are in holiday.
John: we will miss this lady, are you sure you are not  sending her away?Ifeoma: sure, she will be back. Who will help me after resumption.John came back home one afternoon, the house was empty. Ifeoma took her boy to shop and nothing to eat at home. He walked round the house and picked his phone. Hello honey, I told you we need someone to help us in this house. I cannot control my hunger. Please, can you do something. His wife pleaded to take tea till she returns at night. He ended the call and dialed Adama’s number. Hello Adama, please when are you coming? in two weeks time she replied. Ok, are you sure you never gave any boy face in the village. Me? Boy?  I told you they are all evil. Ok, my good girl. do take care and my regard to mum… He sat down and forgot his famish. I don’t want this girl to have any boy for now she is so precious to my heart. I cannot let any man destroy her life… Ah!  Ifeoma nearly killed me, if she gets  pregnant for any man, hmm, I will kill the person. How I wish oh my God, that I never married. I would have asked her out… Knock!  Knock!… Who is it? Why are you home this early? Early! It’s past 8. Jesus!  I never left this seat. You mean I have spent four hours here… my love,  I’m planning of marrying second wife. What did you just say?  I  said I’m… Please, let this be the first and the last of telling me such a joke, else, I will kill you and kill my self. She could not wait to discuss further, angrily walked away. If you do not want that, pls bring back your  sister to help us with house chore. Ok? he said to himself after she has left, ‘I can’t wait to see Adama returns to this house. 
To be continued… 
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