My Husband's Dark Request

My Husband's Dark Request – episode 4


After a few minutes, my husband solemnly walked into the guestroom. He seemed to hesitate for a while as if afraid to meet my eyes. After stuttering for a moment, he finally spoke, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“So….how was it?” Then he quickly caught himself as he cringed at the thought of asking if his wife had enjoyed s€× with another man. “I mean… I know it’s a weird question, I hope he was gentle with you? Well, it doesn’t matter, what does is that you should get pregnant.”

“Why did you not tell me that you were going to pay me for sleeping with me?” I coldly asked.

He swallowed hærd. “Just a sort of compensation, honey. I’ll transfer 2 million to him tomorrow and another after you conceive.”

I was disgusted. Without another word, I brushed past him, walked to our master bedroom and had a shower. My walls came crumbling and the tears came gushing. I slid down against the w-t wall to the w-t floor with my arms wrapped around my body as I sobbed. The shower head continued to sprinkle water on me but I didn’t care. Not even a thousand oceans could wash away my guilt. I felt so guilty because not only had I agreed to defile my marriage by lying with another man, I had also enjoyed it and I wondered if God was ever going to forgive me for being such a wanton woman.

Well, that day slowly passed away with my husband trying to please and pamper me but I was lost in my own thoughts and wasn’t receptive. No matter how hærd I tried, I just couldn’t get the orgasm I had had off my mind. Each time I thought of what Jude had done, my crotch moistened up and I bet I was going to be sentenced to eternal damnation for this.

That night, my husband asked me to quit my job. He stated that he wanted me to have enough rest and in order for me to conceive, he would not like me to stress myself. I sullenly agreed and went to bed. In the middle of the night, he began to car-ss me and I knew what he wanted but I shrugged him off. That was the first time ever that I had ever denied my husband his s€×ual right. I had done it because I didn’t want him to ruin the lingering memory of Jude’s pleasure with his sore one. I slept off, reliving my s€×ual encounter with Jude in my mind.

The next morning, after my husband left for work. I was home alone and it was indeed very boring. While watching Nat Geo Wild on the large sitting room TV, I dozed off on the sofa but woke up to someone secretly taking off my p-nties. I jolted awake and was about to scre-m when I saw Jude squatting close to me but my voice immediately ceased when he suddenly buried his mouth between my thighs.

Helplessly, I fell back on the sofa, unable to resist the pleasure that instantly coursed through my body. That was all it took for me to succ-mb and before I knew it, he was p-nting hærd on me and I didn’t hold back to shame anymore, I begged him not to stop but when I felt him go rigid, he withdrew and ej×c×lated on the sofa and I gave him a look.

“Why?” I asked, almost angry.

Still p-nting, he fell back against the back rest of the sofa and managed to say: “I’m no fool, I presumed you and your husband wouldn’t let me have another chance if I impregnate you quickly. I had a deal with your husband about the money and now I’ll have a deal with you about the s€×. You let me sleep with you for four weeks and only then will I give you what you want!”

“You two-timing bastard!” I yelled, jolting to my feet. “You think this is a game?! You just wanna walk in here and sleep with me whenever you want? What do you think I’m, a dog?!” I fumed. “How did you even know I was home?!”

He smiled slyly. “Your husband told me that you’d be resting at home from now on and I have decided to make the best out of it!”

“Get out of my house!” I pointed at the door. “Get out of my house now! This is all a stupid idea and I wonder why I agreed to it in the first place! If you don’t leave now, I’ll call my husband!” I threatened but he was paying no attention to me, he was lost, staring at my bosom which bounced at every angry gesture I made.

As he started to come for me again, I turned and fled but I didn’t make it up the stairs, he caught me half-way and was in me again. God, I was finished! I lost all my defenses!


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