My ugly face episode 4







The guy took them to the his madam’s boutique,

🗣️ You have stay here and wait let me go inside and talk to the Madam”
He said to them.

“Okay! No problem”
Catherina said with smiles as the guy used the entrance.

“Wow! this boutique is so big and classic too”
Jackson sounded with his mouth wide opened admiring the boutique.

“Lovely! Angel’s Unisex Collection”
He read what was written on the sign board with smiles.

“Aunty Catherina you gonna be working at this classic boutique and you will be making a lot of money”
Jackson sounded with smiles and couldn’t stop admiring the boutique.

“Just pray the Madam hire me”
She sounded.

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🗣️ Ma I have finally gotten a job and I will be starting work tomorrow,I was also given an official car and house”
He sounded with so much joy.

🗣️ I hope you still bear with we discussed in mind? You won’t leave this boutique without finding a replacement”
The madam sounded crossing checking her cashbook on the system.

🗣️ I still remembered it Ma,I have already gotten a replacement”
He said.

🗣️ You said what? Gotten a replacement! So soon! How did you manage to get one?
She asked confusingly.

🗣️ Ma I met this young lady at the interview this my job was actually hers but due to some complicated issue she lost the job to me,she told me the story of her life to was so touching and sympathetic so I decided to bring her”
He explained.

🗣️ How can you believe a story told my a stranger? Don’t go and bring someone that will rob off my things in this shop”
She shouted.

🗣️ Ma if you see this lady you will understand what am saying,she is a good hearted lady I don’t think if she will have any notorious motives while working for you”
He tried to convince her.

She laughed and asked,
🗣️ Have you forgotten the saying that says never judge a book by its cover? She meant looks so cool,calm and harmless but inside her is very dark like charcoal and poisonous like snake,as I said I don’t someone that will rob off things in my shop”

🗣️ Please Ma allow me to bring her in first then you will see things by yourself”
He said.

🗣️ Okay go and bring her but just know that if I don’t like her you will not leave this boutique until find someone to replace you”

🗣️ An definitely sure you will like her”
He said and went to get Catherina.

Meanwhile Catherina have not been herself since the guy went inside,she has been thinking and praying for this one be her final bus stop of her suffering.

The guy came out and said to her,
🗣️ She need to see you”

“That means she has accepted to employ my Aunty?
Jackson asked feeling so happy.

🗣️ Not yet! She need to see her first and examine her to know if she is fit to work in her shop”
He said.

“I know she will like her,See Aunty I wish you good luck okay”
Jackson hugged her as they went inside.

🗣️ Here she is Ma! her name is Catherina”
He said.

“Good afternoon Ma!
She greeted politely.

The Madam turned to see her she became so astonished at the moment she set her eyes on her.

🗣️ Blood of Jesus! Are you a half monster and half Human? Where did you get this Monster from?
She shouted in shocked.

🗣️ Please Ma don’t panic! She is not a monster nor born as half monster half human,Catherina here is real human being like us, there’s a story behind this monster face you see here”
He said.

“Yes Ma! Am not a monster rather am human being,I got this monster face from a fire explosion and because of this face Nobody Wants Me, because of this face people run away from me children cried and ran for their lives because of this face I have been roaming around the street looking for job nobody want to employ a Monster’s face like me please Ma I desperately need this job to be able to survive and take care of my brother,we have suffered a lot Ma please Ma don’t be scared of my face and employ me I assure you that i will be so loyal and obedient to you,you will never regret having me as your employee”
Catherina said in tears hoping for the woman to consider her.

🗣️ Please Ma give her a trial if she is not good to your standard you can sack her”
He said.

The Madam breathed and shooked her head,
🗣️ Indeed your story is touching,what I hate the most is laziness I hate people that lazy around when they need to attain to the costumers I have accepted to give you a trial for a week and if I observe you are not good to work for me I won’t hesitate to sack you”
She said.

“As I said Ma you won’t regret having me as your employee,please Ma I want to beg you for a favour Ma”
She said.

🗣️ What is it?

” Ma as I said we have been roaming around the street without any shelter please Ma if you can give us any of the boy’s quarter in your house for me and my brother to lay our heads on once I get my month salary I will rent a place please Ma Is not that am asking too much but we sincerely need a roof over our heads then sleeping on people’s shops”
She pleaded with her hands folded.

🗣️ There’s no problem on that one since Jerry have gotten a job that came with house and car you and your brother we move in and stay as long as you want and one more thing you don’t have to worry about feeding I will take care of it once you are loyal and obedient to me you won’t regret working for me”
She said.

Catherina’s heart was filled with so much excitement,she knelt in tears and gave her a millions of thanks.

“Thank you so much Ma! God will surely reward you for your kindness,as I said Ma you won’t regret having me as your employee”
She said with her heart filled with so much gratitude.

🗣️ Is okay Catherina, Jerry you will take her to the house so she will drop her things then bring her back and show her around the boutique so she will know the prices of things”
She said.

Catherina stood up and thanked her again before using the door.

Jackson ran to Catherina at the moment they came outside,
“Aunty Catherina tell me you have gotten the job”
He shouted feeling so happy to hear the good news.

“Ye Jackson! We now have a job and a roof over our heads no more sleeping outside and begging for arms”
She shouted excitedly and hugged him.

“Wow! Wowaw! Am so happy no more sleeping outside no more begging for food and no more wearing rags as clothes I will now start going to school”
Jackson jumped and shouted with so much excitement.

“Thank you so much Jerry for believing in me and for not running away from me had it been i didn’t go for the interview I couldn’t have encounter such a blessing like this I could have been roaming around still looking for a job,I so much appreciate it”
She thanked him with tears of joy.

🗣️ Is nothing Catherina besides if not because of you I wouldn’t have gotten to this company work so you sincerely deserve an appreciation so thank you a million times”
He said to her with smiles.

They went to his official car and drove to the uncompleted building where they belongings are,they took it and drove to the Madam’s house.

The gateman opened the gate as they drove inside,
“Wow! Aunty I can’t believe we are coming to leave in this mansion!
Jackson sounded at the moment he came down from the car.

“The Mansion is so big! Jerry did Madam stay alone in this big house?
Catherina asked admiring the big Mansion.

“Yeah! She leaves alone”
He said and brought down their bags.

“What about her family?
Catherina asked being so curious to know.

“I so wonder how she will stay alone in this house without a family”
Jackson sounded.

“Her husband is late then her two daughters are studying outside the country”
He said.

“Oh I thought as much! so sorry for her lost”
Catherina sounded as they went inside.

Jackson shooked his head and shouted,
“Wow! Wow! Wow! What a paradise? Aunty it seems we are in heaven,look at the sitting room so beautiful like paradise”
He landed in on the couch.

“Aunty Catherina I have gone to meet my Lord please don’t wake me up”
He sounded and lay down as they burst out laughing.

“You won’t kill me Jackson! Please stand up before you will dirty the couch”
Catherina sounded with laughs and drag him up.

“So for real real Aunty we will be living in this mansion,I can’t believe this real it as if am dreaming”
Jackson sounded.

“You are not dreaming Jackson! it’s real”
She sounded with smiles.

“Wow! look at this flower inside this vessel”
He shouted touching the vessel.

“Jackson remove your hand from there before you will break that thing”
Catherina shouted and grabbed his hand.

“Let me show you guys your room”
Jerry said and led the way to upstairs.

“Here is your room”
He said.

“Oh my goodness!
Jackson shouted and landed on the bed.

He rolled on the edges of the bed with so much,
“We can now sleep on a comfortable bed and not sleeping on the floor exposing our body on the cool weather, Aunty come and feel the bed”

Catherina jumped on the bed and shouted in a relief,
“Oh my God! this is so good!.

“Aunty you can say that again,the bed feel so good”
Jackson shouted rolling on the edges of the bed,Jerry couldn’t stop laughing.

“Please guys we shouldn’t waste time here,the room is yours now you can lie down on it and feel the softness of it but as for now we need to go back to the boutique”
Jerry said to them.

Catherina jumped down and packed their bag on the wardrobe.

“Let’s go Jackson!

“Aunty Catherina you can go let me sleep on this soft bed you know it has been long my body lay on a bed so please allow me to feel the softness of this big bed”
He sounded still rolling on the bed.

Catherina climbed on the bed and dragged him out,
“The bed now belong to us so you can sleep on it later but as for now we have to go”

“Please Aunty just allow me to sleep and dream to my wonder land”
He sounded trying to lie down but Catherina dragged him up.

“You guys are wasting time,let’s go”
Jerry shouted from downstairs.

“We are coming Jerry! We need to go now Jerry is waiting for us”
She shouted and finally dragged him out from the bed.

“Am coming back for you my sweet and soft bed,I will miss you but not much okay”
Jackson sounded before using the door.

They went back to the boutique,Jerry showed her and the necessary things she need to know,the prices of the clothes the accessories and some many other things.