Nelson And The Bed

Nelson and the bed episode 5

Nelson was expected to make love to people in order to stop or prevent the spread of the visual virus. How on earth was he gonna cope with such life as if he was a s€× machine. How would he explain that to Jane and Sam to their best understanding coz he could see them staring at him expectantly in,side the car.
“Nelson, what do you mean you’re the cure to the disease?” Jane asked him with a hand on the steering wheel of the static car. Meanwhile Delgado’s voice continued on the public television and car radios.
Sam smiled from the back seat. “Um.. please, Jane, check my friend if that old woman didn’t give him some weed to smoke coz he’s beginning to act crazy.” he suggested.
Nelson straightened on his seat. “Take me to Morton” he said, wearing his safety eyeglass.
“What?” Jane exclaimed. “Morton is a place meant for people with the virus. You can’t go in there! Do you want to be infected?”
Sam giggled bitterly. “You see what I’m telling you; my friend is not himself anymore!”
“Yes, I’m not myself!” Nelson raised his voice in a way Jane startled beside him. “I’m going gaga! My head is about to explode! I’m tired of having people telling me who I am and what I should do! I want to find out how this wh0le thing happening is connected to me. Now, are you taking me to Morton or Not?!”
The interior of the car became quiet. Sam had never seen his friend yelling in that manner. That convinced him that something serious was going through his head at that moment. Therefore he never joked with him again. Even Jane suddenly ignited the car engine and began to drive straight to Morton.
Darkness had taken over the cloud, but electricity helped few people to moved along the road, each, with his eyes covered with safety eyeglasses. Nelson watched from their moving car how an old man lamented in front of his house. Though it was dark, but he found the old man staring directly at him like a monitoring ghost who knew him more than himself. Nelson’s heart skipped with goose pimples all over his body. Nobody noticed it except him.
Jane pulled over in front of Morton. The building looked more like the residence of vampires. It had no fence regardless of its longitivity. Nelson removed his seatbelt, wanting to go down, but Jane held him by the hand. He looked from the hand to her face to see her staring at him in an unusual manner, while Sam observed from behind. Jane suddenly released Nelson’s hand without saying a word.
“Be careful, man” Sam said as Nelson was leaving the car. They could see him walking into the building with a torchlight until he opened a door and closed it from behind.
Jane exhaled. “This wh0le thing is freaking me out now” she rubbed her face with her palms.
“I’m already dead here” Sam supported.
“I feel like the worst is about to happen”
“Yes, me too”
in,side the Morton, victims laid on several beds, looking tired and steady like their souls had left their body. As he wanted to move further, a man came out from another room where there was light. He had a big stomach with beards filled on his jaw. On his two eyes was a medical eyeglasses. Medical hand gloves and lab coat could also be seen as his present attire. “Who are you?” he pointed a torchlight at Nelson coz the place was dark.
“Nelson, an agent from Delgado research sanctum” Nelson’s voice echoed.
“Thank God. Come in”
Nelson entered into the brighter room to see that it was also a research lab with people working. He turned to the huge man, “Why is the victims’ ward dark.. uh..”
“I’m Ben” the man helped him. “This is visual virus case as the name given to it by Delgado” he smiled and shook his head. “So the victims don’t need light to avoid somebody like you who walked in unknowingly from contacting it” He sat down in his office chair, gesturing Nelson to do so too. “I just listened to your boss, Delgado, saying something about knowing the causes and the cure of this virus in no time, but I don’t think so”
“What do you think?”
“I think this is beyond a medical comprehension”
“I don’t understand”
“People affected by this V2, none has been confirmed totally dead”
“Wait, but I saw some dead bodies on the road”
“Like I said, they were not totally dead” Ben removed his eyeglasses. “It seems like their souls are trapped somewhere. Judging from the affected gender, it’s almost equal of male and female whom, few has been confirmed to be in a relationsh¡p.” He gazed at Nelson who began to reason very fast. “Thinking what I’m thinking?” he smiled.
“Yes” Nelson began. “I guess their souls were trapped during s€×ual intercourse”
“Exactly!” Ben brought out a piece of paper and began to an-lyse through drawing as he continued. “s€× is more than just a physical act. There is also a deep spiritual aspect to s€×. Dan Delzell, a man of God, said in one of his teachings about where the souls goes during s€×. He said the souls might go to three different places depending on the holiness of the s€×”
Nelson stood up from his seat looking woozy and rubbing his head haphazardly coz what the man was telling him was so deep that he couldn’t get a place in his head to fix them, added to the one Delgado and Christiana had told him.
“Mr Nelson?” Ben called on him. “Are you okay?”
Nelson exhaled. “I’m fine. I’m listening. Continue” he said leaning forward on the table between them. “But Wait, don’t you think the victims need a spiritual help judging from what you’re telling me”
“No” Ben stood up, brought out a book from a cardboard behind him. He placed it on the table saying, “On this book, the author quoted one Dr. Anthony Clifford”
Hearing that, Nelson straightened up coz that was the name of his late father who had put his life in jeopardy and confusion. Which means everything was still coming down on his shoulder. Reading his restlessness, Ben asked him again. “Mr Nelson, are you sure you’re okay?”
“Quote the quote” he sounded more like a commander.
“Okay” Ben quoted thus: “Destination of souls during unholy s€× is in captivity”
“Captivity where?”
“Only Dr. Anthony Clifford knows because according to what I read about him. He was making a research on the destination of souls during unholy s€×. I also read that he foresaw these days and prepared his son for it. Therefore, the victims do not need a spiritual help but the son.” Ben concluded without knowing that the son was the very man standing before him.
“If Anthony’s son is found. How would he, a physical being, save trapped souls?” Nelson asked.
“I don’t know how he gonna do it, but I believe he has the power. It’s for him to figure it out. So however Delgado thinks he gonna get the cure to the so called V2, I don’t know”
Nelson thought for a while. “What’s behind the lock if not the cure?” He soliloquized, looking absent-minded. Who is he gonna believe now? Christiana, Delgado or Ben? In fact, it seemed to him Ben put more fuel in the fire for saying that Anthony’s son is the way out, but doesn’t know how he would do it. Also, Nelson himself didn’t know how he would do it. Therefore as the silence lingered, he said, “If s€× is the origin of this disease, how do you explain the mode of transmission which is eyes to eyes”
Ben exhaled. “Only Dr. Anthony can answer that question. And i think it was him who brought about the disease. Who knows what or who he tried to have s€× with during his experiment which brought about the disease?” he leaned forward with fingers clutched together. “Trust me Mr Nelson, a time will come when the souls of the affected victims will hunt for the life of the son if he doesn’t free them”
Hearing that, Nelson w¡dened his eyes surprisingly coz he knew he will be the one hunted by the souls.
Nelson and co drove in,side the very compound of Delgado’s research sanctum. Sam carried the bed while Jane followed him before Nelson who had not talked to anyone ever since he came out from Morton. Just at the general room, Delgado came out in his big stomach. “Wow, welcome!” he spread his hands happily. Nelson looked at him for a moment, walked straight into his room without saying a word. Charlie ran after him, while Jane monitored both movement.
“This is the almighty bed” Sam dropped it.
Ernest walked closer to it happily and hailed the bed saying, “The freedom bed, the lock opener, the only bed with swag. I can’t wait to see superman do jigi-jigi on it. I still wonder who the lucky woman will be” he glanced at Jane who disdained him.
“Sir, permit us to set the bed” Jane requested.
Jane carried the bed with Sam into an elevator which carried them down to the lock. As they were fixing it, Jane asked Sam without looking at him. “Does he have a girlfriend?”
Sam looked at her. “Who?”
“Your friend of course”
He smiled mockingly. “I told you. Love is inevitable. It’s not an illusion. Before I give you the information you want, you have to confess your love for him to me”
Jane hesitated for a moment as she located a switch where she connected the wire to the bed. “Fine, I’m falling for him” she confessed. “But don’t let him know” she added.
“Wow” Sam kept smiling. “Well, Nelson is street. He gat no woman in his life. He bangs pr-stitutes whenever the d*ck is up and steady”
“What about Charlie?” Jane was still inquisitive….
On the other hand, Charlie met Nelson seated at the edge of a bed with his two hands on his forehead. Who would have known what was filled in,side the head; the confusion and the problem ahead.
“Nelson?” Charlie sat beside him. “You look worried. What’s it?”
Nelson kept quiet.
“I have so many things to tell you which I suggested to Ernest earlier but I never knew he is just a clown” she added, waiting for him to respond or raise his head up. Just then, a knock came on the door. Ernest entered.
“Superman, the bed is ready to be good in it. Come, let’s act this p-rn” he announced……

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