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Nora batch 2



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good afternoon mum”, Freddie greeted her mum politely.
”oh good day my dear,am getting ready to go to the shop,and ur food is on the table and don’t forget to microwave it”,his mum said,.. ”ok mum,I will”Freddie replied and went to his room,he entered his bathroom and stood in front of a wall mirror,he removed his shirt and stared at his manly body,he touch his neckless,a special neckless which his mother gave him, made with stone and rope,his mother always told him never to take it off because the neckless will always guide and protect him,Freddie took his shower and ate his dinner,while eating he kept thinking about Nora and her strange behaviors,he knew there was something strange about that Nora,..after eating he took the plate to the kitchen and tidy up his room,he watched some movies making him a little away from thinking about Nora.
9:30pm Freddie couldn’t sleep he kept tossing and turning untill he finally fell asleep and had a strange dream,in that dream Freddie saw himself standing in a deserted island and all of a sudden Nora appear and they both started kissing romantically,they gave each other some tonging and immediately Nora tried to pierce a hole in Freddie neck without his knowledge but all of a sudden,a force field pushed Nora away,but Freddie picked her up and started kissing her again, and immediately Freddi woke up
Freddie woke up sweating like crazy,he didn’t know wat kind of dream was that neither did he understood it,kissing Nora is the last thing he would ever do.


kissing Nora is the last thing Freddie would ever do.
Chad could be seen in his room crying and sweating heavily even though the air conditioner was on,his two palms were covering his ears,someone has been calling his name but he didn’t know who the person was, no one was at home except him,
”pls leave me alone,who re u and why re u bothering me”Chad cried more covering his ears.
”chad”;the sweet feminine voice called again and it was causing pains to his head and ear ”leave me alone pls”Chad cried out.
Nora could be seen in an empty room with candles surrounding her and in front of her was a bowl of pure clean water,she kept calling the name Chad,chad until she saw him crying on his bed through the bowl,she smiled and called the name again before saying, ”look Chad,am not hurting u,I want to help u,so just go over to ur wall mirror in ur closet and stand there,..Chad in his own house who wanted all this to end stood up and walked over to his closet stood in front of his wall mirror stood there waiting patiently,..and behold Nora came out from the mirror [email protected], Chad was dumbfounded, Nora walked up to Chad and placed her hand around his neck and said in a whisper ”dont worry Chad it won’t hurt,I promise after this u will be perfectly fine and u will have nothing to worry about”and then she smiled devilishly as she use her eyes to control Chad to take her to bed,and Chad did, carrying her [email protected] body to his bed.


The next morning,Freddie woke up feeling weak a little,he took his bath and wore his school uniform and hurried to school,on hoping to see Chad so he could tell him about his strange dream getting to class,he saw Chad sitting alone,he wasn’t talking or doing anything,he just sat still, and he didn’t even blink an eye, Freddie watched Chad for some time before approaching him, ”hey Chad how re u,”Freddie asked but Chad didn’t reply,he just sat still without blinking an eyes, ”chad re u ok?Freddie panicked shaking Chad but chad still doesn’t reply, ”what is happening,Chad wat is wrong with u,why re u like this”,Freddie said but there was still no reply, all of a sudden,Nora walked in looking more beautiful,she was glowing and tempting, immediately Nora entered inside the class,Chad breathed in and blink his eyes,Freddie was astonished, ”chad,Chad are u ok now””,Freddie asked while Chad nodded and said ”yes I am”.
”what happened,u were just still a minute ago,u weren’t breathing or talking or even blinking an eye but immediately Nora walked in you…you..came back to life,I think I now wat is going on,Nora is behind all this,’freddie said with disgust while Chad punch him hard in the face and yelled, ”how dare u blame Nora for wat she didn’t do”, Freddie was surprised but he didn’t punch Chad back because he knew this wasn’t his friend he use to know.
”whatever that Nora of a girl did to u,am going to find out”, freddi said and angrily walked up to Nora who was at the door talking to two guys,..”nora we need to talk”,Freddie said angrily as he got there,..Freddie held Nora’s hand and dragged her outside,and disengage his hand from hers and he couldn’t believe it,Nora was in tears,the place Freddie held her got burnt, it was like her wrist got burnt by real fire,..but all of a sudden the burnt Mark on her hand suddenly disappeared, Freddie eyes got wider as he move back.
”who is she”,Freddie thought.


”who is she?Freddie thought and he took some courage and said, ”look Nora I don’t know who u re or wat u re,but whatever thing u did to Chad my friend,I want u to end it,”Nora frown her face and said ”i don’t know wat u re talking about,”Freddie gritted his teeth together feeling angry, ”oh u don’t know wat am talking about huh,then can u explain how the burnt Mark on ur hand suddenly disappeared,and why anytime I touched u the pain and shock starts,u re not human and u re going to tell me who u are,” Freddie said angrily while Nora laughed and said ”look Freddie I think u have mistaken me to another person,”Freddie was burning in anger and could feel his tie tingling his throat and he angrily removed it,and behold Nora saw Freddie neckless and gasped and immediately she started moving backwards and shaking her head negatively, Freddie studied her character and notices she was scared of his neckless,as a smart boy he smiled charmingly and said ”i know u re not human,so just tell me who u re or else I will use my neckless on u,and also tell me wat u did to Chad my friend,” Freddie said moving closer to Nora while Nora kept moving back ”where did u get that neckless from,pls stay away from me”,Nora said still moving back, …”no until u tell me who u re and wat u did to Chad”,freddie added,..Nora swallowed hard not knowing wat to do but to say it.
”i compelled Chad,he is under my control now,Chad spirit is no longer in this world and he will only worship me and do wat I tell him to do,and I am a mermaid,a half witch and half mermaid”,Nora said.
What?u compelled my friend,so u mean he is dead!!Freddie said getting angry,so angry that his eyes got red and got tears in it.
Pls just set my friend Chad free,I beg u,”Freddie said.
I will only set him free on one condition,”Nora replied.
And which condition is that if I may ask”,Freddie said.

And which condition is that if I may ask”,Freddie said while nora laughed devilishly and said ”u will hand over that ur neckless to me,and after that I will set ur friend chad free,I assured u,” so Freddie breathed in and replied ,”that neckless is very important to me,am sorry u re asking for the impossible,pls just set him free I beg u,”.
Then u left me no choice,”Nora said,as she was about to walk away,Freddie stopped her and said ”pls wait,ok,if giving u my neckless will make u set my best friend Chad free,no problem I will give it to u,”so Freddie gave Nora his neckless and said ”now can u set my friend free from ur bondage”, ….”relax handsome dude,do not rush me,I will do dat after school hour,ur friend will be set free after school hour,”Nora said and walked away,so Freddie went back to class.
School was over that day, and Freddie didn’t hesitate to walked up to Nora, …”what?Nora said with her eyes all flared up”.
Pls just tell me u re going to set my friend Chad free,”Freddie say.
U re disturbing me,pls just let me be ok,”Nora said yelling.
Why won’t I disturb u,when I risk my neckless,”Freddie said through his teeth and walked away,Nora watched him as he walked away from her,she smile devilishly and mutter to herself ”dont worry handsome boy,ur friend Chad is under my control and so will u be,”.
Lynn quickly shoved her notes inside her bag and carried it on her back,she watch Nora from her seat as she flipped her hair walking out of the class,and immediately Lynn followed her without Nora knowledge,Nora majestically walked out of the school compound but unfortunately Freddie’s neckless fell from her bag without her knowing and immediately she went farther,Lynn picked the neckless up and took it home.
Freddie got home lost in thought ”i just hope Nora fix Chad”,he thought and sighed heavily, Freddie was hungry but he couldn’t eat,he left his food untouched and went to his room.


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