November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 55


Rosanne flinched a little when a light knock came into the room she and the crown prince were and slowly she got on her feet to get the door.
“Must be your breakfast” Rosanne smiled as she pulled the door opened only to he taken aback by the sudden presence.
“Garam goodness.” she called. “What are you doing here?”
“Luckily, for you and Her Highness the queen sent Me to serve you both.” Garam lied with a smile, stepping into the room.
“Oh… Alright then” Rosanne was dumbfounded as she shut the door.
Garam stepped into the room and with a low bow, he gave the bow to his Highness with a smile, wanting to go drop the tray of food beside him on the bed when Rosanne grabbed the tray from him immediately.
“I’ll handle that, you do not have any permit to go near his Highness even if you have the permit to come serve him.” Rosanne beamed, walking up to his Highness and dropping the tray, low key fearing for the life of her lovely betrothed if he should go near the crown prince.

The crown prince said nothing.

“Your Highness, I can stay until your breakfast is over then I’ll leave” Garam offered with a bow.
“Garam” Rosanne whispered. “That’s the reason I am here, I’ll handle it”
“You’ve done enough Roseanne, I think it’s best if I take over from here.”


leave Garam.” Rosanne whispered.
“But I’ll-
“Leave!” The crown prince suddenly yelled startling Garam.
Angered by his yell. Garam clearly couldn’t do anything, so instead he lets out a polite bow before turning to Rosanne to give her a kiss on her cheek.

Rosanne took a step back immediately. “Later, when I’m back home.” she whispered and he nodded before walking out of the room.
“Who in the goddamned world is he?” the crown prince roared.
“I am deeply sorry your Highness.” Rosanne apologized. “He is my betrothed Garam.”

“Garam?” The crown prince scoffed angrily.
“The one from your letter.?”

“I am afraid he is the one your Highness.” Rosanne bowed.
“I hate him! What did he try to do with you just now?” The crown prince asked taking Rosanne by surprise.
“He… Just now? He tried to kiss me.” Rosanne swallowed. “I know it was disrespectful of him and I apologize on his behalf your Highness.”


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thought he tried to harm you.”

“Garam would never harm him. Never! I am his wife to be, he possibly cannot” Rosanne smiled, thankful the crown prince was prone to any danger about to happen around her.

“You may leave also.” The crown prince stated.
“What?” Rosanne was confused.
“You came back to Orrander for the Hayest festival and to spend time with the people you supposedly love, I think you should go to them instead of doing nothing with me.”

“Oh…” Was all Rosanne could say. “Well thank you so much your Highness, thank you for the offer.”.
“Leave, I may be cursed but I am not disababled I do not need a servant for today”
With the crown prince words, Rosanne’s lips curved into a happy smile as she also withdrew herself from embracing the crown prince for allowing her to leave his territory.

“I mean it is all just for today.”
“Yes it is” Rosanne smiled and with a bow she said “I’ll be taking my leave now your Highness. Goodbye, I’ll be back tonight”.
The crown prince watched as Rosanne left his room with a smile on her face, making him realise she became more happier at the mention of her leaving.
“she hates being with me.” he mumbled to himself and felt the presence stand beside him.

“And you’re just realizing that? Rosanne hates you, who wouldn’t? All you do is get angry and shut the world out, who wouldn’t hate you” The presence stated angering the crown prince.


lost, it’s all just for today, after today we will return back to sylph and everything will go back to the way it was, everything. She doesn’t hate me, you heard what she said she will be back tonight.” The crown prince consoled himself.
“That’s how humans are they promise but never stick to their words, with Garam beside her do you think she’d even think of you? You’re the last person she probably wants to see tonight do not believe shafted promises from that lass, and lets get down to why we really came here the king and queen. Tonight we strike!”

“And this is the castle of Orrander.” Martha’s voice was loud as she presented the big castle to the expensive looking maiden who looked around her age.
“Well thank you Martha” Arya smiled.

“And now I shall take my leave.” Martha declared, about to walk away when Arya called her back.
“Why are you leaving, you will walk me inside.”

“I cannot, commoners are not allowed inside the castle without the royal family’s permission” Martha shook her head.
“I assure you that it is fine. Walk with me.” Arya beamed.
“If I get into any trouble my parents will get involved.” Martha reminded, not wanting to go again the rules.
“Then it is time I introduce myself for you to trust me and believe it is surely my first time here in Orrander” Arya sighed.
And with a heavenly curtsey, she began. “My name is Arya Jensinsnow of the Greenore village, my father is kenth Jensinsnow and my mother is Audrey Jensinsnow, which makes me the princess of Greenore, orrander’s neighboring village, it is our first time being invited to one of orrander’s extravagant festival, and pardon me for not telling you earlier, but you see while we were in the carriage I noticed a sweet skunk that dragged my attention for they were rare and I wanted one for myself which led me to go after it leaving the royal carriage and my royal guards, I became lost out of curiosity and greed and you’ve showed me the way Martha, thank you so much, but please we should not stop here, walk with me…”

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