Olamma – episode 5

Episode 5.
By Amah

The seven days party continued in Olamma’s house.
The guest were giving a nice and warm place to stay on each night of the seven days.

Olamma was counting days to be over so that she can journey to Ozulu kingdom with her handsome husband, prince Onrah.

Her friends gathered around her, they all have different things to say about Olamma’s suitor.

Oby, Olamma’s friend couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Mma, you are so lucky. The gods has indeed favoured you. Nobody has seen or heard of prince Onrah. He is like a god. Wealthy and he has royal blood running through him. Very handsome too. Many of us wish to be you right now. You are so lucky. We pray the gods that gave you this numerous blessings will also bring a man like prince Onrah to the maiden of this village.”


The rest of the maidens present chorused “ise” repeatedly so that the gods will hear and visit them with a man like Prince Onrah.

Messengers were sent by Olamma’s father to inform Adaugo about Olamma’s seven days wedding ceremony.

They went twice before Adaugo decided to journey down with them on the fifth day.

When she arrived with her servants, she witnessed the great feasting and celebration going on.

She saw her younger sister and her friends dressed in a decorated bead and wrapper. Olamma was filled with smile as she sat like a queen.

Olamma saw Adaugo her elder sister but ignored her and did not bother to stand up and say hello to her.
Olamma wanted Adaugo to see that her level is far higher than her own.

Adaugo did not mind as she walks up to her younger sister and greeted her and her friends.

Adaugo was scanning the faces of the people so that she can s₱0t the wealthy prince Onrah that everyone was talking about.

When she later saw him, sitting with some strange faces at a far end with palm wine, kolanut and other items on their large table she suddenly felt cold.

In truth prince Onrah was extremely handsome, and even the strange people around him looks good too.
Prince Onrah can pass for a man with great authority but there was something strange about him.

As Adaugo looked on, prince Onrah looked in her direction. she felt frozen at that s₱0t.
 All the hair on body stood. Her head felt heavier, a sudden cold held her immediately.

She couldn’t move her legs or speak out.
It was as if she has seen a ghost.
Fear gripped her.
Just then Olamma tapped her shoulder.

She quickly got herself from the sudden shock.

“,O bu maka gini ka I na e lee dim anya otu a. (Why are you looking at my husband like that) it was even Oby, my friend that draw my attention to you. I know you have not seen a handsome, wealthy, royal prince before in your entire life. Not the ugly, poor looking man who calls himself prince that you got married to. My prince Onrah is actually the most handsome, wealthy prince anybody has ever seen. Please, I’m guarding my husband jealously, don’t think he will even notice you with all those your look. Stick to your so called husband.

Adaugo knew what she just felt after prince Onrah looked in her direction. She knows there was something wrong.
She refused to be offended by Olamma’s insult but rather started warning her.

“,, Olamma, Biko…ari rio kam na ario nwanne m. (I’m begging you my sister) I don’t think this prince Onrah is ordinary man. Think before you leap my sister. I know he fit in perfectly well into the man you have always wanted but he is really strange…. totally strange. He made all the hair on my body to stand, my body is filled with goose bump. Please, don’t marry him. What if he is a ghost in human skin?…..

Adaugo was still talking when Olamma began to laugh. She laugh so hærd at Adaugo before concluding that Adaugo is an enemy of progress and she was only being jealous of her.

Adaugo went to her father to also tell him about prince Onrah but her father shut her up.

“Adaugo, mechie onu gi. (Shut up your mouth) stop talking rubbish. You are sounding like a jealous and bitter woman who do not want the happiness of her younger sister. Not everybody should be called a prince, somebody like your husband is a common rat to where prince Onrah is. I wanted you to come and witness the difference between royalty and that common prince you got married to. Your younger sister has made me so proud. What you couldn’t do Olamma has done it in double fold. She is more of a daughter to me than you can ever be. I always know that a day like this will come, when Olamma will make me proud. Have you seen the grand celebration which is still going on for days… Your husband will be called a servant in prince Onrah’s presence….”

Adaugo shakes her head in a pity rage as she left her father who is carried away by people’s appearance.

She went to her mother to see if she will be more understanding but her mother was even worst.

Adaugo couldn’t stay any longer, the wh0le compound was polluted with terror.
she left with her servants back to her kingdom.
 Leaving Olamma to her fate.

The seven days party was over and it was time for Olamma to leave with her husband.

She was very excited as she bid farewell to her people.

Her parents hugged her and wished her well.
They wanted Olamma to take a filled box of wrapper and beads but Olamma said she doesn’t need it.
When she gets to Ozulu kingdom she will order for whatever she want.
Wrapper, cloths, jewelries and gold will be in abundant in Ozulu kingdom.
She said.
Her mother insisted she takes at least two wrappers as a newly married wife.
If she gets to Ozulu kingdom she should keep it securely so that she will always remember home with it or use it whenever she starts bearing children.

Olamma sluggishly took it, deep down her mind she will give it out to one of her common servants who will be at her aid in Ozulu kingdom.
She doesn’t need anything ordinary or common any more.

Her parents also said she should visit home sometimes because they will really miss her.
She promised to always visit with one of her husband horses and numerous servants and she will bring enough gold for them.

Her parents were very happy to hear that and bid her goodbye.

Prince Onrah thanked the villagers and his in-laws for the big reception they gave him and the people that came with him.

Olamma was guided by prince Onrah to one of the horses, the one that came with the gifts.
She felt like a queen already as she climbed the horse back and rode off with her husband.

They journeyed all night till the following day.
They rested for a while and continued their journey.
After four days of being on the road, riding along bush paths, Olamma who was looking forward to Ozulu kingdom and receiving a great welcome from the people was becoming worried.

They passed four seas, four mountains, four tallest palm tree yet there was no kingdom in sight.

Olamma was worried as she was too far from home and will never be able to recognize her way back.

She still felt confidence that Ozulu kingdom was very far and they will get there soon.
Her confidence even grew more when she remembers that she married a wealthy prince Onrah and became the envy of many including her sister Adaugo who she thought was envious of her and the great luck that the gods blessed her with by sending prince Onrah.

Olamma waved off her fear and continued her journey with her husband and his people.

They stopped to rest under an oak tree on the fifth day.

Prince Onrah asked Olamma to gather woods around and make fire for the night since everyone of them has being making fire for days but Olamma never helps out.

Even food is served to her but she has never bother to know where it came from.

Prince Onrah asked Olamma to gather dry woods and make fire just as they have being doing but Olamma cautioned him and said her fine skin will get burnt or her hands will get soiled.
She has never made fire in her parents house why should she start now.

Prince Onrah listened to her without word.
He ordered one of the men and in no time the fire was set.
Olamma was given a meal which she did not know how it was prepared.
She ate, drank the water that was served to her and tossed her plate and cup aside without washing them.

“, When exactly are we getting to Ozulu kingdom. We are spending so much time on the road. I just can’t wait to be welcomed and ushered into the big palace….

Olamma queried her husband.

Prince Onrah replied.

“We have only passed four seas, four mountains and the tallest palm trees. We have three more to go to complete it seven. After crossing seven seas, seven mountains and seven tallest palm trees then we will get to Ozulu kingdom. Our journey is still far….but we will get to the kingdom in few days from now.

And so, the journey to Ozulu kingdom continued.


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