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One And Only Kiss – Episode 14


One And Only Kiss – Episode 14

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Owen, don’t kiss Mary


Basket ball Court

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Owen stood on the court along side all basket ball team.

There are seven males and five females including Owen, Bella and Mary

“There are twelve grades of basketball, we have the grade k2- feeding the frogs and building dribblers , we have grade 3 to 5, that is card shakes basketball passing and dribbling beam bag transfer. Today, we just gonna be focusing on grade 2, 3, 4 and 5, is that cleared?” Charlie asked standing in front of everyone

“Yeah” the team answered uniformly

“Good! Let’s get started” Charlie said

Charlie walked to the middle of the court

“Feathers , come here, you will be helping me in this, you have being in our team since your first grade here” Charlie said focusing his words in Feathers

“Yeah” Feathers jogged towards him

“Let’s come around, we gonna do some exercise to become fit, lie down everyone, lets do ten press ups each” Feather said while Charlie kept bouncing the basket ball watching Feathers and the teams

Everyone lay to the ground except Bella

“Hey you! what’s wrong with you, are you alright?” Feathers asked

Charlie watched

The team ignored and commenced their press ups

“Aren’t you aware that I I’m a special member?” Bella asked

“Aware, why come to the court when you won’t obey simple instruction?” Feathers asked

Bella bowed her head slightly and felt weak, she didn’t understand what is happening to her, there is this thing that is special about Feathers, she can’t place it

“He is so cute” Bella thought and bite her lips

“Hey you, can you hear me, why bowing your head” Feathers asked like a boss

Charlie smiled

Feathers moved closer to Bella

“Hey you, raise ur head” Feathers said

Bella raised her head and her eyes met with Feathers lips

She grabbed feathers lips in her imagination and started kissing it, Feathers looked so perfect for her, his curly hair and his handsome face, the way he scolds is romantic

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Bella kept twisting her lips like someone kissing, she had being lost in thought

“Are you kissing a ghost” Feathers asked her when she saw her staring at his lips

Feathers didn’t see Bella as a beautiful girl but a rude and proud girl

On a norms, Bella would have given him a word of his size, Bella would have professionally insulted him, but something about Feathers seems to be touching Bella’s heart

“Please leave Bella, she is a special member, let her do as she pleases” Charlie said

“Huh?” Feathers said looking at Charlie

“Baby, don’t mind him” Charlie said trying to hold Bella’s hand

Bella took few steps backward

“Don’t come near me Charlie” Bella ordered

“I mean no harm” Charlie said standing still and raising his hand up in the air like someone surrendering

“Charlie, why did you respect this peacock so much, she is so proud” Feathers said

“No, leave her, she is humble and beautiful ” Charlie said

“Aigoo!” Mary exclaimed like someone tired

She was tired of the continuing press ups they were doing

She fell to the ground and kept exhaling like someone that had just ran a hundred meter race

Owen stood up and went to where Mary lay tired, he wasn’t tired but he felt he had to help Mary up

He stretched his hand and Mary arched her brow, she was surprised to see Owen trying to help her up

She bite her lips and closed her eyes

She needs someone to wake her up

She quickly opened it afraid that Owen may leave if she is not answering him

She stretched her hand and held Owen’s hand

She tries to stand exerting all energy to stand on Owen, Owen who was not prepared for that loosed stamina, his legs slipped , Mary fall with her back to the floor and her chest facing the sky

Owen fell on her like a couple playing husband and wife at home

“Jeez! I must write this and show my fans on Facebook” Feathers said and quickly went to where his bag was , he unzipped it , brought out his laptop , sat down on the floor and quickly wrote what just happened between Owen and Mary in his uncompleted episodes

Charlie walked towards them, the team stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on Owen and Mary

Owen’s breath seized as he mistakenly fell on Mary, he didn’t even know how to stand up from Mary

He enjoyed the smell of Mary and the close breath he was perceiving

“Kiss me now ” Mary said not wanting Owen to stand up without kissing her

Bella heard the almost inaudible word of Mary

She ran like someone that lost a treasure

“What did you just say” Bella asked getting scared that they may kiss now and her mission will fail. she felt like pulling Owen from Bella but she can not, people will wonder why she is so concerned about them

“What!” Somebody said running like someone being chased by a ghost

He ran towards where Owen was and angrily pulled Owen away

“Are you crazy ? you…” He said, paused and swallowed

He wanted to call Owen a dumb boy out of anger but he knows that will not be fair and it may anger Mary

Guess who? Yeah, you guessed right, It’s Jude

He was very jealous seeing Owen lay on Mary

Mary who had being praying that Owen would kiss her felt bad and frowned her face when he saw someone pull Owen away from her

“Why is this guy always behaving like this, he had actually threatened me one time and made me faint, is he so obsessive with Mary?” Owen thought trying to recover from what Jude had just done to him

Sorry Mary” Charlie said

Mary stood up, dusted the unseen dirt from her cloth and sighed

She walked towards a wooden chair beside the basketball court and sat


Flashback of Feathers and Kitty

Feathers watched kitty came out and smiled

“Kitty!” Feathers called

Kitty blushed when she heard her full name being called by Feathers

“You crushing on me right?” Feathers asked

Kitty nodded

“Humn! You are not bad , but you look like my mother’s most ugly cat” Feathers said mockingly

“Ha ha ha” The class bursted into serious laughter in mockery of Kitty

Kitty felt bad and embarrassed , Mary walked to where Kitty stood immediately and dragged her out

Feathers laughed and the class gave him thumbs up

“Feathers, you did a great job” the labour prefect said

“Yeah, she does not know that Feathers does not love” Feathers replied


“I told you, Feathers is crazy, he is a bad ass class captain, and he calls himself a story writer, is that how a writer behaves?” Mary said questioning no one in particular

She stood beside kitty and petted her

“Sorry dear” Lydia said looking pathetically at Kitty


“Hey! ” Bella called as he saw Feathers carrying his back going home

They had just finished the basketball training

Feathers turned

“What?” Feathers asked

“I like you Feathers” Bella thought

“Nothing” Bella replied

“Better, do you know how you look?” Feathers asked

Bella blushed

“Could he also have the same feelings I’m having towards him, now he wants to give me a nice comment”

” Tell me how I look?” Bella said seductively twisting her body like a princess

” you look like….”

— Complete it in the comment box —

To be continued

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