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💥💥💥Episode 54💥💥💥

💖💖 Adrian’s pov ♥️♥️

No I won’t take that from you…. Juliet argued as I tried to free myself from the duty of teaching her games Everyday.. the argument continue for a while but it didn’t last long as juliet kicked me on my knees and ran away from me.

Hey Juliet wait…. Wait… I won’t spare you… I called as I ran after her, forgetting the fact that we were in school and everyone was busy staring at us especially me.. she proved very hard to get, and when I was finally able to catch her, I made sure to hit her so hard on her cheek…

I ran away from her too immediately I did that hoping for her to chase me but I didn’t see that happened, I turned to check what’s stopping her and saw her lieing on the grass.. WHAT!! I quickly ran towards her and tried lifting her up from the ground.. did the hit really got into her that she had to faint…. I thought

JULIET…JULIET OPEN YOUR EYES… YOU KNOW I DON’T WANT THIS KIND OF PRANK.. OPEN YOUR EYES I PROMISE NOT TO HIT YOU AGAIN… I pleaded as I continued shaking her body… the students werere already gathered watching the scene and I felt so embarrassed…

OH MY!! why did I hit her?I shook her body and when she wasn’t responding I took her off from the floor, carrying her In my hands. A gasp came from the students but I didn’t mind that. I started walking gently with her to nowhere in particular…

I knew she will wake up, but I just have to get her out of there because of the stares I was getting from the students.

I walked A bit away from everyone and I started calling out to her again, I looked downward at her and saw her trying to maintain her eyes closed… seriously!! So she was just pretending… I’m going to show her who the boss is today..

JULIET WAKE UP NOW, OR ELSE I WILL DROP YOU IN THE DUST BIN! YOU CAN TAKE A LOOK AND SEE HOW IM THROWING YOU INSIDE IT… WILL YOU WAKE UP OR I SHOULD THROW YOU NOW? I threatened and when she didn’t bother to reply I acted like if I wanted to throw her and that was when she flinched and clinged her hands around my shoulder…

PLEASE DON’T THROW ME, IM AWAKE NOW!! IM NOT FAINTING ANYMORE she yelled and I couldn’t hold myself .. I dropped her on the floor and bursted into laughter.. so she was just pretending… I looked at her grumpy face for awhile then I started walking away…

I heard her yelling my name behind me but I won’t answer her, she needs to beg me for pranking me in such way.. I was somehow scared you Know!! I walked a little bit far away from her and shortly I heard someone running after me from behind and I assumed that person to be juliet.

The faster the steps I’m hearing, the quicker I walked too.. I was about to enter the hall when a girl came walking towards me blocking me from entering the hall.

I looked at her and recognize her immediately, she’s the lady we bumped into each other at the hospital that rude girl, do she’s attending the same school with me. she held a Rose firm in her hand and I wondered what that was doing with her in the school premises.

HELLO… that’s all that came out of her mouth

HI… I replied simply wanting to walk away

IM BENEDICTA, we met each other that day remember… she asked making me to turn back at her

Yeah I remember… any problem? I asked and turned to check juliet who was staying far away from us watching the scene, she seems upset I think.

No problem I just want to give you this… she said and offered me the flower and my eyes ran awkwardly into hers.

And why are you giving me that? I’m not a lady remember, and you can’t just give someone gift just like that you know? I proffered my question and eyed Juliet, her face wasn’t welcoming at all.. what’s wrong with her?

Yeah… but this gift is just an apology from me, I realized how rude I behaved towards you that day and since then I’ve been wanting to apologise… that’s why I got you this flower.. and please don’t reject it because it will hurt me… and I really hope you can forgive me please… she begged and offered the flower again, I saw sympathy in her eyes and my mood changes towards her. Seems she’s not really a bad girl like I thought she would.

I collected the rose from her and she smiled. After that we discussed for a while but she insisted on being my friend even after telling her I don’t make friends.. she was too adamant and I couldn’t drag it anymore with her so I just let it slide..

I wanted to atleast tell her my name but she mentioned it before I could.. seems she knows about me already, I haven’t seen her in the college before tho.

We departed from each other and I kept the rose in my trouser pocket and walked towards where juliet was but she didn’t allow me to meet up with her before she ran away in anger and I noticed some tears gathered in her eyes too.

JULIET WAIT!! I called and ran towards the direction she had taken.. what’s wrong with her?

🙎🙎 Juliet’s pov 👩‍🦰👩‍🦰

I ran as fast my leg could carry me into the basket ball court with tears coming out of my eyes… I sat down on the sofa and watched everywhere to make sure I’m alone in the court.. everywhere seems clear and I let out my tears.

I just can’t bear it!! I can’t!! The pain of seeing Adrian talking to that girl after quarreling with me then walked away too.

He even collected a rose from her, and I will be here begging him just to draw me one more time and he refused.

Well after the kissing incident took place between us we’ve become so closer than we used too, although we avoided each other for some days after the incident but after some days we got over the embarrassment we felt around each other and started our friendship back again.

Sometimes Adrian will snatch a peck from me, and I will steal a hit from him too. Everything we did together seems so real that one wouldn’t believe we just became friends few weeks ago.

The feeling I grew around him is much now than it used to, I’ve gotten so used to him that I can’t tolerate him not talking to me for a day.. and earlier today i wanted to prank him for hitting me.

But he found out I was lieing and he got upset.. I tried following him but then I saw him talking to another girl.. I was expecting him to walk away from her but rather he took the rose from her, without thinking twice.. they even chit chatted cause I saw Adrian smiling at her… that broke my heart and I had to run over to this place in order to ease my pain..

I heard someone calling my name and as the voice was getting closer i got to know that it was Adrian calling me…I didn’t bother hiding because Im took week to even run… he finally got to where I was and tapped me on my shoulder..

JULIET WHY DID YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME LIKE THAT? Have I done something wrong? He asked sitting down beside me on the sofa, waiting for me to reply his question with his hand on my shoulder.

I looked briefly at him before taking my eyes away, what should I tell him now!! I don’t even know what to say to him😒😒😒

To be continued 💞💞💞

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