One Last Time

One Last Time – episode 9

One Last Time (episode 9)
Second-to-last episode

If there’s one thing I can say to anyone reading this; it would be to never give up on Love. Don’t shut the doors to your heart just because you haven’t been lucky with love in the past, don’t make up your mind too soon never to try again and don’t ever think for a second that you don’t deserve a person that would love you just the way you are. Love isn’t choosy and doesn’t discriminate. Everyone on the surface of this earth deserves that special someone who would always have their back no matter what.

Stacy was quite fortunate to have found that special someone in her life after having made so many bad choices in the past. Finally, she found a man that was completely into her and wanted the best for her. She found a man that doesn’t take a hike when little crisis surfaces, she found a man that understood values and moral and also, she found a man that respected her even more than she valued herself. Now you see why you shouldn’t give up too soon!

After Noble sent that message to Randy warning him to back off, he wanted to delete the nude photos from his phone but decided to keep it as proof when they get to the police station the next day. “We are definitely going to file a report tomorrow so this madness can stop. Besides, we need to confiscate his phone and get him to delete these photos before he uses it for something worst than this or possibly post them on the internet” Noble said and Stacy nodded to every word.

They waited for another reply from Randy but none was forth coming so they did the needful and retired to bed. Through out that night, Stacy woke up occasionally just to stare at Noble as he slept. “Oh Lord, how did I get so lucky?” She wondered as she stared at him sleeping peacefully.

Noble was a full package and the major thing that drove Stacy crazy, was his godly nature. She kept wondering how a man as handsome, successful and smart as Noble could be completely sold out to God. “Thank you lord” Stacy said over again with tears falling off her eyes.

As Stacy laid there sobbing, Noble woke up and caught her staring at him with tears in her eyes. At first, he thought it was his eyes deceiving him but later came to realisation that Stacy was truly awake and was staring at him. “Baby what’s wrong and why are you crying again?” He asked as he sat up, “Nothing babe, I’m just asking God how I got so lucky to have you as my own” she said sobbing.

Noble moved close to her and held her; “don’t think you are the only one whose lucky, I’m also lucky to have you babe” he said. Stacy looked up and tried to k-ss him and Noble didn’t hold back at all. He leaned forward and k-ssed her passionately while still wrapping his arms around her.

They k-ssed for a while and the atmosphere was beginning to charge up. Stacy wanted Noble to touch her so bad but her born again conscience wouldn’t let her go beyond k-ssing. Noble figured she wanted him, but the godly man in him wouldn’t let him go beyond certain limits.

They k-ssed passionately and held each other so tight while at it. When they were done k-ssing, Stacy looked into his eyes and smiled; “I love you so much” she said and Noble smiled too. “I love you so so much” he replied but Stacy wanted to win. “I love you so so so much” she said but Noble didn’t want to give up either. “I love you so so so so very much” he said and they both laughed. After laughing, they laid back on the bed and cuddled themselves till they slept off.

First thing the next day, they both headed to the police station to file a report against Randy. Stacy narrated everything to the officers and they showed the blackmail pictures as proof.

Randy’s arrest was approved shortly and they all headed to his house to arrest him. Fortunately, the arrived when Randy was almost entering his car to go to work.

On seeing the police with Stacy and Noble, Randy was shocked and mostly lost his breath. “what’s going on here?” He asked, “You are under arrest for blackmail and have the right to remain silent or whatever you say or do would be used against you in the court of law” the officer said and handcuffed him.

They didn’t create a scene because Randy was quite cooperative. The officers put him in their car while Noble drove Stacy in his own car as they all headed to the station.

While on their way to the station, Stacy started feeling bad for Randy. She sat quietly in Noble’s car and didn’t even know when she started crying. Noble looked at her and already knew what was going on with her. “What’s wrong?” He asked, “I just feel bad for arresting him, he might go to jail if this case gets to court” she said sobbing. “What do you suggest we do then?” Noble enquired, “Let’s just confiscate his phone and get the pictures, that’s all I want. I have forgiven him and just want to move on with my life without feeling bad for being the reason a man is in jail” Stacy said.

Noble figured she was making sense so he decided to drop the charges just on the condition that Randy signs an undertaking to stay away from Stacy and never blackmail her again.

When they arrived at the station, Noble talked to the officer and told him that he would like to drop the case and not pursue it further. However, they went ahead to seize Randy’s phone and asked if there was any other gadget Stacy’s pictures were saved and he said ‘No’. The pictures were deleted and an undertaking was signed. The officers also charged Randy a huge sum of money for bail.

All the while they were in,side the station, Stacy wasn’t present because Noble made her stay in the car; he didn’t want any confrontation between her and Randy. After all set and done, Noble went back to the car to meet Stacy and they both zoomed out.

On their way home, Stacy started smiling and thanked her baby for all he had done. Noble told her not to mention and also applauded her for being kind and suggesting that they drop the case. “You see why I love you? Good woman” Noble jokingly said and Stacy laughed.

They made a stop at a restaurant to eat because they hadn’t eaten anything since morning. After eating, Noble dropped her off at her place and headed for a business meeting afterwards.

Stacy was so happy to regain her happiness and power over herself. She smiled all through that day and deleted all Randy’s missed calls from her call log and also blocked his number.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and their relationsh¡p waxed stronger. Noble had followed Stacy to visit her parents on two occasions and she had also followed him once to visit his mother. Their relationsh¡p wasn’t a secret anymore as everyone in both families knew they were dating.

Noble started picturing his future with Stacy and almost couldn’t do without her by his side. Whenever Stacy wasn’t at work, she usually helped Noble oversee his site where he was building his own house. She was his accountant, advisor, planner, and his second mother.

Stacy had been in the world so she knew so many things that Noble wasn’t exposed to. Stacy was very calculative and good when it came to managing money. She was so good that Noble had to pay his workers at the site through her.

Life was good and their love and devotion for God skyrocketed. They usually had their down times but since the foundation of their relationsh¡p was rooted in Christ, they always scaled through unhurt. There were times Noble wanted Stacy intimately and there were also times Stacy wanted him, but in all this, they never crossed their boundaries because one of them was always strong to pull the weak one up at those vulnerable times. Everything went on well and Noble started sensing it was time to take their relationsh¡p to the next level by proposing.

It happened that Stacy had been complaining of her car because it always broke down all the time. Noble made arrangements for a new car for her but didn’t Inform her about it.

One evening, while Stacy was returning from work, she decided to make a stop at the building site to see how far the builders had gone for the day. Noble called to enquire where she was and she informed him that she was on her way to the building site. Unknowingly to Stacy, Noble had a big surprise for her and just wanted to know where she was so he could show up with the surprise.

After about 20 minutes of observing the builders, Noble pulled up at the site with a new car. When Stacy saw him, she thought the car belonged to someone else but wasn’t aware that it was hers. “Hey baby, how are you?” Noble asked, “I’m just tired, I came here all the way from work” she replied.

Noble smiled and held her from behind, “sorry babe, I know something that would cheer you up” he said and held her as they walked towards the new car. “I wanted to ask earlier, who has this car?” She enquired as they got closer but Noble kept mute.

When the finally arrived, he looked into her eyes and smiled. “I have over a thousand things to say to you and an overflow of emotions to express to you but don’t know where to start. I’m not a man of plenty words but all I want to say is my heart is and would always be yours. I’m asking you in front of our future home to marry me, will you marry me Stacy?” He said and brought out the car key with a ring attached to it and gave to her.

Stacy almost dropped dead at that moment. She held her chest and said “Oh Baby, are you for real?”, “With all my heart” Noble replied.

Without hesitating she scre-med “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

End of episode 9 😉

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