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Palace on fire episode 15 – 16



πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 15

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

My pr Kingsley said and Prince adeyemi glare at him. My what are you trying to call mobimpe asked. Oh he is trying to say my friend adeyemi said.

Oh Kingsley what did you want to say adeyemi asked. Just want to tell you that we need to go your mother is calling me he said. Oh you’re still mummy boy mobimpe said smiling.


My queen the prince is back, ibironke maid said. Tell him to come and see me we need to talk the ibironke said. Alright my queen she said and went out.

Mother good afternoon prince adeyemi greet pustrating you don’t have to postrate you will soon be the king you shouldn’t be behaving like a proper ibironke said.

Neither Royal or not Royal we still need to be respectful prince adeyemi said. Who teach you that, that’s poor people mentality ibironke said.

The person that thought me isn’t poor infact she’s the governor daughter before she marry father then, and she’s very humble. Are you trying to say am not humble ibironke asked.

I never said that. Anyway am happy today so there’s nothing you say that will spoil my mood the princess is here, you mean Adeola prince adeyemi asked.

Who’s talking about Adeola am talking about the princess I told you about your wife to be. Hey you go and get me the princess ibironke tell one of her guards. My queen she’s with the senior queen he said.

What!!!, What’s she doing with that witch go and call her for me ibironke said angrily. Mother you need to calm down,

mother’s a very good person so no one won’t fall in love with her. I wonder why you didn’t see it he said.

Adetoun prince adeyemi called shocked, adeyemi princess Adetoun said and hug the prince.

Don’t tell me you are the prince my mother sent me here for she said. Yeah prince adeyemi said. It nice you guys know each other, it will be easy than I thought ibironke said.

Mother don’t think like that Adetoun is my very good friend of mine prince adeyemi said. Oh then you guys will make a perfect couple she said.

Mother we can’t make a perfect couple princess Adetoun said. Adetoun let go out and discuss, how’s Steven adeyemi asked. Steven is fine, if Steven is fine why did you come here then he asked. Mother forced me to come she said oh.


Mother you see that princess you brought home for my brother she’s a very good friend of him, that girl is too good for my likely, I hate her am not sure this plan of yours will work at all Adeola said.

Relax my daughter they don’t have a choice they will make a perfect couple ibironke said. I heard she’s in that witch room since she come Adeola asked. Yes just leave that too me I have a very big plan on the way ibironke said smiling.

Omobimpe p o.v❀️

Who did you say gave you this plenty money and phone mother asked. Mother I have told you and father earlier is my new friend I said. Oh my daughter as finally as a male friend she said. I never said I male friend I said and she frown her face.

Then who she asked. She’s a princess I replied, a princess what’s her name she asked. Adetoun I replied and she does some thinking did you Know her I asked mother.

No but did you have her phone number mother asked, yes I will call her later in the day to thank her. Alright if you wants to call her let me Know she said. So who gave you the money, someone that wants to be our friend I said.


Friend you and who she asked suspiciously, me and tosin mother actually he gave us 50,000 for form tosin gave me 30,000 and she took 20,000 I said. Or a she or a he she asked a he I replied. Oh that’s nice she said and wick at me.

Writer p o.v✍️✍️

Femi walked into the throne room, my king I want to see you for something important he said.

Is it something about the village the king asked. Yes my king what’s it one of the chiefs asked. My king is only you that I wants to tell he said. Just spill it the king said.

The village treasure is Missing my king it’s not in the treasure room again he said. What the chiefs exclaims.

My king am sure the treasure will still be in the palace cause I saw it few minutes ago he said. Really go in there and search the whole workers bag and call the royal family for me the king said.

My king you call for us hope no problem queen modupe asked. The village treasure is missing the king said what ibironke exclaims.

My king we have search the workers quarters and there bags but there’s something like that inside he said. Why don’t you search ours too nobody to be trusted you no ibironke said.

That’s true the king said. Let go to each person apartment the king said. They search the whole apartment apart from queen modupe and the king apartment.


king why don’t we search the senior queen apartment ibironke said. There’s no need to search her apartment we are sure she can’t take it the chiefs said. Fine you guys should search mine also ibironke is right queen modupe said.

What is this not the treasure one of the guards said and ibironke smile to herself. Queen modupe was shocked. I didn’t take it aswear the queen said crying.


πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( her Royal Majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

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Episode 16

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️✍️

What!! Is this not the treasure one of the guards said. Queen modupe was shocked. Ibironke smile to herself. Aswear I didn’t take it queen modupe said smiling.

Enough modupe the king shout angrily and queen modupe fainted. Father you see what you cause how can you shout on her when you knew she have an attack prince adeyemi yelled.

Get me the royal doctor adeyemi said. If anything happens to mother I will blame it on you adeyemi said and Carry queen modupe inside her room.


My king she’s okay, she faint due to shocked the doctor said. Alright thank you doctor tokunbo prince adeyemi said.

Your highness don’t you think this is a set up one of the chiefs asked. Yes your highness the queen have been living with the treasure since this year’s and she never stole it is it now that she will still it another chief said.

Yeah I wonder why father doesn’t think like that adeyemi said. What did you people mean that this is a set up queen ibironke said.

Yes this is a set up modupe is a rich woman even though she doesn’t show or brag about it we knew are net worth before she got married to the king what will she do with the treasure one of the chiefs said.

It seems she has bribe you guys ibironke said with an eyeroll. Enough ibironke the king yelled.

She’s awake adeyemi said and Rushed to her side mother are you okay he asked. Aswear I didn’t take the treasure there’s nothing I want to use it for queen modupe said. Relax mother I believe you adeyemi said.

You believe me thank you my son queen modupe said. Am sorry my love the king said, for what queen modupe asked. For shouting at you am just confused the king said.

Our queen you don’t need to think about it we believe you since we have found the treasure there’s no problem no problem the chiefs said.

It’s good to be good just continue to be good the chiefs said. But my queen did you have any other maids apart from the ones I saw in your apartment yesterday princess Adetoun asked.

No queen modupe replied, I saw one of the maids sneaking to room earlier princess Adetoun said.

Really if you see the person will you recognize her prince adeyemi said. Sure princess Adetoun said. Femi get me all the maids the king order.

Which of them the king said looking at princess Adetoun. This one your highness princess Adetoun said pointing to one of the maid seyi, what did I do your highness the girl asked shaking.

Femi take her to the prison. And you guys should demise I need to talk to my wife the king said.


How dare you set modupe up king mother said and slap ibironke. Mother why did you slap me she said.

Am not your mother I can’t be a mother to an evil person like you the king mother said. Mother but I didn’t do anything to her I don’t set her up ibironke said crying.

Just pray that maid don’t mention your name cause if she does you will be in trouble the king mother said and went out. Don’t worry I will make sure I kill you when my son become the king she said and wipe her fake tears with the back of her hand.

That maid won’t leave to expose me ibironke said and smile to herself you haven’t seen anything in this palace.


Prince adeyemi Walked into her mother apartment. Mother I knew you sent her up, what did she to to you to deserve this from you adeyemi asked his mother. Who told you that, you believe modupe but you didn’t believe I can’t do a thing like that ibironke said.

You should better no nothing about it cause if you are the one that set her up I won’t take it likely with you adeyemi said and walked out. What have I done wrong, huh am I a bad Person,

I want the king to myself only but the king Doesn’t have my time. I want the king to be mine alone is that too much to ask for ibironke said to herself. It’s not over.

In the prison

Who sent you one of the guards asked the maid. No one I sent myself she said. Why will you send yourself, did the queen offend you they asked her. No I just hate her she said. You know I can see through your lies prince adeyemi said.

You better confess cause I don’t need you I need the person that sent you prince adeyemi said. You mean you will sent me free if I say the truth she asked. Sure adeyemi said with a smirk.

Fine I don’t want to do it cause the queen is a very lovely person, but greediness make me to the person that sent me gave me big amount of money she said. I don’t asked for explaination I only need the person adeyemi said.

The person is she said and started vomiting blood, hey am not joking with you am listening adeyemi said. My prince it seems she’s not faking it the guards said.

Adeyemi move closer to her, she fall and die, what!!!! What happen to her she’s died my prince the guard said. But how come did you do anything to her the prince asked the guard no my prince.

i think the person that sent her is behind this the guard said. Oh shit not when she’s about to tell me the person that tell her pack her corpse and report to father he said.

Tell my friend to meet me outside I want to clear my head and make sure you watch queen modupe for me I don’t want mother to stress herself prince adeyemi said and walked out.

Adeyemi have she confess princess Adetoun asked him. No she’s dead what Adetoun shouted, am not sure this place is safe for me I need to go back to my village she said.

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