November 29, 2021

Palace on fire episode 31 – finale



πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty) πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Final episode and epilogue

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

My son Ayo called happily, am so sorry for not being there for you it wasn’t my fault Ayo said. I know father Adeyemi said. Did you just call me father, you accept me as your father Ayo said happily.

Why not you are my father now adeyemi said. Thanks for not disgracing me God blessed who train you to be a better person Ayo said. All thanks to God and mother, you mean your mother Ayo asked.

No the senior queen adeyemi replied. Father the king asked you to see him, when we are done adeyemi said. Alright.

Ayo said. Greetings your highness Ayo greet you may rise your coronation will be next tommorow and our children marriage will be next week or you don’t like it like that king asked. Everything is ok by me your highness Ayo said.

The next day.

The the have summon everyone in the village to come and witness the end of ibironke, so they can learn from her. Femi get me ibironke the king said.

Minutes later, your highness she’s died femi announced, how come who kill her the king asked. I don’t think someone killed her. I saw this by her said.

Poison ibironke think he’s wise she will never rest in peace wherever she’s the king said.

Hang her dead body on a tree so the birds can feed on it and snap the dead body after 2 days but it in a frame with a caption the end of a wicked person. We can’t say wicked queen. Cause that title Doesn’t fit her the king said.


princess marriage is next week so I want everyone to prepare for it the king said and went into his apartment.

Three months later.

Mobimpe and adeyemi are now couples, darling am thinking we should pay your sister a visit mobimpe said.

Yeah am also thinking the same Adeyemi said. So when did you want us to go adeyemi asked his wife. Tommorow mobimpe said.

So fast yes I wants to know how she’s doing mobimpe said. Fine we will go tommorow adeyemi said.

Brother Adeola shouted as soon as she see adeyemi and mobimpe. I missed you I thought I won’t see you again Adeola said. I missed you too how have you been adeyemi asked. Am fine as you can see, am learning in a hard way.


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you guys married Adeola asked her brother. Yeah so for not introducing her to you earlier Adeyemi said. It nothing Adeola said. Princess mobimpe am sorry for what me and my mother did to you.

That was time then u didn’t know that those things am doing then is bad. Since my mother doesn’t see anything bad in it I think she can’t lead me astray am very sorry Adeola said.

It nothing my dear how are you coping here cause I knew it won’t be easy for you staying here mobimpe said. Oh am use to this place Adeola said.

Will you come with us adeyemi asked. No I can’t Lea my father and stepmom alone those people did alot of change in my life Adeola said.

Okay since you don’t want to come with us this is a cheque of 5 million naira you can use it for anything you want and if you need anything call me or your husband mobimpe said. Thanks you are a darling Adeola said.

Some months later.

Congratulations my king the princess has giving birth to a set of twins a girl and a boy the doctor said. Aww am very happy can I see her now queen modupe Asked. Sure your highness the doctor replied.

Congratulations to us Ayo wife said. Yes o congratulations to us queen modupe said smiling.

You w lucky my love you have two mothers and two fathers adeyemi said smiling. Hmm so you mean am not your mother Ayo wife asked adeyemi. No mother am just joking. Mother were is my sister mobimpe asked Ayo wife.

You know she’s heavily pregnant so she’s not here Ayo wife said. Thanks for making us a grandparents their parents chorused. Indeed what God can’t do Doe’s not exist queen modupe said. Yes my love the king replied her.

Appreciation: Thanks guys I really love and appreciate you guys. If there’s no you guys to read my stories am sure there won’t be three star. Thanks I really appreciate you guys love y’all.

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