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Do I Love her episode 16 – 17

Do I Love her episode 16 – 17


Do l love her?(secret lovers) 18+

Episode 16

Samuel narrates

Why is my dad calling me? Has Amarachi called

to tell him? God! The worst part of it is am

drunk. How will l answer this call?

Me: Good evening dad(l said as l pick up)

My dad: Son where are you?

Me: Dad am am

My dad: I said where are you?

Me: I just went out

to see a friend dad(l lied)

My dad: A friend by this time of the day?

Me: Dad yea am already on my way dad

My dad: When did you start telling lies

What! Am really in trouble

My dad: Son l said where are you? Did you go to


Me: No no no dad

My dad: I can hear sounds of music there and the

place is very noisy

My dad: So you no more read eeeeh you now

take your time to club?

Me: No dad l l l

My dad: Would you shut up!

My dad: Tell Amarachi where you are

immediately or you tell me where you are so

that she can come pick you

Me: I will tell her

My dad: First thing tomorrow morning l want to

see you

Me: Yes dad

He hangs up, am really in trouble, Amarachi how

could she tell my father? She is worried, yea she

is worried. “come to sparkling hotels” l texted


After waiting for hours she hasn’t come l decided

to drink more in order to stop thinking about

the whole shit!

Dan bleeping my Amarachi

My dad really mad at me

Amarachi narrates

After calling Samuel’s dad, he told me to hold on

that he wants to call him, the man was really

angry when he called the second time, telling me

to show up in his house tomorrow with Samuel

and told me to wait for Samuel to call. I had

been waiting for him to call and he hasn’t called,

but after like minutes he texts me to come to

sparkling hotels. Sparkling hotels? I asked my

self what the hell is he doing in such a big hotel?

Is he there with a girl? Rubbish are mine jealous?

Yea am really jealous, but first l have to find

him. I left immediately and possibly for me l saw

a bike which took me dear.

When l got there, l saw him still nursing his

drinks, shit! This man had been drinking, he was

just like a man who is heart broken. He hadn’t

noticed me, cos he bent down a little.

I walked to him and just stood there looking at

this handsome man

Me: Samuel l called (he raised his head just

looking at me laughing)

Me: You have been drinking(l said and sat

besides him)

Samuel: Amarachi! (he called still drinking)

Me: Common give me that(l said collecting the

drink from him)

Samuel: Don’t touch me!

Me: Samuel please don’t just start

Me: Give me the drink(forcing him to give it to


Samuel: Amarachi get out! Leave me alone l hate

you so much l hate you so so so m!—-

Me: I know, but let me have it(l said

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not letting

him finish his words)

Samuel: Just get out!

Me: But you called me here

Samuel: He asked me to call you remember

Me: Samuel why are you even drinking?

Samuel: Cos l feel like and nothing more

Me: Let me have it

Samuel: Am not giving it to you

Me: I said let me have it, give it to me, give me

(l collected it)

Samuel: Ha Amarachi so you are like this

Me: We need to leave from here

Samuel: You and who?

Me: Stand up

Samuel: Don’t touch me you prostitute

Me: Don’t let me slap you

Samuel: Why are you even doing as if you care

Me: Of course l care (what! Did

l just say that to


Samuel: You care? But why then were you with

him Amarachi common did he do anything to

you? (Samuel you are drunk cos if you aren’t you

can see this)

Samuel: Common answer me

Me: Let’s leave from here first

I said and Samuel left me to go enter inside his

car, l followed him immediately

Me: You can’t drive Samuel

Samuel: You are not even going with me(he says

and enter inside)

Me: Samuel give me the car key you can’t drive

Samuel: Amarachi get out!

Me: Give it to me

Me: Are you giving me?

He said and give it to me.

Samuel: Can you drive?

I didn’t even talk to him, l entered inside the car

and we left

When we got home, l took him out, God! He is

really drunk, l managed to take him inside his

room. Should l leave him here alone? I asked


Samuel: Amarachi(he called as l laid him on his


Me: Yea should l bring something for you?

Samuel: Do you think showing concern would

make me to love you?

Samuel: I can’t love you and l will never love


Me: Samuel you are just drunk, please just rest

Samuel: Ha do you think am drunk? Eeeh yea l

might be drunk, but do you think l don’t know

what am doing? (Samuel yells standing up to

meet me)

Me: Samuel what’s it , what is wrong with you

why are you even drunk if l may ask eeh

Samuel: Did Dan do anything to you? (he says

standing up)

Samuel: Am asking you did he? What happened

there in his house

Me: If he did anything to me how does it

concern you l said and Samuel walks closer to me

we both looking at ourselves

Samuel: Amarachi what did he do to you

Me: Is non of your business

Samuel: Ha l don’t get it, so you are not even

what l thought you were

I love this man, but l know what he is thinking

right now, how would

l calm him down to

explain, calm him down? I couldn’t Say anything

as we both were just staring at each other. After

looking at him for sometimes l turned to leave

and he drag me back and we started kissing.

We kissed for like minutes and l pushed him


“if you don’t love me stop kissing me” l said and

turn to leave.

“Amarachi l l love you” he finally said

What do you think?

Does he want to collect his own share of what he

thinks Dan collected or he truly meant this words.

Episode 17

Amarachi narrates

“Amarachi l l love you” he finally said

What! He loves me? Does he meant it? No he is

just drunk

“you love me?” I asked him

“yea” he says again

“ha Samuel thank you” l said and left

I left him there and went to my room. Samuel

loves me? No l don’t believe that. He must have

said that cos of something. But what happens

today proves to me he might, he left Dan and l

to go drink. Because he was jealous. No l don’t

believe him, l was thinking about this when my

phone rings

Me: Dan

Dan: Yea how did you cope with him

Me: He is fine

Dan: Your voice is somehow any problem?

Me: No am ok

Me: Don’t bother to bring those my stuffs, l will

come around to take it

Dan: No Amarachi l want to come so that l will

talk to Samuel

Me: Hmmmm

Dan: Any problem?

Me: Not really

Dan: Amarachi is there anything between you


Me: How? I don’t get it

Dan: Are you guys quarreling?

Me: We are not

Dan: Is he your brother?

Me: Yea(what! Is he my brother?)

Dan: Alright

Me: Ok thanks for calling

Dan: You are always welcome(he says and hangs


Why should l be telling Dan Samuel is my

brother? Samuel l need to go see him once again

before going to bed l said and left to see him.

When l got to his room, he has already slept off.

Yea l know he is really drunk. I would love to

stay here with him tonight l said to myself and

left to go take my bath, l wanted to call him, but

if l should do he might start to say those

annoying words to me. After bathing, l came

back to his room and laid on the floor, l was just

looking at him and didn’t know when l dozed


Samuel narrates

Immediately Amarachi left, l laid on my bed and

didn’t know when l slept off.

I waked up in the middle of the night and

couldn’t sleep anymore, just for me to turn, l saw

Amarachi laying on the floor. Shit! I screamed.

What the hell is she doing here? Did something

happen yesterday? Yea l can recall. I climbed

down from my bed to meet Amarachi who is on

the floor

“you are such a beautiful girl” l said, carried her

to the bed and laid her there.

I left to go take my bath. After taking my bath, l

laid on the bed to sleep back

What! I screamed. Are mine just laying on the

same bed with Amarachi? No if she wakes up and

saw this she is going to think something else. I

said and left the whole bed for Amarachi, l

covered her properly and laid down on the floor

before l knew it l slept off


Tessa narrates.

So Samuel is in the same school as Ivy? Oh God!

I really need to deal with that man, but who is

going to help me out. Am not ok with only ivy

yes l remembered “Annabel” yea Annabel is also

in that school should l call her? I asked myself

and dialled her number

Me: Hello bae

Annabel: Like seriously Tessa

Me: Xup nah

Annabel: Am fine oh happy Sunday

Me: I wish you the best dear

Annabel: How lectures nah

Me: Fine dear and you?

Annabel: Same dear

Me: Babe l fit show for your school next week

Annabel: Wow Its interesting, any prob?

Me: Not really there is this guy l want to see

Annabel: Wow hottest girl

Me: Na you hot pass nah

Annabel: I hope it’s not Dan

Me: Hmmm not really

Annabel: Then who are you guys not together

any more

Me: We still dey

Me: I will shaa explain to you when l come

Annabel: Ok dear just let me know if you come

Me: Ok (l said and hang up)

Annabel is the only one that can help me

threaten Samuel, though l have a friend there

peace, but peace wouldn’t want to hurt Samuel

no matter what, so l don’t need her here and for

that l would not even inform her that l will be

coming to their school.l need to call Dan, l said

and called him

Me: Dan!

Dan: So you can’t even greet

Me: Am sorry good morning

Dan: Sorry for yourself

Me: Ah ah l said am sorry nah, have l not greeted


Dan: How are you

Me: Am fine just missing you

Dan: Me too darling

Me: I would be coming to your school next week

Dan: Wow

Dan: I would be expecting you darling which day

Me: Once am there l will let you know

Dan: Alright l will call you back

Me: Ok (l hanged up)

Dan is my boyfriend, but we just start dating, l

love him so much even when his eyes don’t used

to see girls.

Back to Samuel’s apartment

Amarachi narrates.

The next day, l waked up just to see myself

properly covered on the bed, Samue! I screamed

just for me to see him laying on the floor. God!

This guy is really caring l said to myself and

climbed down to wake him up

Me: Samuel (l called and tap him and he wakes


Samuel: Why did you wake me up (he has started


Me: It’s already late this almost 11

Samuel: And so fvcking what?

Me: Ok am sorry for that you can go back to


He was just staring at me likewise me

Me: Were you the one that laid me on the bed

properly covered

Samuel: It doesn’t mean anything

Samuel: Why were you even in my room?

Me: You were drunk yesterday

Samuel: Like you care?

Me: I don’t care and mind you it doesn’t mean

anything also

He didn’t say anything again, he was just staring

at Me

Me: Do you mean what you said yesterday

Samuel: What!

Me: Never mind

Samuel: What where you doing with him?

Me: Nothing l just went to visit him

Samuel: You went to visit him and what


Me: And l said nothing happened

I said and stood up to leave

“eeewh your dad demands our presence” l said

“l know” he said and l left

He knows what he Dad said, but he can’t

remember he said something like love to me.

After like one hour, we set to go see Samuel’s

dad, l decided to drive which he remains silent

during the drive, but was just looking at me.

“why are you staring at me” l asked as l drive

He didn’t even reply he was just mute through

out the drive

“are you afraid of him”? I asked him again, but

he still does the same.

After about 4 hours, we arrived at his father’s


Samuel narrates

On getting to my father’s house, we entered as l

just entered inside the sitting room l saw her

what! I screamed what the hell is she doing here?

I asked myself. My mum was there together with

my dad and her parents and l just walked to her

and slapped her

Samuel! Amarachi screams

Me: What the hell are you doing here?

Her parents: Samuel!

My mum: Samuel are you in sane?

My dad just looking at me

Me: After what you did you still have the guts to

come here!

Amarachi Came closer to draw me back

Shit! I screamed and left


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Samuel come back here! My dad yells

Samuel! My mum shouted, l didn’t even listen

and l left

Who do you think is that?

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