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Perfect marriage episode 28 – finale

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✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 28.

Eva promised h£rself not to $h£d a tear at th£ death of h£r neighbor, Deborah, after all $h£ did and for th£ fact that $h£ took h£r life.

But wh£n $h£ read th£ letter Deborah wrote before h£r suicide, h£r tears w€tted th£ paper.

“What a world, one never understands th£ sadness clouded by a smile” Sandra shook h£r h£ad after read!ng th£ letter.

“Truly, you are right, Sandy, people see th£ smile but never th£ pa!n. Still, I th!nk Deborah shouldn’t have ended h£r life for th£ sake of th£ child $h£ ch£ri$h£d” Jake said.

“$h£ was…good, why did $h£ have to store h£r depression |ns!de !nstead of gett!ng a counselor or confid!ng to a friend” Eva stated.

“It’s over now, let’s not grieve m©r£ than th£ bereaved. At least, I know Benny won’t be subjected to suffer!ng” Sam advised.

Deborah’s note conta!ned an apology to h£r neighbors whom $h£ has offended, how to contact h£r parents and Benny’s fath£r.

Also, a brief story of h£r life that led to h£r sad end!ng. $h£ wrote that $h£ didn’t want to live and dream of a life that will never come.

A summary of h£r life that $h£ ended h£rself because th£ man $h£ waited for every s!ngle day is happily married abroad.

It took Eva a great effort to get to h£r parents whom took Benny wh0l£h£artedly and arranged th£ir daughter’s burial ceremony.

Meanwhile, th£ man !n question, Benny’s fath£r, was said to have been @r0vnd to see if h£ would take Benny with h¡m but Deborah’s parents used connection aga!nst h¡m.

Benita denied h¡m and forbade h£rself from hav!ng anyth!ng to do with h¡m and chose h£r moth£r’s parents over h¡m.

h£ had no oth£r option than to leave and stay away from Benny, th£ girl’s bold step to reality must’ve stunned h¡m enough to s£nd h¡m away from Nigeria.

Eva’s joy was th£ fact that th£ girl has grown up enough to differentiate b£tweeΠ good and bad before h£r moth£r’s death.

And aga!n, Deborah’s parents loved th£ir grandchild. Th£ last time $h£ ch£cked, th£ girl confirmed that $h£’s do!ng okay.

Sam, Eva, Sandra and Jake, !nclusive of oth£r neighbors and friends went to Deborah’s !nterment and !n j√$t a few days, Eva [email protected] recalls h£r face vividly.

$h£ felt a bit relieved go!ng ab©vt arrang!ng h£r friend’s wedd!ng until Christmas sl¡pped by, $h£ can’t wait to see Sandra step !nto h£r new home.

Sam committed h¡mself to reviv!ng h¡s company and be!ng a better husband, h£ felt delighted wh£n anoth£r company ventured to !nvest !n h¡s company.

Th£ first th!ng h£ did dur!ng th£ first day of January was grant!ng a surprise to h¡s wife.

“If I tell you, how will it be a surprise!” h£ laugh£d wh£n h£ was !nduced by Eva to tell h£r th£ surprise.

“Whatever, I don’t have any spare time to go see a surprise today, I want to stay h£re with my children and cook a delicious food for th£m, it’s new year”

“Wh£n we get th£re, you will have m©r£ space to cook for th£ wh0l£ neighborhood, dress up!” h£ threw a pillow ₱|@yfvlly at h£r.

“I th!nk I have a clue of wh£re you are tak!ng me to, your parents house, right?” $h£ raised a brow and picked up th£ pillowcase.

“I told you to dress up and not guess, Niger gossip mill!”


“You of course!”

“That’s why you are gradually loos!ng weight” $h£ laugh£d and s£nt th£ pillowcase fly!ng towards h¡m.

“Ouch!!” Sam’s h£ad hit th£ b£d’s h£adboard wh£n h£ wanted to dodge th£ pillow, h£ h£ld h¡s h£ad purposely and feigned a fa!nt.

“Oh no!” Eva ran to h¡m immediately, “honey, are you okay?” $h£ sobb£d.

h£ refused to m©v£ even wh£n h£ knew $h£’s at th£ verge of tears.

Fear gripped Eva and $h£ ran !nto th£ bathroom to fetch water, th£ water almost landed on h¡s face wh£n h£ jumped ©vt of th£ b£d laugh!ng loudly.

“What sort of a wife are you? Can’t you give me m©vth-to-m©vth respiration?” h£ t£@$ed tak!ng th£ water away from h£r.

$h£ stood mopp!ng at h¡m for a while before $h£ opened h£r m©vth s1©wly to talk, “How can you joke like that…gosh! My h£art!!” $h£ [email protected] sitt!ng quietly !n th£ b£d.

“So you could have w€tted th£ b£d, huh?” h£ took th£ water [email protected]¢k to th£ bathroom and jo!ned h£r !n th£ b£d.

“Idiot” $h£ chuckled, “you will pay for th¡s”

“I didn’t do anyth!ng wrong, you actually wanted to murder me” h£ smiled and sqv££sed h£r [email protected] “Okay, what’s my punishment?”

“Very good! Close your eyes, no ch£at!ng!!” $h£ ₱u$h£d h¡m to th£ b£d and bent over h¡m.

“Don’t worry, I know what your plans are, I will take th£ punishment at th£ place we are go!ng. It’s very spacious and comfortable, it will take us eternity to explore it!”

“Now I know, a h°tel? Honey, its not appropriate for us to…”

“Shhhh, seriously? So am tak!ng you and our children to a h°tel room? You never cease to amaze me”

“Wh£re is it, th£n?”

“You j√$t want me to disclose my little surprise, your spell is not work!ng, dress up! I will take ¢ar£ of th£ kids” h£ smirked.

h£ pecked h£r and left th£ b£droom laugh!ng at th£ look $h£’s giv!ng h¡m.

Eva gazed at th£ new house still shocked by th£ fact that it is our new home and !n wonder of how it came to exit, I guess.

Bob and h¡s sibl!ngs ran @r0vnd th£ wider and beautiful garden work!ng [email protected] to touch and feel every flower.

“Sam…what wh£re you say!ng?” $h£ drawled bl!nk!ng repeatedly as $h£ glanced at me.

I drew h£r !nto my arms and smiled d©wΠ at h£r, “I said th¡s is our new home, sweet Eva”

“I feel so dizzy, I th!nk am imag!n!ng th!ngs” $h£ said mov!ng s1©wly away from me.

“Honey, look at me” I tilted h£r h£ad up so $h£ would look at my face, “I love you so much and I want to live th£ rest of my life prov!ng it to you”

“Sam, th¡s is too…”

“No, noth!ng is too much for you, for our family. Of everyth!ng that has happened to us, I only learnt that family should come first and foremost”

“How did you…th¡s is expensive and…” $h£ obviously didn’t know how to put h£r words togeth£r, tears filled h£r eyes.

“Honey, trust me. I know I can’t give you all th£ best !n th£ world but I will try to give you all I have because you deserve it and even m©r£”

$h£ stared at me with blurry vision as tears grazed h£r ch£eks, “I’m sorry”

“For what?” Now it’s my turn to be surprised, what has $h£ done wrong that $h£ is apologize for?

“For all th£ times I misjudged you, for hurt!ng you both !ntentionally and un!ntentionally, I don’t even know if I deserve you” $h£ buried h£r face !n my ch£st.

“No, I was th£ one who was wrong, I’m sorry for hurt!ng you with my actions, okay?”

“Thank you very much for everyth!ng, my world” $h£ smiled at last wip!ng h£r tears.

“That’s th£ smile I have been wait!ng for, you j√$t brightened my day” I hugged h£r.

“I love you so much!” $h£ jumped !nto my arms and cru$h£d h£r l¡ps on m!ne.

I broke th£ klzz after some while and beamed at h£r ©vt burst, “I’m glad you know am your world!” I smirked.

“I will make you float on water and fly !n th£ air tonight, that’s your punishment, charge up your energy, Mr. World!” $h£ w!nked.

“You have charged me up already, you no dey feel am?” I joked.

“Wait, I have to see th£ house and know wh£re to start explor!ng first, th£ garden is wide and beautiful, impressive!” $h£ practically spr!nted to th£ garden.

I stood and watch£d my family, I felt happy and wi$h£d I had m©r£ to give th£m.

“What m©r£ can a man wish for if not to f!nd th£ right person and be blessed with th£ fruit of h£r womb” I soliloquized.

“Dada! Momma!” Kate’s voice made me laugh ©vt loud as I jo!ned th£m !n th£ garden.

“It’s Mummy and Daddy!” Tyrone laugh£d at h¡s sister’s pronunciation.

“$h£’s still young, Tyrone” Bob shunned h¡m.

“Dad, we all are go!ng to Aunty Sandra’s wedd!ng right?” Rose !nquired loudly over h£r broth£rs voice.

“Yes, honey. All of us!”

“Can I !nvite sister Benny too?” $h£ asked aga!n.

“Your moth£r already !nvited h£r and h£r grandparents” I smiled at my sweet Eva as $h£ m!nded h£r bus!ness walk!ng @r0vnd th£ swimm!ng pool now.

I’m sure $h£’s th!nk!ng of what $h£ would do to me over th£re wh£n $h£ gets th£ opportunity.

I’m conv!nced Jake’s new girlfriend will catch th£ magic on Sandra’s wedd!ng, h£’s serious ab©vt h£r and I’m happy for h¡m.


Sorry it ended like th¡s, I j√$t lost !nterest !n th£ story myself and I had to end it…..😢😥😪

(🤔🤔🤔 did I forget anyth!ng? 😂 jeez, first day at work, I regret wear!ng white to show off today, I came [email protected]¢k with brownish white…i cleaned all day!😒😏 )

Hope you enjoyed read!ng it sha?

Thanks for follow!ng up. Love you all💖🥰

Don’t forget… “Gh£tto Blues” is com!ng😁

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