R-ped by seven episode 3

πŸ”žπŸŒΉπŸ”žRA-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obiora)πŸ”žπŸŒΉπŸ”ž



That night while she was there, unable to sleep for fear of the unknown. While she was about to doze off at about 2:00am, she heard some noise outside. The door to where she laid was forced open. Then some guys walked in…..

They came in all masked and in black wears. People hardly sleep around the business area, so even if she had shouted no one would have come to her rescue. They came just for the act of RAPE. She was still in the blouse and jeans she wore to work the previous day because hadn’t no plans sleeping over else she would have taken something else.

She pleaded with them not to hurt her, that she wasn’t the one with the money they had sold the previous day. She thought they came to rob. But one of them told her the reason they were there.

Rapist: “We are here for you and not for money. Take off those clothes you are wearing and spread your legs apart”.

Stephanie pleaded with them in tears.

Stephanie: “Please, I beg you in the name of God, don’t do this. Have mercy on me, I didn’t know why my aunty asked me to stay back and she may not believe I was raped. I am still a virgin, please see me as your sister and have mercy on me”

They came eight in number, despite all she pleaded with them, they went ahead, forced her clothes off her and went into to her one after the other. Seven of them, except one who refused to do it because he felt pity for her.

Her virginity was forcefully taken away from her, she wept all night soaked in blood, unable to get up by herself because of the pains she went through being her first time and in a sad note.

She didn’t know who to lay her complaints to because since her arrival to Asaba, it’s been from her aunt’s business back to the house. Except for the customers she knew, she wasn’t allowed to move around the neighborhood.

She remained where she was RAPED until her aunt came the next morning at about 7:30am and saw her sitting in a pool of blood.

Isabella: “What is going on here?” What did you do in my restaurant? I asked you to sleep over and not to mess my restaurant up. You had the guts to invite your friend to my restaurant and do this rubbish. I am going to deal with you, stupid girl”.

Stephnie sat speechless, all she did was just look at her aunt as she rants. Bella asked her to get up and clean up the restaurant, she struggled to get up and was able to clean up the mess. She was still soaked in blood as customers started coming few hours later.

The sight of her disgusted so many customers that they had to ask why she would be in her menses and not clean herself up.

Customer: “Madam Bella, this your girl is looking dirty and sick, allow her to go home and freshen up and have some rest”.

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Isabella: “Don’t mind the stupid girl, she told me yesterday that she would love to sleep over at the restaurant, that she didn’t want to go home with us. Little did I know that she had arranged with her boyfriend to come and have sex in my restaurant. This is how she will remain today until all of you that have been calling her a saint will come and see how spoilt your saint is”.

Customer: “Even at that madam Bella, she’s a grown woman and can decide things for herself. She may have made the mistake of doing it in your restaurant, but please allow her to go home and freshen up. It’s not good that people start coming and see her like this, it doesn’t even tell good of your business”.

She finally allowed her to go home instead of asking her to use the restroom in the restaurant and at least wash herself up before going out soaked in blood. She went home like that.

It was on her way home that one of the guys that came around for the RAPE, precisely the one that refused taking part in the act stopped her on her way home and told her to be careful with her aunt.

Guy: (Tried stopping her, but she refused. The guy followed her as he talked to her). “Please Stephanie, you have to be careful with your aunt. She doesn’t mean well for you, I can explain to you what happened to you last night and will tell you who sent those guys to come and rape you”.

She walked in shame, because people looked at her thinking she was mad, the guy wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to her.

Guy: Try and call me, I will explain everything to you. You are not safe living with your aunty….

She collected the piece of paper from him without saying anything, then he left her……

To be continued….