R-ped by seven episode 1 – 2

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obiora)🔞🌹🔞



Stephanie lived with her aunty Isabella, elder sister to her mum. She lost her mum several years back and was taken to Asaba, the Delta State Capital to live with her aunt. She is the sixth child of eight children and the first daughter.

Her dad Mr. Kezie was not able to carter for the well being of the children, hence they were splitted to live with different relatives.

She got to Asaba aged twenty (20) haven written her Senior Secondary School exams and was due to secure admission to the University. But she needed to write JAMB.

Her aunt is a business woman that owns a drinking joint (A BAR AND RESTAURANT). She is a divorcee with her four children living with her. Two boys and two girls. Her third child, Nelly is age mates with Stephanie. Stephanie’s mum, though younger to aunt Isabella got married before her and had her kids in her twenties and early thirties.

Stephanie dark in complexion, tall and very beautiful. Well endowed with natural endowment, well breasted and good hips to complement her beauty.

Aunty Isabella’s two eldest sons were graduates and the two daughters still studying English and Mass Communication in the University respectively.

Stephanie had some set backs in her secondary education, the reason she finished her secondary education at twenty (20). While she awaits to write JAMB, the aunt asked that she joined her in her business. Such businesses is not good for young ladies, because it exposes them to some hazards.

Stephanie resumed work with her aunt, while her children went to school. She was taught the Do’s and don’ts of the business and how to relate with customers. And the customers are 90% male. She was taught to be free with everyone, hence allowing them to touch her body at will. She hadn’t no option than to stay and continue in the business because she can’t afford going back to the village and continue with the low life she lived there.

They barely fed twice daily. She worked diligently in order not to offend her aunt for fear of being sent back to the village. But she had self control and interacted with every customer politely. She gradually earned the love and respect of most customers who at will gave her money whenever they came to eat and drink. Through that means, she was able to send money to her dad at intervals.

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The aunt saw how she had gradually won the heart of most customers, hence she became jealous of her. Her two daughters often come around whenever they were free in school and the they related with customers was absurd. They gave themselves so cheaply to customers and were taken home by different customers even before their mother. More like prostitution, and they would come back and tell their mum how it went. Who did well and who didn’t and she was so proud of them. According to her, they were learning fast, just like their mother.

It was out of jealousy, the reputation she had earned for herself before customers that aunty Isabella planned that she be raped. She came to Asaba a virgin and had wished to keep her virginity for the man that would be her husband.

She stayed six months with her aunt and was able to send some reasonable sum money to her dad, both the ones for her dad and siblings and the ones to help her have some savings. She was planning to stay just one year with the aunt then leave and pursue her tertiary education. It was during this period the the unimaginable happened……

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obiora)🔞🌹🔞



She stayed six months with her aunt and was able to send some reasonable sum money to her dad, both the ones for her dad and siblings and the ones to help her have some savings. She was planning to stay just one year with the aunt then leave and pursue her tertiary education. It was during this period the the unimaginable happened…..

She continued in her good behavior and earned more respect from customers. She was so lucky to have men that gave her money without asking for anything in return. She was very committed and dedicated to what she does.

Her presence in the business attracted more customers to her aunt’s business and she was well respected by others that does same business around. She spent just six months and gained so much popularity for her good behavior.

All those happenings didn’t go down well with her aunt Isabella popularly known by people as “Bella the Iron Lady”. She showed a lot of hatred towards Stephanie and treated her unkindly even before customers. Most times she would beat her up before customers while accusing her of what she didn’t do.

But most of the customers understood that she was doing that out of jealousy and envy. She wouldn’t give her the chance to have a private discussion with anyone and refused her to own a mobile phone like her mates does especially her aunt’s daughters.

Most men where willing to assist her through school because she proved to be a very intelligent person and truly needed to further her education. She always ran into trouble whenever any man approached her aunt and asked her to allow Stephanie further her education. She was unable to write the JAMB she hoped for because her aunt wouldn’t allow her to.

Everyone knew she was responsible, and a lot of men approached her aunt seeking for her hand in marriage.

It all started when one of the aunt’s regular customers, a very wealthy young man showed some much interest in her and approached the aunt seeking for her hand in marriage. Bella the Iron Lady flew up in anger.

Chyke: (The wealthy guy) “Madam Bella the Iron Lady, today I didn’t come to drink. But have come for something special”.

Isabella: “I wonder what that special thing could be”.

Chyke: “I have come to discuss something really important with you”.

Isabella: “Ok, go ahead. I’m all ears”.

Chyke: I’m here to tell you that I want to settle down with your niece Stephanie. Though I’ve not discussed with her, but I’m sure she will accept my proposal”.

Isabella: (Reluctantly) “it’s ok, I will talk with her and see if she will accept”.

Chyke: “Please do, I would really appreciate it and you will be adequately compensated for it”.

Isabella: “Don’t worry Chyko, you are one of my best customers and I know you can take very good care of her. Worry not, I will talk with her”.

Chyke left and the trouble began. 11pm was when they usually close for the day’s business. That night, madam Bella called Stephanie that she wouldn’t be going home with her, that she would stay the night there at the restaurant. She had already made arrangements with the guys that would rape her.

Stephanie wondered how she would pass the night alone with no one around. She hadn’t no option than to obey.

That night while she was there, unable to sleep for fear of the unknown. While she was about to doze off at about 2:00am, she heard some noise outside. The door to where she laid was forced open. Then some guys walked in…..

To be continued…..