The Wrong Bride

The wrong bride episode 9 – 10


🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 9

I sat in the car starring out at the night, in just a few hours my life have changed drastically.

When I had thought of this plan, I never thought that Justin would want to keep me as his wife.

What I had thought of was that he would get a divorce and set me free but I realised that am wrong.

Just then my phone beeped telling me that I have a message

I opened it only to see Priya messages.

“Where are you?”

“We are here?”

“It’s been a while now and why are you not replying”

“Where are you Prachi, you are getting me worried”

“At least send me a text” on reading her last message

I was about to message her when Justin snatched my phone from me and threw it out.

“Hey!!!why the hell did you do that?”I yelled at him

“That must be Priya right! “He asked and when I didn’t give him a response he continued

” She must be waiting for you but too bad you won’t be seeing her, Again”he add the last Part on impulse

“What do you mean by that?”

“You will know soon”he said as he focused on his driving

“Justin just stop this, I know I did wrong by meddling, by pretending to be my sister just to help and am sorry, so let’s just ………”

“Get a divorce? Never”he said

“You really are being mean”I said getting angry too

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haven’t seen me being mean and I doubt you would want to see it”he said

“I doubt I would want to see any side of you”I muttered angrily

“And am glad, am so glad that you didn’t get the girl you want, instead you have me and let me tell you that I will make your life a living hell”i added and suddenly the car stopped.

He pulled me to him and for a while we stared at each other

“I will be the one making yours a living hell”he said and before I could stop him, he kissed me


tried to pull away but he tighten his hold on my waist.

This kiss is different from the one we shared in the bed room

He had been gentle then,more coercing but this kiss is different.

It was like he was punishing me, his mouth was hard on mine And I he kept bruising my lips each time he gave me a deep kiss.

He stopped and pushed my limp body on the seat

“That’s the hell you will be living in from now on ” he said as he drove off

We got home and as soon as his car stopped, I ran out of the car and went straight to my room.

I layed on the bed crying, why did it have to be me,I thought as I hit the bed in anger.

Then I noticed that my clothes were all gone from the wardrobe

Where have my clothes gone to? I thought as I left the room.

I went to my parents room only to find it empty.

Where could dad and mom be? I thought as I head back downstairs

I saw the both of them seated with Justin and judging from the look on their faces, they must be talking about some thing serious.

Could it be that Justin was telling them that he finds me a total bore and that he wanted a divorce.

As soon as they saw me they stopped talking.

“What’s wrong? Are you stopping because of me, you better don’t”I said

“We didn’t stop because of you, your parent are trying to decide which of my proposal would benefit us a”he said

“What proposal is that?”I asked

“Your parent here insist that our marriage isn’t liable and that we both aren’t married but I think it is because we both signed a paper”

“They also think that it’s not right for you to go with me to the states”


where?”I asked shocked

“To the states you aren’t deaf Prachi”he said looking pissed

“Since they are trying to make it hard for you to come with me, I decided to make a proposal, it’s either they let you go with me or your father will be thrown to jail and not only that, I will make sure I take every thing you posses” he said

“You cant do that Justin!”I said

“It’s either you accept and let you leave with me or they don’t and suffer the consequence”he said

I looked at my parents only to see them looking lost.

Though they were angry at me for taking such a drastic step.

They didn’t want me to leave and I don’t want to see them suffering.

“They don’t have to decide, I will go with you “I said

“Prachi!”my mom called

“It’s the least I can do, After all I caused all of it”I said

“Since the decision has been made by my dearest wife, why don’t we start our journey”he said

“Isn’t it late, why don’t…………”

“Every thing has been prepared, it just needs you and I “he said

“But I have to get some of my ………..”

“Forget them, whatever you need will be bought by me,now let’s go” he said

I went to my parents and touched their feet, seeking their blessings.

My father could not look at me but my mother pulled me into a hug, crying .

“Take care of your self my fierce Prachi”she said and that brought tears to my face.

“I will mom”I said as I released her

“Take care of yourself dad”I said and went to meet Justin, who was waiting for me .

For the last time, I looked at the house that I grew up in,feeling sad that am leaving it.

Justin car drove off and I sat still holding back the tears that threatened to pour.

One thing I will never do in front of Justin is to cry

He will never see me cry, I thought as the car kept on moving.

By the time we got to the airport I was already dozing off.

Have totally forgotten about Priya,I didn’t even give her a call to let her know that I won’t be coming

The door opened and I was pulled out of the car

“Have decided to come with you to protect my father but that doesn’t give you the right to man handle me”I said as I pulled free

“This is not me man handling you, this is me showing to the press that have just got married”he said


“The reporters are lurking around the airport and no matter how we feel towards each other, we must show every one that I married because am in love”he said

“But we both know …………..”

“Do as I say Prachi, I have to do this to convince some people that I married because am in love”

“And who are these people you are convincing ?”I asked

“You will know soon, now shall we begin?”he asked

“What if I say no, what if I tell those reporters that we didn’t marry because you like me but because you bullied me into it”

“Don’t test my patience Prachi, I tolerated you pretending to being married, tolerated it when you ran away but if you dare make any mistake right here, I promise you that I won’t sit still”he said and i found myself nodding in agreement.

Slowly he fixed a smile on his face and took my hand

“Now smile,my love”he said and I did as he told me.

We walked into the airport only to be swarmed up by the reporters.

Luckily for us Justin had had the sense to hire some guards to keep watch over us.

We passed through the reporters and I could hear a lot of questions being asked

I just wanted to be out of there, wanted to be some where alone but then a question asked by some one stopped me

“Tell us ma’am why did you fall for the great Justin himself, it must certainly have been love at first sight right ?”

Love at first sight, did something like that ever exist between us, I thought as I stared at Justin who was also starring at me………..

Please just tell them the truth and set me free, I wished as I stared up at him, waiting for his reply.

🥺(Being his bride )🥺
(An Indian romance)
Written by Bella writes ☺️☺️☺️
Chapter 10
“Will you like any thing Mrs Kingston?” The air hostess asked

This will be the first time that I will be called by Justin name

“No i will pass” I replied

“You better have some thing to eat,the journey will be long and tedious” Justin said as he flipped through his files.

I stared at him and then told the air hostess that I will be fine.

As soon as she left, I began my attack on him.

“How could you have said that to the reporters, you know that we feel nothing for each other?”I said

“Lower your voice!!”he said looking angry.

“You had no right to say that the reporters”

“Wrong! I have every right, you are my wife after all”

“To heck with being your wife, I told you that I want a divorce!!!”

“You won’t be getting it, get it into your head that I won’t be giving you a divorce, you decided to be my wife and my wife you will be til I say so” he said

“I hate you”

“I also feel the same and you better believe me when I say so”He added and angrily I stormed off to the bedroom.

I layed on the bed,feeling angry at myself and also at Justin for putting me through this mess

“I also feel the same and you better believe me when I say so” just remembering his words got me feeling sad

My thoughts drifted off to when we were still at the airport

” You don’t have to ask that” he said to the reporter

“But why?”the reporter had asked, moving close to us , wanting to know more

“I married her, I chose her to be my bride, doesn’t that tell you that am Inlove with her”He said surprising me a bit

“But we heard from an unknown source that she wasn’t the bride you were going to marry “Another reporter Asked

“Lies,those are all lies, as you can see Prachi is the woman I married and she is the bride that I chose for myself, the only one I love” He said and to make the reporters believe more of his lies, he kissed me.

Why did he have to do that and in front of the reporters, I thought as I hit the bed in anger.

I just hope that with time, I can get out of this problem without any difficulty

Just then the door opened and he walked in

“Why are you here?”I asked

“This is my plane and before I married you, I was the one sleeping on that bed and right now am so dead tired, I need some rest” he said as began to unbutton his clothe

“Just what are you doing?”I asked

“Trying to get comfy”he replied

“By taking off your clothes?”I asked and he gave me a look

“How else do you expect that I get comfy” he said as he finally took his clothes off showing off his biceps.

For a second, I found myself starring at him ,savouring his physique.

Just then he began to take off his trousers and in a flash I ran out of the room heading to the seats, his laughter followed me all the way.

“What a jerk”I muttered.

Though the chair was uncomfortable,I slept off, I would rather sleep here than to be in the same room as Justin.

I woke up feeling good but it’s kind of odd, the seats isn’t this comfy and nice, I thought as I traced the seat with my eyes closed.

Odd! This doesn’t look like a chair , I opened my eyes only to find myself in the room and also on the bed.

How did I get here? I turned only to see Justin sleeping beside me.

I gasped out loud and immediately used my hand to cover my mouth.

How did I get here and why am even sleeping beside Justin.

He moved and the sheets he used to wrap himself moved a bit from his body showing that he was [email protected]

For a while I layed starring at him and when I tried to move away, he pulled me back to the bed suddenly.

“You were awake?”I asked

“What do you think”he replied as he stared down at me

“Let me go”I said nervously

“Don’t you think we have wasted enough time? Let’s join the mile high club already”he added


“Our wedding night has past, we need to start soon if we want kids right away “he said

“No Justin, I don’t want any child with you and you also know that you don’t want any child with me”i said

“If you knew that you should never have stepped in your sister shoes, I told you not to meddle,yet you did, now you will learn the hard way”he said

Feeling frightened I pushed him away and ran to the door but he caught up with me and pulled me to him

Having close contact with his body got me shivering a bit

“Justin don’t do this!”I begged again

“Sorry my lovely wife but we have to” he said and kissed me

I began to hit him, I did every thing I could to fight him but he was like a brick wall, the more I hit it the more it stayed still.

I decided to stay passive in his arms but with the way he was kissing me, I began to succvmb to it.

I found myself kissing him back and just when I began to enjoy it, he pushed me away.

“I just lost my appetite, you are not that appealing”he said and went into the rest room

I stood alone wondering why I had responded to him, why did I kiss him back, I thought as I hugged myself.

I sat in the plane thinking of ways to get back at Prachi.

I knew ways to get at her but I didn’t want that, I want to do some thing that will hurt and scar her just as she had done with me.

It was Priya I wanted, yet she plotted with Priya and got married to me instead.

I just hate to know that they made a fool out of me.

Have always been practical and am always ahead before any one can get to me but Prachi and her sister had gotten ahead of me and that’s because I got weak for a woman, a woman who is already in love with some one else.

Just then my phone rang cutting me from my thoughts.

I picked only for Liam voice to drift into the my ear

“I heard from George that you got married “he said

“Don’t even remind me of that”I said


“I just don’t want to think that am married”I replied getting angry

“You don’t sound like some one who is happy about getting married, what’s wrong?”

Apart from George whom I trust so much, Liam comes second.

The two of them have been a very good friend to me and I can trust them with my life.

It took me a while to tell him every thing and i know that I was safe because Prachi was sleeping in the room.

“So what are you going to do now”

“Get back at her, she and her sister made me look like a fool and you know that that is one thing I hate “I said

“Yeah, so will you get back at her the way you always do”he asked giving me an idea

“I will get back at her but I won’t be using my old method, I will be using a new method” I said smiling to myself.


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