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Scandal episode 7


Episode 7

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He opened his eyes to see himself in a strange place. He wondered how he got there. He tried standing but found himself tied up. He looked around again but the place was dark, thick dark except for the little lamp that stood at a corner in the room, it was burning very low. It was no use putting it on anyways. He struggled but he was tightly tied. The person who did this must be skilled he thought. Daniel shifted again as he was feeling very uncomfortable until he hit a flesh. He shrieked as he thought it was a rat not until he heard the breathing, it was that of a human. He shifted closer till his body hit the person again and this time, the person groaned. He knew instantly that the person was in pain
“Who’s there ” he called out, afraid but got no response. He was scared to his wits, he could do nothing, his hands and legs were tied.

There was a very dim light that shine from their middle where they sat, seven of them. All dressed in black sitting in the Korean style on the rugged floor. One could see two portraits that was hanged all the way from the ceiling down to the level they sat, just above their heads. It was the portraits of David and Charles.
The people here did not speak. Everywhere was dead silent. They sniffed the pictures in front of them one after the other. They held their finger up high, either the thumb, index, middle, ring or small finger. Each finger signified something. Suddenly Clara stood up, went into the dark room where they kept them and dragged David into the meeting room.
David felt helpless as he could nit recognise this Cindy that dragged him. He felt at first that she came to save him when she came, untying him but with the look of things, how she dragged him, how she dressed, and she didn’t say a word to him, he knew he was doomed. He regretted meeting Clara, he was just moved with lust to date her. She was nice and curvy, perfect figure any guy would want. She looked so beautiful, independent and intelligent. When he learnt that she came from a well-to-do family, ge didn’t hesitate to woo her. Now, he regretted all those feelings he developed and prayed he survived this.
When he got to their midst, he was given a chair to sit and was tied up with the chair. He wanted to say something, at least plead but he couldn’t speak, his lips were glued. He struggled separating his lips but it was of no use. Clara walked up to him and sat in front of him with the others still seated in their Korean style on the floor circling them. He started sweating profusely even when the temperature wasn’t hot. He looked at himself, just then, he was [email protected], stark [email protected]

Clara held a tea cup in her hand with coffee in it. She looked at him straight in the eye stirring the coffee slowly and steady in a circular motion.
“how did Cardin get my profile? ” Clara asked looking at him but he looked at away
” how did Cardin get my profile? ” Clara asked again, this time more firm. He found his voice
“it was Charles” was all he said. She suddenly stopped stirring the cup and clicked it twice. Looking at him intently and angered.
“now confess!” she commanded very firmly
David started jerking. His eyes dilated and he started talking gibberish, his back hit the chair, he clutches his fist. The possession was too much for him to handle, then stopped.
“i cheated many times and lied, i wanted to cover up. Charles advised me to ditch you, to make you catch me in the act. He promised a lot of money and i obliged. ” he stopped as the power was becoming too much. He felt anger in the room as he spoke on “we got your docvments from your room and other ones that could implicate you too. He had never forgiven you nor your family. Charles wants to spoil your father’s reputation with the docvments. He never forgot what your family did to his” he stopped speaking finally as he saw himself drowning. His eyes wide open as he gasps for breath, he shakes his chair fiercely and forcefully. He struggled holding his chair but he kept falling. He still saw her; Clara stirring the coffee from afar. He was falling this time inside a vacuum

He could see Clara from far still looking at him angered, she was somewhat in a TV screen and he felt he was falling into an endless dark space. Looking upward towards her, he continued struggling. She stopped stirring the coffee and leaned forward closing one of his eyes which appeared to have covered one side of the screen. He could still see her. He tried shouting but he kept falling and drifting farther until everywhere was completely dark after she covered his second eye which seemed, she had shut the screen completely.

The same thing was done to paralyzed Charles but without questioning him. His case was already decided. Cindy this time, manipulated him herself, made him stare into the cup as she hypnotized him.
They drank the seven differentiated blood retrieved from Charles. They left after completing the first day’s agenda out of 3 days.

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