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Scandal episode 8


Episode 8

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A call came in shortly after their arrival at home, it was Charles’ sister Margaret “hello” cindy replied as soon as she picked up
“hello Cindy, its Charles, he hasn’t been home yet plus he isn’t picking up, I’ve been trying to reach him” Margaret said worried.
“calm down. I’ll visit in the morning. Try to relax. Maybe he has something important to attend to”
“okay” she sighed and dropped the call

Everywhere looks deserted. No one in sight. He opened his eyes as the sun rays hit him. He struggled up and remembered he was still tied up. Just then, a white lady came in and untied his hands and placed a plate of stewed rice in front of him with coffee. She gestured him yo drink the coffee first buy he refused. Daniel promised himself not to touch anything coffee, no matter the flavour, he just can’t ignore what it has done to him. He looked round and saw someone on the ground backing him. The person was still tied up. The lady gave the other person food after untying him too. She walked out and looked the door using a password. Daniel rubbed his wrist feeling pain where he was tied. He looked at the food in front of him again, this is too tempting he thought. It was his favorite. How could they entice him with what he loves? He asked still staring at the food, salivating. Trying to gain self control, he looked away but his stomach was already troubling him badly. He decided to take a spoon
“don’t eat that food” the person staying at the other corner said faintly. David turned and looked at the person but he remained still. Does this person knows how much im hungry? He asked himself still holding the spoonful of rice.
“dont” David heard again. He went ahead crawling to where the person was only to find Charles lying helplessly
“Jesus! Charles see your body” David shouted as soon as he saw how black Charles legs has become, they’ve started to rot and smell. He held his nose preventing the smell from coming in. He held his breath carrying Charles up.
“thank you ” Charles said smiling faintly. David was taken aback, the Charles he knew, never said those words, he was too proud for that. He ignored his thanks” Guy, w€tin happen to you. w€tin those people do you?” David was still in shock.
“listen David, you have to get out of here and find help. These people are up to no good and are bent on killing and destroying both of us. If their ritual days completes, it will be already too late to do anything.”
“how on earth am i going to do that. You even saw yourself how tightly closed that door was shut. It was sealed with a code.” David asked hopeless, he had already resigned himself to fate. “you’ll have to find a way. From now on, be discrete and observant. At the end of today, their second rite will commence, take note of everything, you’ll might get a clue. If you don’t escape today, and find help, im afraid we wont make it out of here alive” Charles finished, staring into space. He was such in pain that every word he spoke, he struggled. He prayed again, silently as his fears began rushing him. He felt so helpless. He looked at his roting legs and sighed. How could he even escape? He groaned as he lay flat back on the ground.
David kept quiet, looking at his food, he was hungry but didn’t want to die either. What Charles just said made sense and he remembered what he passed through the night before, at this point, he couldn’t help his heart race. He suddenly felt full, his apatite were gone. “God please help me, if you get me out of here alive…” he paused as he surveyed the place once more “i wont do anything bad again, i wont cheat and wont betray anyone. Help me please God” he didn’t know what to say this was the best prayer he has said for a long time, others were about begging God to help him successfully woo a woman.

Clara wakes up feeling very refreshed, she was experiencing the effects of the blood she took some hours ago. She looked around but couldn’t see the trace of Cindy anywhere. She struggled up rubbing her eyes “Cindy sweet” she called as she perceived the aroma of fried eggs
“yes sweet?” cindy answered from the kitchen. Clara rushed there as she couldn’t stand the aroma “afa”
“im cooking our favorite” Cindy replied kissing Clara on her forehead
“im already hungry” Clara kissed her back
Cindy caught Clara stealing from the fried plantain she already made
“hey hey, don’t you go there” Cindy shouted pursuing Clara away but Clara was swift enough to take another one. Just then, a knock came from the door and Clara went to answer it
“yes?” she asked closing her eyes half way because the sun was blinding
“Good morning madam, we’re looking for one Miss Cindy Roland. Does she live here?” the man at the door said
“im Steven, a police officer” he said holding out his badge, so did the other two that were with him “we want to have a word with her. Is she in?”
“oh yes, Cindy! Come out here”
“what? Who are the people at the door?” Cindy asked approaching the door. “good morning Mister, how may we help you?”
“good morning madam, are you Miss Cindy Roland?”
“yes i am, how may i help you?”
“im Steven, a police officer from this district, we’re here, conducting an investigation on the missing Charles Philip” he said showing her his badge too.
“come inside please” Cindy opened the door wider and they obliged. They all sat in the living room after cindy goes to put off the cooker.

“so what about him?” Cindy asked, pretending to be worried

“we have received many complaints from family of Charles that he is missing, which we have seen to be true, so we are conducting some investigations. All you need do is to comply, we need information from as many people as possible so don’t feel that, we are accusing you to be behind it, just cooperate with us.”

“of course officer, what do you need? Can we offer you coffee please?” Cindy asked as Clara gets up to bring it

“Thank you madam, but we’re okay”

“i insists” Cindy beckons Clara to go ahead

“we’re really okay, thanks”

“okay, so. How can we help out?” Clara chips in. The officer brings out a pen and a book

“what relationship do you have with him, this Mister Charles Philip”

“He was my boyfriend, just days back” Cindy said, forming tears in her eyes as she leans on her folded hands

“what was your last conversation with him?”

“well, i cant really remember, the last time we saw, i caught him cheating, and ever since i’ve refused to call him and avoided his calls too. After that day, we didn’t see each other, i didn’t know something might have happened to him, officer, i really dont know what to do, im scared” Cindy says bursting into fresh tears.

“calm down madam, its not the time to get all emotional, we have to swing into action to help look for him, just give us your full support”. To this, Cindy nodded as Clara keeps on consoling her friend and wiping her tears, she too was tearing up too.
“did you and this mister Charles get into any fight that day, or before that day or after that day?”

“i already told you officer, we didn’t speak after that day, besides i didn’t say anything when i saw him cheat so no, we didn’t get into any fight that day. ”

” what about days before the incident”

“Yes we did”
“what was it about?”
“it was just about our love life, that’s all”
“Okay” the officer says shaking his head while writing on the book.
“when was the last time he called, i mean the hour he called last”
“i think it was about 9, 10 in the night”

“which day was that?”

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“on Monday”

“when did you catch him cheating”


“can we see your cell phone please?” he was still scrabbling on his note pad

“yeah, sure” she went in and came out with it. She handed it to him. The officer took it and checked her contacts, and messages, observing.
“what did you save his contact with”

“choice” Clara was still holding her hands who sat besides her. They looked so dramatic. The officer scrolled up and down her phone. After some time, he handed back her phone to her
“alright madam, Thank you. We would do whatever we can to help in this case, thanks for your cooperation ” the officer concluded standing up, heading towards the door

” Thank you very much” Cindy reciprocated.
“just let us know of any progress and information. They couldn’t be of help to us, call this number” He handed her a card with the station’s info and hotline number. They left afterwards.

“oh my God, that was close” Clara heaved, falling on the sofa
“shhh” Cindy replied whispering, crossing her lips with her index finger.

She went to where the officers sat before and pulled out a black small device from the corner, a bug. They were recording everything they said.

“what do you mean by that was close” Cindy asked loudly for the bug to record
“i was afraid there wouldn’t be anything the police can do to help us, now I’m relieved, we just have to trust their intelligence. Clara says playing along
“im happy too. Come on, lets go eat”
They left, went inside to discuss what to do next.

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